File Title
1 Tesla fires up West Coast Supercharger Network
2 Galaxy growth examined like rings of a tree
3 New climate-studying imager makes first balloon flight
4 Former missile-tracking telescope helps reveal fate of baby pulsar
5 Global warming as viewed from the deep ocean
6 Researchers measure flow from a nanoscale fluid jet
7 Researchers create artificial blood from water, salt, albumin and protein
8 Tesla clinches EV battery deal with Panasonic
9 Alstom's tidal turbine achieves 100-MWh
10 Suzaku study points to early cosmic 'seeding'
11 Magnetic 'force field' shields giant gas cloud during collision with Milky Way
12 Plant production could decline as climate change affects soil nutrients
13 Scientists map (track) Greenland ice sheet summer melt
14 Synaptic transistor learns while it computes
15 10 year old boy discovers supernova 600 million light years away
16 NASA's Kepler ushers in a new era of astronomy
17 It's life, but not as we know it
18 Researchers develop cutting-edge detector technology for astronomical observations
19 How to program unreliable chips
20 New implantable sensor paves way to long-term monitoring
21 Microsoft eyes Texas wind power
22 Ford hybrid unseats Prius variant
23 SunPower wants to employ panel-cleaning 'bots
24 The oldest ice core--finding a 1.5 million-year record of Earth's climate
25 Black hole found in star cluster
26 Astronomers answer key question: How common are habitable planets?
27 Quantum 'sealed envelope' system enables 'perfectly secure' information storage
28 What is Apple doing with an empty solar factory?
29 NASA and international researchers obtain crucial data from meteoroid impact
30 X-rays reveal inner structure of the Earth's ancient magma ocean
31 From one collapsing star, two black holes form and fuse
32 Big beats bolster solar cell efficiency
33 NIST's new compact atomic clock design uses cold atoms to boost precision
34 Researchers develop inkjet-based circuits at fraction of time and cost
35 Lexus teases RC Coupe Hybrid
36 Toyota touts new fuel cell car concept
37 Black holes don't make a big splash
38 When is a comet not a comet?
39 Report: Amazon deforestation could mean droughts for western U.S.
40 Tricking algae's biological clock boosts production of drugs, biofuels
41 Researchers use inkblots to improve security of online passwords
42 World's First 3D Printed Metal Gun: Suck it, Gun Control!
43 For robots and humans, urine could be electric
44 Distilling (solar powered) Vodka in Hawaii
45 Iowa expands wind power, adds 1,050 megawatts
46 NASA Mars Orbiter passes Big Data milestone
47 Curiosity Rover performs warm reset on Mars
48 Slacktivism: 'Liking' on Facebook may mean less giving
49 Wireless device converts 'lost' energy into electric power
50 Novel LEDs pave the way to cheaper displays
51 Toyota touts new hybrid minivan concepts
52 Obama admin wants to cut solar power red tape
53 Study finds climate link to 'atmospheric river' Storms
54 Spitzer and ALMA reveal a star's bubbly birth
55 Mission to Mars moon could be a sample-return twofer, study suggests
56 All aboard the nanotrain network
57 Understanding public perceptions of future wearable computing
58 Canada eyes in-stream tidal power
59 Cadillac ELR Saks Fifth Avenue priced at $76,000
60 NASA's Cassini spacecraft offers new view of Saturn and Earth
61 MAVEN solar wind electron analyzer seeks answers at microscopic levels
62 Bring a 50,000-degree plasma into your living room
63 Thin, active invisibility cloak demonstrated for first time
64 Riding an electron wave into the future of microchip fabrication
65 This building helps fight pollution
66 Honda teases new fuel cell vehicle
67 Melting the secrets of Great Lakes ice
68 NASA Video Illustrates MAVEN Mission's Investigation of a Lost Mars
69 Astronomers reveal contents of mysterious black hole jets
70 'Missing heat' discovery prompts new estimate of global warming
71 Are social networks making us smarter?
72 Zero teases 2014 electric 'cycle lineup
73 Kia Soul EV Range? At Least 120 Miles
74 Young stars paint spectacular stellar landscape
75 Hubble views an old and mysterious cluster
76 How biology helps scientists optimize battery design
77 Quantum world record smashed
78 Mind-reading robots are on the way
79 Sol Cuff is a wearable solar charger
80 Google builds new solar power plants
81 A question for Jupiter
82 NASA-led Firefly Mission to study lightning
83 Evolution can select for evolvability, biologists find
84 Advancing wireless power transfer for vehicles
85 New hologram technology created with tiny nanoantennas
86 2 for 1 in solar power
87 Scientists invent self-healing battery electrode
88 Evidence found for granite on Mars
89 Scientists document, quantify deep-space radiation hazards
90 The evolution of the Earth's atmosphere
91 Single-atom bit forms smallest memory in the world
92 Yamaha gets serious about electric vehicles
93 Nissan BladeGlider is one sexy concept car
94 Swarm Mission Control ready for triple launch
95 Asteroids' close encounters with Mars
96 Scientists eye high-performance, long cycle-life lithium-sulfur battery
97 Chaotic physics in ferroelectrics hints at brain-like computing
98 After 84 years, von Neumann-Day math problem finally solved
99 Is this the world's greenest building?
100 Report: VW e-Golf hits 70-80 miles (driving range)
101 NASA's Chandra helps confirm evidence of jet in Milky Way's black hole
102 Enhancing battery performance with cathode material
103 Researchers break a theoretical time barrier on bouncing droplets
104 Carnegie Mellon computer searches web 24/7 to analyze images and teach itself common sense
105 Hyundai's fuel cell vehicle to hit US roads in 2014
106 Tapping volcanos for geothermal power
107 How to cook a comet
108 Infant galaxies merge near 'cosmic dawn'
109 A breakthrough for marine biofuel production
110 Searching for cosmic accelerators with IceCube