File Title
1 Viewing news of trauma worse than experiencing it
2 Moons leave their mark on Jupiter's aurora
3 Weather at Tolkien's Middle Earth mapped
4 It's official: the coldest place on Earth
5 Colours help chameleons avoid conflict
6 Taking pictures to remember may help you forget
7 Coldest Spot On Earth Found In Antarctica
8 Coldest Temperature Ever Recorded In Antarctica
9 Antarctica records unofficial coldest temperature ever
10 The strange tale of the lizard's breath
11 One-way airflow in birds and reptiles may be 270 million years old
12 Birds and Dinosaurs: Their Strangest Feature
13 The mystery of lizard breath
14 Newly found greenhouse gas '7,000 times more powerful than CO2'
15 Toronto chemists discover new greenhouse gas
16 New Greenhouse Gas PFTBA Has 7000 Times The Impact Of CO2, Study Says
17 Newly discovered greenhouse gas '7,000 times more powerful than CO2'
18 RIP: Comet ISON is officially declared dead
19 Comet ISON pronounced dead: Sun is chief suspect
20 Comet ISON Officially Pronounced Dead; Scientists Heartbroken; Was Only a Year Old
21 Europe's rarest orchid rediscovered after 175 years
22 Researchers Rediscover Europe's Rarest Orchid On 'Lost World' Volcano In The Azores
23 Rare butterfly orchid discovered on volcanic island ridge in Azores
24 Trippy! Chameleons intimidate rivals with quick color change
25 Chameleons Use Colorful Language to Communicate: Chameleons' Body Regions Are 'Billboards' for Different Types of Information
26 Chameleon colours predict outcome of lizard duel
27 Moon's largest craters provide astronomers with a view into the ancient past
28 Minerals in giant impact crater may be clues to moon's makeup, origin
29 Basic Physics Offers Clues About Potentially Habitable Planets
30 Infrared Light Key to Mystery of Planetary Atmospheres
31 Feature of Earth's atmosphere may help in search for habitable planets
32 NASA Mars Spacecraft Reveals a More Dynamic Red Planet
33 NASA rover discovers ancient fresh water lake on Mars
34 Lake on Mars could have supported life, say NASA
35 Mars Curiosity rover finds life-supporting chemicals
36 Scientists Believe Underwater Cliff Might Hold Clues for Dinosaur Extinction
37 Mountain under the sea has secrets to Dinosaur-killing cosmic action
38 Mars One Foundation Draws More Than 200,000 Applicants For One-Way Ticket to Red Planet
39 200,000 People Apply for One-Way Ticket to Mars
40 Mars One: Step Closer to Permanent Red Planet Colony, Reality Show (VIDEO)
41 200,000 people apply to live on Mars
42 Juno Spacecraft Captures Video of Earth on Way to Jupiter
43 A Rare Glimpse of the Moon Orbiting the Earth From Afar
44 Video of the Day: Juno's Earth-moon flyby
45 'Hero' humanoid Valkyrie is NASA's newest biped robot
46 Valkyrie steps forth as DARPA robotics contender
47 Bow before Valkyrie, NASA's 'superhero robot' entry in DARPA challenge
48 NASA Unveils Valkyrie, A New Super Humanoid: The 6.2-Foot "She" Robot Designed For DARPA Trials Could Feature In Future Mars Missions
