File Title
1 'Monster' cosmic blast zipped harmlessly by Earth
2 Activists walk out of UN climate talks
3 Network of electric car chargers stalled in Calif.
4 Ancient wine cellar reveals a sophisticated drink
5 ESA satellites in orbit to study magnetic field
6 Climate talks drag on without clarity on targets
7 Killer dinosaur found in Utah; preceded T. rex
8 Evolution debate again engulfs Texas Board of Ed
9 Fred Kavli, science research supporter, dies at 86
10 Modest deal breaks deadlock at UN climate talks
11 More gases erupt from rumbling Indonesian volcano
12 Study: US spewing 50% more methane than EPA says
13 Unusual ice circle forms in North Dakota river
14 Comet dances with sun, death; giving mixed signals
15 Beijing destroys barbecue grills to cut pollution
16 Space hosts busy Thanksgiving with launch, comet
17 Scientists: Sun-grazing comet likely broke up
18 Glitches keep private firm from launching rocket
19 Did Comet ISON survive? Scientists see tiny hope
20 Indian craft leaves Earth's orbit on way to Mars
21 Strong earthquake hits Indonesia; no casualties
22 China launches first moon rover, the 'Jade Rabbit'
23 Hubble Telescope best shot at learning comet fate
24 Satellite launched aboard private SpaceX rocket
25 Federal study warns of sudden climate change woes
26 Jamaica scientist launches medical marijuana firm
27 At the Edge: Haiyan, Sandy and Climate Change
28 Vocal lips the secret to koala's boom box
29 'Chemical vasectomy' shows promise in mice
30 Baby dino fossil looks lifelike
31 Comet ISON confirmed gone after brush with Sun
32 'Nature's lab' gives acid ocean reality check
33 Government nanotech info 'unbalanced'
34 Gut clock regulates when we're hungry
35 Wormholes connect relativity to the quantum world
36 Ancient cockroaches dined on dino dung
37 Bead currency used in Australia's first export industry
38 Vast undersea freshwater reserves mapped
39 Healthy food options 'only add a dollar fifty a day'
40 Astronomers Discover Planet That Shouldn't Be There
41 Discovery of Partial Skeleton Suggests Ruggedly Built, Tree-Climbing Human Ancestor
42 You Can't Get Entangled Without a Wormhole: Physicist Finds Entanglement Instantly Gives Rise to a Wormhole
43 Probiotic Therapy Alleviates Autism-Like Behaviors in Mice
44 How Mosquitoes Are Drawn to Human Skin and Breath
45 Mother Lemon Sharks 'Home' to Their Birthplace to Give Birth
46 Ultrathin 'Diagnostic Skin' Allows Continuous Patient Monitoring
47 New Fossil Species Found in Mozambique Reveals New Data On Ancient Mammal Relatives
48 Crocodiles Are Cleverer Than Previously Thought: Some Crocodiles Use Lures to Hunt Their Prey
49 Glimpsing the Infrastructure of a Gamma-Ray Burst Jet
50 How Water Dissolves Stone, Molecule by Molecule
51 'Spinning Trap' Developed to Measure Electron Roundness
52 New Jersey Shore Likely Faces Unprecedented Flooding by Mid-Century
53 Coffee or Beer? The Choice Could Affect Your Genome
54 Sharks Prefer to Sneak Up from Behind: Caribbean Reef Sharks Can Tell If a Human Is Facing Toward Them
55 Deep-Sea Study Reveals Cause of 2011 Tsunami: Unusually Thin, Slippery Geological Fault Found
56 Estrogen: Not Just Produced by Ovaries
57 Stomach 'Clock' Tells Us How Much to Eat
58 Structure of Key Pain-Related Protein Unveiled
59 Geoengineering Approaches to Reduce Climate Change Unlikely to Succeed
60 Rising Ocean Acidification Leads to Anxiety in Fish
61 Multi-Dog Study Points to Canine Brain's Reward Center
62 US Stroke Deaths Declining Due to Improved Prevention, Treatment
63 How Vision Dims: Chemists Crack Code of Cataract Creation
64 New Guidelines Rule out Same-Day Return to Play for Athletes With Concussion
65 Brain Shape Affects Children's Learning Capacities
66 Origin of Alzheimer's Gene Mutation Discovered
67 NASA Goddard Planetary Instruments Score a Hat Trick
68 Researchers Create Nonlinear Light-Generating Zero-Index Metamaterial
