File Title
1 When graphene meets semiconductor
2 800+ miles on a single EV battery charge?!
3 Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid hits 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds
4 NASA's portrait of global winds
5 What might recyclable satellites look like?
6 Black hole birth captured by cosmic voyeurs
7 Will 2-D tin be the next super material?
8 Report: Playing computer games makes brains feel and think alike
9 Glacier melting rate helps forecast sea level rise
10 Report: Acid raid, ozone depletion contributed to ancient extinction
11 Claim: Even if emissions stop, carbon dioxide could warm Earth for centuries
12 Curiosity resumes science ops after analysis of voltage issue
13 Mach 1000 shock wave lights supernova remnant
14 Ancient minerals: Which gave rise to life?
15 Demonstrating how losing information can benefit quantum computing
16 How wind power can help the poor
17 Illuminating office spaces, sans bulbs
18 Do black holes come in size medium?
19 Our Galaxy takes its food in pills
20 Report: Search for habitable planets should be more conservative
21 Inexpensive 'nano-camera' can operate at the speed of light
22 Finding hidden circles may improve social network privacy settings
23 Google founder's estranged wife up against the FDA
24 Violent games make you cheat and eat chocolate
25 Humans are porcine ape hybrids?
26 Breakthrough discovery blocks AIDS virus replicating
27 Toyota Highlander goes third-gen
28 Concerns raised over invasive biofuel species
29 Report: Glaciers sizzle as they disappear into warmer water
30 Helping China to the moon
31 A fiery drama of star birth and death
32 Smaller black holes can eat plenty
33 The lingering clouds
34 A living desert underground
35 Researchers shed new light on solar water-splitting process
36 Nanorobots for human drug delivery
37 Revising Darwin's thinking on invasive species
38 The mystery of neutron stars heats up
39 Report: Memories are 'geotagged' with spatial information
40 New algorithm finds you, even in untagged photos
41 Yamaha EV hits 100 mile range
42 When will solar close the gap with gas?
43 Blue Origin test-fires new rocket engine
44 Hubble traces subtle signals of water on hazy worlds
45 Tracking fracking pollution
46 How bacteria respond so quickly to external changes
47 New thermoelectronic generator
48 Secret maze of tunnels under Rome mapped
49 Japanese firm describes proposed 'power belt' for the moon
50 New use of nano-material holds promise of creating synthetic gasoline
51 Odds of alien life 'very high,' House panel hears
52 Use of ancient lead in modern physics experiments ignites debate
53 Earth's crust beneath oceans could store centuries' output of CO2
54 400,000 year old human DNA found in thigh bone
55 Controllers prepare for spacecraft's rendezvous with protoplanet Ceres
56 Oldest DNA from early humans deepens mystery of human origins
57 Satellite found 2011 Japan earthquake left mark on Earth's gravity
58 New USB standard; no more hassle with 'upside down' plugs
59 Quantum entanglement could lead to a wormhole between two black holes
60 Massive hack steals 2 million passwords from website accounts
61 4,500-year-old city unearthed in eastern China
62 10 whales dead, 40 still stranded off Florida's coast
63 Pillay: Online rights defenders need protection
64 Saturn's 'hexagon' jet stream captured by NASA's Cassini spacecraft
65 Major oyster reef rebuilding begins on Texas coast
66 Warming report sees violent, sicker, poorer future
67 Space pioneer recalled as curious, adventuresome
68 Report: Warming likely to make bad things worse
69 Ohio zoo using beagle to detect bear pregnancies
70 India vies for elite role in space with Mars trip
71 Study: 8.8 billion Earth-size, just-right planets
72 India launches first mission to Mars
73 In Boston, helping amputees is this family's biz
74 UN: CO2 pollution levels at annual record high
75 Brazil lab targeted by animal protesters closes
76 Russian fireball shows meteor risk may be bigger
77 New dinosaur that predates T. rex found in Utah
78 Minn. man's cave collection is his hobby, passion
79 Q&A on polonium: Swiss say Arafat was poisoned
80 NOAA: No giant floating island of tsunami debris
81 Hubble spots strange asteroid with 6 tails of dust
82 Scientists expect satellite crash next week
83 Hurricane? Cyclone? Typhoon? Here's the difference
84 Satellite likely to hit Earth in unpopulated area
85 Satellite hits Atlantic--but what about next one?
86 Experts: Man, nature share typhoon tragedy blame
87 Biometrics researchers see world without passwords
88 Scientists: Oldest big cat fossil found in Tibet
89 Photo in Vietnam shows mammal unseen for 15 years
90 UN: Besides Haiyan, 2013 storm season near average
91 Oldest fossil found: Meet your microbial mom
92 Where did dogs first appear? DNA points to Europe
93 Destruction of Brazil's Amazon jumps 28%
94 Program designed to help prepare for droughts
95 Japan dials back climate change emissions target
96 'Montana Dueling Dinosaurs' to sell at NYC auction
97 A glance at coal and its role in climate change
98 NASA launches robotic explorer to Mars
99 UN climate chief calls on coal industry to change
100 UN chief says current climate pledges insufficient
101 Beagle's nose predicts few US polar bear cubs
102 Zooplankton decline reported in North Atlantic
103 'Montana Dueling Dinos' fail to sell at NY auction
104 Puerto Rico's glowing lagoon goes nearly dark
105 Mid-Atlantic rocket launch gives East rare view
106 Frederick Sanger, double Nobel winner, dies at 95
107 Turmoil at climate talks as blame game heats up
108 NASA diagnosing problem on Mars rover Curiosity
109 Grissom letter showing jealousy of Glenn for sale
110 Wild winter this year? Not likely, NOAA forecasts