49 NASA's Curiosity Finds Signs of Ancient Aliens in Martian Lake Bed
50 Strange dark markings indicate NASA may have found salty water on Mars
51 Mysterious 'Fingers' on Mars May Point Towards Salt Water Presence
52 Mars' Dark Streaks Suggest Salt Water Is Flowing On Red Planet
53 Everything you need to know to catch this year's Geminid meteor shower
54 Large Meteor Set To Light Up The Sky This Weekend
55 Geminid meteor shower ramps up Friday night
56 Meteor explodes over Arizona; big meteor shower begins
57 Robonaut 2 getting legs to step up its work on space station
58 NASA Developing Legs for ISS Robonaut 2
59 Alan Alda's science contest: How do you explain color to kids?
60 Actor Alan Alda Challenges Scientists to Explain Color to Kids
61 ESA readies Rosetta for next year's comet touchdown
62 Europe plans comet landing
63 First Comet Landing on Nov 11, 2014?
64 Quick Chang'e 3 and Mars Orbiter Mission updates
65 FDA hopes to curb antibiotic use on farms
66 FDA targets antibiotics in meat
67 FDA Takes Steps to Phase out Antibiotics in Meat
68 Experts Say New FDA Guidelines 'Inadequate' to Curb Antibiotic Resistance
69 New U.S. FDA rules aim to cut antibiotic use in farm animals
70 G8 leaders urge governments to band together against Alzheimer's and dementia
71 G8 summit sets 'ambitious' 2025 target for dementia cure
72 G8 aims to beat dementia by 2025 with AIDS-style fight
73 MN Ranks As The "3rd-Healthiest State" In U.S.
74 Mississippi Is The Least Healthy State in the U.S. For Second Year In a Row
75 Pound by pound, Wisconsin's health takes a step backward
76 Long-term antacid use linked to vitamin B12 deficiency
77 Heartburn drugs could cause B12 deficiency
78 Drugs against acid reflux may cause to vitamin B12 deficiency
79 Popular Antacids Could Cause Vitamin Deficiency
80 E-cigarettes: a burning question for U.S. regulators
81 Global e-cigarette market expected to hit $10-billion by 2017
82 Dad's diet may impact on offspring's future health
83 You Are What Your Father Eats
84 Father's diet also important before conception
85 Father's diet before conception may play role in health of offspring: study
86 World Malaria Report Shows Major Progress, Calls for Sustained Financing of Prevention Efforts
87 Malaria control efforts have saved 3.3 million since 2000, WHO says
88 Malaria down but big challenges remain: WHO
89 Halfway to victory over malaria
90 A New Diet Quickly Alters Gut Bacteria
91 Chowing Down On Meat, Dairy Alters Gut Bacteria A Lot, And Quickly
92 Chowing Down On Meat, Dairy Alters Gut Bacteria A Lot, And Quickly
93 What A Difference A High-Fat Day Makes--To Your Gut Bugs
94 Kids' health care can vary widely by location, New England study shows
95 Where kids live affects how much healthcare they get: report
96 Sprout Pharmaceuticals Denied In Attempt To Manufacture First Pill Treating Low Sexual Desire In Females
97 Manufacturers of "female Viagra" flibanserin appeal FDA denial
98 Studies: Some cancer treatments can be skipped
99 Benefit of breast cancer screening more consistent across studies than previously understood
100 New York City requires flu vaccine in city preschools and day cares
101 Flu case confirmed in Eastern Sierra
102 City Approves Requiring Kids in Child Care Programs to Get Flu Shots
103 Princeton Students Begin Getting Meningitis Shots
104 Antidote: Novartis strikes a blow against bacterial meningitis
105 Worried UCSB parents demand equal access to Princeton's meningitis vaccine
106 Raw Milk: 1 in 6 Who Drink It Gets Sick
107 Raw milk sickens more than widely reported, study says
108 Katie Couric apologizes for HPV 'anti-vaccine' segment
109 Katie Couric Sorry for Anti-Vaccine Segment After Critics Slam 'Anti-Science' Talk
110 Organic Milk Contains Higher Amounts of Fatty Acids: Beneficial for Cardiovascular Health
111 Organic milk may be more heart healthy, study suggests
112 L.A.'s Porn Industry Battles HIV and a Condom Law
113 U.S. Porn Industry Under Third Moratorium This Year
114 HIV-positive porn star who prompted industry shutdown sent texts trying to film sex scenes after results
115 Australian technology helps detect drowsy drivers
116 Device Created to Alert Dozing Drivers
117 Bus Company Installs Fatigue Warning Tech
118 Media More Stressful for Some Than Witnessing Boston Bombs (Op-Ed)
119 Prolonged Viewing of Boston Marathon Bombings Media Coverage Tied to Acute Stress
120 N/A
121 Dutch bus company testing fatigue warning technology for drivers
122 Dutch bus company to test fatigue-warning technology on its drivers