File Title
1 Scripps Leads First Global Snapshot of Key Coral Reef Fishes
2 New study identifies 5 distinct humpback whale populations in North Pacific
3 Humans threaten wetlands' ability to keep pace with sea-level rise
4 Harlequin ladybirds escape enemies while native species succumb
5 Scientists unearth secrets of Perigord truffles, the culinary 'black diamond'
6 The first decade: Team reports on U.S. trials of bioenergy grasses
7 Coastal sea change
8 Sea-level rise to drive coastal flooding, regardless of changes in hurricane activity
9 In the case of wholesale food distributors, it's all about location
10 Rising Ocean Acidification Leads to Anxiety in Fish
11 University of Tennessee study finds crocodiles are cleverer than previously thought
12 An ecosystem-based approach to protect the deep sea from mining
13 New insights into how human skin attracts mosquitoes could lead to better repellants and traps
14 How mosquitoes are drawn to human skin and breath
15 Those fruit flies are pickier than you think
16 New finding shows that mother sharks 'home' to their birthplace to give birth, like salmon and sea turtles
17 Feeding by tourists compromises health of already-endangered iguanas, study finds
18 UEA research gives first in-depth analysis of primate eating habits
19 Crop-infecting virus forces aphids to spread disease
20 Sharks prefer to sneak up from behind, study shows
21 More logging, deforestation may better serve climate in some areas
22 New genetic research finds shark, human proteins stunningly similar
23 Quantum effects help cells capture light, but the details are obscure
24 New study finds corn oil superior to extra virgin olive oil in lowering cholesterol
25 Quality of biodiversity, not just quantity, is key
26 Archaeological discoveries confirm early date of Buddha's life
27 New evidence suggests Neanderthals organized their living spaces
28 CU-Boulder-led team finds first evidence of primates regularly sleeping in caves
29 Ancient 'fig wasp' lived tens of millions of years before figs
30 Discovery of partial skeleton suggests ruggedly built, tree-climbing human ancestor
31 Sea level rise and shoreline changes are lead influences on floods from tropical cyclones
32 Rapid climate changes, but with a 120 year time lag
33 Ocean crust could store many centuries of industrial CO2
34 Industrial age helps some coastal regions capture carbon dioxide
35 Storing carbon in the Arctic
36 Turning waste into power with bacteria--and loofahs
37 7 world-class cities riding tall in bike-share boom, solving 'the last mile' without cars
38 Geoengineering approaches to reduce climate change unlikely to succeed
39 New Jersey Shore Likely Faces Unprecedented Flooding by Mid-Century
40 The heat is on...or off
41 Shale sequestration, water for energy & soil microbes
42 Atlantic Ocean's System 90L Gets an Infrared NASA Look
43 Stanford scientists probe abandoned mine for clues about permanent CO2 sequestration
44 New NASA Animations Show Massive Rainfall Totals from 2013 Philippine Tropical Cyclones
45 Deep Carbon Observatory scientists discover quick recipe for producing hydrogen
46 Membrane enzymes 'stop and frisk' proteins indiscriminately
47 Large-scale erythrocyte production method established using erythrocyte progenitor cells
48 Hummingbird metabolism unique in burning glucose and fructose equally
49 Penn study delivers protein across blood-brain barrier to degrade Alzheimer's plaques
50 Who's patenting whose genome?
51 Surprising discovery: The skin communicates with the liver
52 Study finds parental stress linked to obesity in children
53 Taking probiotics in pregnancy or giving them to infants doesn't prevent asthma
54 Penn researcher traces the history of the American urban squirrel
55 Study reveals gene expression changes with meditation
56 T cell immunotherapy: Promising results in children and adults with leukemia
57 International gene therapy trial for 'bubble boy' disease shows promising early results
58 Rare cause of anemia in newborns often overlooked, research suggests
59 Penn Medicine team reports on study of first 59 leukemia patients who received cell therapy
60 Targeted treatment can significantly reduce relapse in children with AML leukemia
61 Bed bugs can survive freezing temperatures, but cold can still kill them
62 Flipping a gene switch reactivates fetal hemoglobin, may reverse sickle cell disease
63 IVF improving but fertility treatments keep multiple births high
64 Study reveals impact of time differences on international trade
65 Women find sexually explicit ads unappealing--unless the price is right
66 CNIO team turns tumor suppressor into anti-cancer target
67 Working Odd Shifts Can Hurt Parent-Child Relationships
68 Education--not fertility--key for economic development
69 Silkworms spin colored silks while on a 'green' dyed-leaf diet
70 Can iPads Help Students Learn Science? Yes.
71 Social ties more important than biology when it comes to teen sleep problems
72 Eating healthy vs. unhealthy diet costs about $1.50 more per day
73 A sudden interest in math--how teachers can motivate their pupils
74 Studies assess impact of IOM report on nursing reforms
75 Liver transplant survival rates lower in black than white pediatric patients
76 Love connection
77 Counting the cost of infertility treatment
78 Linguists to gather in Minneapolis for national conference
79 Gene promotes 1 in 100 of tumors
80 Laser light at useful wavelengths from semiconductor nanowires
81 New study explains why promising dementia drugs failed in clinical trials
82 Protein clumps as memory
83 Better water purification with seeds from Moringa trees
84 Database Tracks Toxic Side Effects of Pharmaceuticals
85 Spees Research Identifies Promising Tool for Cardiac Stem Cell Grafting
86 DNA helicity and elasticity explained on the nanoscale
87 Proteins' passing phases revealed
88 The gene sequencing that everyone can afford in future
89 Promising results for Swedish cancer drug candidate
90 Human stem cells predict efficacy of Alzheimer drugs
91 Coal yields plenty of graphene quantum dots
92 Graphene: Growing giants
93 NIST calibration tools to encourage use of novel medical imaging technique
94 Time Warp: LSU Researcher Shows Possibility of Cloning Quantum Information from the Past
95 Electrical control of single atom magnets
96 Fossils clarify the origins of wasps and their kin: alderfly ancestors, snakefly cousins
97 Slippery fault unleashed destructive Tohoku-Oki earthquake and tsunami
98 Deep-sea study reveals cause of 2011 tsunami
99 Scientists calculate friction of Japan's 9.0 earthquake in 2011
100 Goddard Planetary Instruments Score a Hat Trick
101 Study shows how water dissolves stone, molecule by molecule
102 An important discovery of marine fossils in the upper part of the Permian Linxi Formation, China
103 Women directors better at mergers and acquisitions
104 Increasing the number of insured patients is not tied to higher ICU usage in Massachusetts
105 2-way traffic enables proteins to get where needed, avoid disease
106 School Climate Key to Preventing Bullying
107 ADHD study: Expensive training programs don't help kids' grades, behavior
108 ADHD linked to social and economic disadvantage
109 Children More Likely to Develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder if the Mother Is Afflicted
110 Fast, Furious, Refined: Smaller Black Holes Can Eat Plenty