File Title
1 Messy children make better learners
2 Art could help create a better 'STEM' student
3 Precipitation declines in Pacific Northwest mountains
4 Improving patient continuity of care in hospitals linked with reduction in medical errors
5 Diversity initiatives do not increase representation of minorities on medical school faculty
6 Study examines incidence, trend of substance use disorder among medical residents
7 Effect on exam scores of attending clinical and tutorial-based activities by medical students
8 Simulation-based communication training does not improve quality of end-of-life care
9 Dispelling an urban legend, new study shows who uses emergency departments frequently
10 LSUHSC research finds inflammation linked to obesity in adults may be protective in young children
11 A vexing math problem finds an elegant solution
12 Peering into the future: How cities grow
13 UT Dallas computer scientists create 3-D technique
14 What water looks like to DNA
15 Framework could improve southeast rainfall forecasts
16 Improve learning by taming instructional complexity
17 Rutgers-Camden nursing scholar develops tool for ostomy care
18 Study looks at better prediction for epileptic seizures through adaptive learning approach
19 Great Lakes waterfowl die-offs: Finding the source
20 The physics of beer tapping
21 Black hole jets pack a powerful punch
22 The mushrooms, my friend, are blowing in the wind...
23 Better combustion through plasma
24 A Whirling Dervish puts physicists in a spin
25 A celebration of a Persian mystic leads to better understanding of dynamics
26 Making a gem of a tiny crystal
27 Physicists find a way to study coldest objects in the universe
28 Quantitative Approaches Provide New Perspective on Development of Antibiotic Resistance
29 Uncovering hidden structures in massive data collections
30 First real-time flu forecast successful
31 New research will allow more reliable dating of major past events
32 Computer model suggests genetic breast cancer screening may benefit those at intermediate risk
33 CARING Criteria shows 1 year death risk at time of hospital admission
34 Survey: Knowledge about HPV vaccine effectiveness lacking
35 Certain genetic alterations may explain head and neck cancer survival disparities
36 Genetic mutations and molecular alterations may explain racial differences in head and neck cancers
37 High-tech gene-therapy advances offer hope for patients with hard-to-treat blood disorders
38 Advances in stem cell transplantation strategies show promise to improve availability, success
39 Age shouldn't limit access to transplants for MDS, study suggests
40 Biomarker linked to aggressive breast cancers, poor outcomes in African-Americans
41 Diabetes identified as risk factor for liver cancer across ethnic groups
42 Potential biological factor contributing to racial disparities in prostate cancer
43 Economic factors may affect getting guideline-recommended breast cancer treatment
44 Study: Majority of epilepsy surgery patients enjoy improvement in their physical and social well-being
45 Novel method could help bring cancer biomarkers to clinic
46 New insights into pathophysiology of sickle cell disease and thalassemia may help improve care
47 Boosting the immune system to treat brain cancer
48 Extensive variability in olfactory receptors influences human odor perception
49 Novel drug regimen can improve stem cell transplantation outcomes
50 Surprising diversity in aging revealed in nature
51 Concussion secrets unveiled in mice and people
52 Cryptic new species of wild cat identified in Brazil
53 Pitt unlocks trove of public health data to help fight deadly contagious diseases
54 Global study reveals pandemic of untreated cancer pain due to over-regulation of pain medicines
55 The Affordable Care Act: Translational Research Experiment to Improve Health
56 Researchers analyse growth potential in African bank loans
57 EASAC report warns Europe on extreme weather event increase
58 How bacteria respond so quickly to external changes
59 N/A
60 Rice U. study: It's not easy 'being green'
61 SU biologist develops method for monitoring shipping noise in dolphin habitat
62 Many trial results in not published
63 Assessing dangerous climate change and call for climate change response papers
64 Domestication of dogs may have elaborated on a pre-existing capacity of wolves to learn from humans
65 New Report Calls for Attention to Abrupt Impacts From Climate Change, Emphasizes Need for Early Warning System
66 New study examines methods to reduce acute care costs without sacrificing quality
67 Moral outrage may influence jurors' emotions in age of video
68 Screeners miss the really rare stuff
69 New report on stem cell research reveals the field is growing twice as fast as the world average
70 Recurring memory traces boost long-lasting memories
71 International study finds lower-dose IUDs are safe and effective
72 When it comes to peer pressure, teens are not alone
73 More alcohol and traffic laws mean fewer traffic deaths, NYU Steinhardt study concludes
74 What is the Link Between Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease?
75 One percent of the population is responsible for 63% of violent crime convictions
76 Frequent Cell Phone Use Linked to Anxiety, Lower Grades and Reduced Happiness in Students, Kent State Research Shows
77 CU researchers may have discovered a plan to disable Meniere's disease
78 To Improve Foster Care, Add a Psychiatric Nurse to Treatment Team
79 Hubble Traces Subtle Signals of Water on Hazy Worlds
80 Model Suggests Ocean Currents Shape Europa's Icy Shell in Ways Critical for Potential Habitats
81 'Spooky action' builds a wormhole between 'entangled' particles
82 Explosive growth of young star
83 Mysteries of Earth's radiation belts uncovered by NASA twin spacecraft
84 A Blast from Its Past Dates the Youngest Neutron-Star Binary
85 Fledgling supernova remnant reveals neutron star's secrets
86 Supernova Blast Provides Clues to Age of Binary Star System
87 New Observations from NASA's Van Allen Probes Offer Solution to Radiation Belts Mystery
88 Glimpsing the Infrastructure of a Gamma-ray Burst Jet
89 CERN, eat your heart out? U of A research team helps identify an interstellar particle accelerator
90 You can't get entangled without a wormhole
91 Astronomers discover planet that shouldn't be there
92 Berkeley Lab Researchers Create a Nonlinear Light-generating Zero-Index MetaMaterial
93 Welcome guests: Added molecules allow metal-organic frameworks to conduct electricity
94 3D printing used as a tool to explain theoretical physics
95 Mystery of the first stars deepens
96 Geological short-cut produces H2 fuel
97 Ear-piercing sounds harvested for energy
98 Image search triggers Italian police probe
99 Global health: One million deaths
100 Geology: North America's broken heart
101 Italian court rules science advisers unlawful
102 Peer reviewers urged to speak their minds
103 Hominin DNA baffles experts
104 NASA funding shuffle alarms planetary scientists
105 Overhaul recommended for gene-therapy review
106 Bacterium can reverse autism-like behaviour in mice
107 Probe spots enormous convection currents on the Sun
108 Dyslexia linked to brain communication breakdown
109 Killer qualities of Japanese fault revealed
110 Hopes of HIV cure in 'Boston patients' dashed
111 Not all species deteriorate with age
112 Earth science: Under the volcano
113 Hopes raised for simplification of cancer research
114 Why fruitflies know their beer
115 Planetary science: Lunar conspiracies