69 Telemedicine Brings Parkinson's Care to 'Anyone, Anywhere'
70 Medical Implants: Tune In, Turn On, Power Up
71 Laser Light at Useful Wavelengths from Semiconductor Nanowires
72 New Genetic Research Finds Shark, Human Proteins Stunningly Similar
73 Hummingbird Metabolism Unique in Burning Glucose, Fructose Equally
74 New Method of DNA Editing Allows Synthetic Biologists to Unlock Secrets of a Bacterial Genome
75 Experiment Is First to Simulate Warming of Arctic Permafrost
76 Crop-Infecting Virus Forces Aphids to Spread Disease
77 Active Component of Grape Seed Extract Effective Against Cancer Cells
78 Shining Light On Damage from Daily Sun Exposure: Better Sunscreens Needed
79 Could a Vaccine Help Ward Off MS?
80 Inflammation Linked to Obesity in Adults May Be Protective in Young Children
81 Predicting Ovarian Cancer Survival by Counting Tumor-Attacking Immune Cells
82 Vaginally Administered Erectile Dysfunction Medication May Alleviate Menstrual Cramping, Study Suggests
83 Added Benefit of Saxagliptin as Monotherapy Not Proven
84 Studies Assess Impact of IOM Report On Nursing Reforms
85 New Target Identified for Preventing Bone Destruction, Such as in Arthritis, Cancer
86 Death of Adult Son Increases Depressive Symptoms in Mothers, but Not Fathers
87 Study Points to Differences in High-School Crack, Powder Cocaine Use
88 Gentler Heart Surgery Remains Without Signs of Dementia
89 Youthful Suicide Attempts a Marker for Lifelong Troubles
90 High Quality Preschool Narrows Gap Between High-Risk Kids, Higher Achievers, Study Finds
91 New Program Helps Curb Phone Use While Driving
92 Researchers Create Brand Associations by Mining Millions of Images from Social Media
93 Love Connection: Advice for Online Daters
94 New Vaccination Guideline for Immunocompromised Patients
95 Recurring Memory Traces Boost Long-Lasting Memories
96 Not in the Mood but Want to Be? New Studies Bring Women Hope
97 Proteins' Passing Phases Revealed
98 Priming 'Cocktail' Shows Promise as Cardiac Stem Cell Grafting Tool
99 One in Seven Vets Suffers Burn-Out Within 10 Years of Qualifying
100 New Diagnostic Protocols for PPID in Horses
101 New Understanding of Chlamydial Disease, Host Interactions
102 Sea-Level Rise to Drive Coastal Flooding, Regardless of Change in Cyclone Activity
103 First Evidence of Primates Regularly Sleeping in Caves
104 Virtual Wall Could Stop Spread of Oil and Help Build Invisible Barrier for Oil Spills
105 Turning Waste Into Power With Bacteria and Loofahs
106 While the Arctic Ocean Is Largely a Carbon Sink, Parts Are Also a Source of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
107 New Research Will Allow More Reliable Dating of Major Past Events
108 Oldest Hominin DNA Sequenced: Mitochondrial Genome of a 400,000-Year-Old Hominin from Spain Decoded
109 Fossils Clarify the Origins of Wasps and Their Kin: Alderfly Ancestors, Snakefly Cousins
110 Rapid Climate Changes at End of Last Glaciation, but With 120 Year Time Lag
111 Domestication of Dogs May Have Elaborated On a Pre-Existing Capacity of Wolves to Learn from Humans
112 Mysteries of Earth's Radiation Belts Uncovered by NASA Twin Spacecraft
113 Explosive Growth of Young Star
114 Space Tool for Lunar Exploration
115 'Spooky Action' Builds a Wormhole Between 'Entangled' Quantum Particles
116 Hubble Traces Subtle Signals of Water On Hazy Worlds
117 Electricity from Waste Heat With More Efficient Materials
118 Sound Protection Standards for Secret Spaces May Be Insufficient
119 Better Water Purification With Seeds from Moringa Trees
120 The First Decade: Team Reports On US Trials of Bioenergy Grasses
121 Can iPads Help Students Learn Science? Yes, Study Shows
122 Pulsatile Blood Flow Unmasks New Migraine Features
123 The Oracle of the T Cell
124 Database Tracks Toxic Side Effects of Pharmaceuticals
125 In the Case of Wholesale Food Distributors, It's All About Location
126 What Do Investors and College Football Pollsters Have in Common?