File Title
1 Bacterial Bubble Hitchhikers Could Help Keep Greenhouse Gas in Check
2 Forests Recover Quickly After Bark Beetles Attack
3 LEDs Are Holiday Gifts That Keep on Giving (Op-Ed)
4 Does Age Bring Death? Not For All Species
5 Coldest Places on Earth Found, In Antarctica, Of Course
6 Why Eerie Green Lightning Zapped an Erupting Volcano
7 How Nelson Mandela Navigated the Politics of Science (Op-Ed)
8 Nearly 1 in 4 Women Are Obese Before Pregnancy
9 Obesity Before Pregnancy: Rates By State
10 New Orchid Species Found on 'Lost World' Volcano in the Azores
11 Binge Drinking Rates Lower in States with Strong Alcohol Policies
12 Terracotta Warriors Inspired by Ancient Greek Art
13 Western Crop Watering May Make Wetter East Coast Summers
14 Woman's Sleepwalking Leads to Dangerous Overdose
15 Orators Unplugged
16 People Who Fear Single Life Settle for Less, Study Finds
17 NYC Authorities Reverse Decision to Shoot Snowy Owls
18 NASA Spacecraft Captures Unprecedented Views of the Sun's Mystery Layer
19 Endangered Florida Panther Found Shot Dead in Nature Reserve
20 Floating Seismic Devices Peer Deep Beneath Ocean Floor
21 Mordor Weather: Sunny with a Chance of Hobbits
22 Spinning Trap Measures 'Roundness' of an Electron
23 Climate Change May Worsen Mold Allergies
24 Gamer's Thrombosis: How Playing Too Long Could Be Deadly
25 Canada Makes North Pole Claim
26 Smart Shoes Could Help Runners Hit Their Stride
27 Undersea Cliff May Hold Clues to Dinosaur-Killing Cosmic Impact
28 Human-Caused Climate Change May Have Worsened Syrian Unrest
29 Can Meditation Affect Your Genes?
30 Giant Blob of Hot Rock Hidden Under Antarctic Ice
31 Common Stomach Drugs May Increase Risk of Vitamin Deficiency
32 Trippy! Chameleons Intimidate Rivals with Quick Color Change
33 What Lives in Antarctica's Buried Lake?
34 Student Wins $100,000 for Pandemic Flu Research Project
35 Online Shoppers: Before You Click That Ad, Read This (Op-Ed)
36 Media More Stressful for Some Than Witnessing Boston Bombs (Op-Ed)
37 Ouija Board: Demystifying the 'Mystifying Oracle'
38 Got Science? Champions Who Stood Up for Science in 2013 (Op-Ed)
39 Rampant Prescription Drug Abuse Demands New Controls (Op-Ed)
40 Video Game Therapy Proving Powerful for Stroke Patients (Op-Ed)
41 Science Projects for the Holidays
42 The Cell's Protein Factory in Action
43 Fracking Could Dispose of Nuclear Waste, Scientist Says
44 Wild Animal Selfies: Creatures Get Hip with Word of the Year
45 New Cockroach Species Replacing Oriental Roach in Southwest US
46 The Science of Shopping: Buy Gifts One at a Time
47 Puzzling Streaks On Mars May Be From Flowing Water
48 Liberals & Conservatives Literally Moving Farther Apart
49 Russian Meteor, from Birth to Fiery Death: An Asteroid's Story
50 RIP Comet ISON: Scientists Declare Famous 'Sungrazer' Dead After Sun Encounter
51 Stronger Tornadoes May Be Menacing US
52 Actor Alan Alda Challenges Scientists to Explain Color to Kids
53 US Navy's Submarine-Launched Drone Paves Way For Future Military Tech
54 Climate Change May Be Worsening Western Wildfires
55 Raw Milk: 1 in 6 Who Drink It Gets Sick
56 National Zoo Animals Dying For Funds, Director Says
57 Shhh! Top-Secret Reconnaissance Drone Could Make Air Force Debut in 2015
58 Monitor Lizards' Breathing May Have Evolved Before Dinosaurs
59 A New Diet Quickly Alters Gut Bacteria
60 Fitbit Force: Fitness Tracker Review
61 Shanghai's 'Airpocalypse': Can China Fix Its Deadly Pollution? (Op-Ed)
62 Regular Pelvic Floor Exercises Help a Very Common Problem (Op-Ed)
63 Computers Can Be Hacked Using High-Frequency Sound
64 OK Google Glass, Let's Do a Science Experiment
65 Risk of Big Earthquakes May Be Underestimated, Scientist Says
66 Meet Valkyrie: NASA's Superhero-Like Walking Robot Unmasked
67 Europe Launches Wake-Up Call Contest for Comet-bound Spacecraft
68 Growing 'Green' Economy Sprouts Need for 'Green' Credentials (Op-Ed)
69 Anti-Science Riders Lurk in Pending Farm Bill (Op-Ed)
70 Parasitic Worms, Hot Baths Tested as Autism Treatments
71 Best Fitness Tracker Bands
72 Alligators and Crocodiles Use Tools to Hunt, in a First
73 Ozone Hole Won't Heal Until 2070, NASA Finds
74 Sun's Current Solar Activity Cycle Is Weakest in a Century
75 It's a Duck, It's a Rooster, It's a...Dinosaur?
76 Earth's Greatest Killer Finally Caught
77 Why Flu Shots Are Up 3% from Last Year
78 Fear Makes Scary Scents Stronger
79 How Viruses Take the Short Trip from London to NYC
80 Newly Detected Greenhouse Gas Is 7,000 Times More Potent Than CO2
81 Grizzlies Should Stay on Endangered Species List, Scientists Say
82 This Antarctic Ice Shelf Will Be the Next to Collapse
83 Clock Off, Switch Off: Tips to Stress Less Outside Work Hours
84 Incredible Tech: How Life Will Change With Smart Homes
85 How Cities of the Future Could See Cars Parked for Good
86 What is a Smart Grid?
87 Big Bang to Civilization: 10 Amazing Origin Events (Op-Ed)
88 Why James Bond Wanted Martinis 'Shaken, Not Stirred'
89 Not So Funny: The Strange Risks of Laughter
90 Pregnancy Possible for Some Cervical Cancer Survivors (Op-Ed)
91 Growing Appalachia, and a Better Food System for America (Op-Ed)
92 One Chimpanzee's Life is a Testament to Humanity (Op-Ed)
93 Secretive Group Calls for 'Guerrilla Warfare' on EPA (Op-Ed)
94 Endangered Przewalski's Horse Breaks Neck, Just as National Zoo Releases Neglect Report (Op-Ed)
95 Your Holiday Table: Fresh, Frozen or Canned Veggies?
96 Deadly Fungus, Not Climate Change, Killing Frogs in Andes
97 Kilimanjaro's Shrinking Glaciers Could Vanish by 2030
98 8 Crazy Facts About Octopuses
99 Smart Grids Could Fix Decrepit US Power Grid
100 Gaping Maw of Aquatic Killer Wins Micro-Photo Competition
101 The Cassava Express: 1st Antarctica Atmospheric River Found
102 Does Coca-Cola Contain Cocaine?
103 1,900 Cyclones Whip the Arctic Every Year
104 Antibacterial Soap: Companies Must Prove It's Safe & Effective, FDA Proposes
105 'Baby Illusion' Makes Family's Youngest Seem Tiny
106 Miniature kidney grown in a dish
107 Nanocrystals could help prevent forgery
108 Mining the Moon may be 'pie in the sky'
109 Penguin Mexican waves follow traffic rules
110 Cat domestication traced to early China
111 Ozone hole healing a slow process