File Title
1 European, US authorities take control of websites
2 Virtual electromobility: Research project simulates electric vehicles
3 Israeli hacking school trains cyber warriors
4 Robot with brush, water, wiper tackles solar panel cleaning
5 Engineering antennas into solar panels
6 sees delivery drones as future (Update)
7 Saab is back: First cars produced under new owners (Update)
8 Symantec discovers worm that targets systems running Linux--threat to other devices
9 Sweden joins race for self-driving cars
10 Uncovering hidden structures in massive data collections
11 New algorithm finds you, even in untagged photos
12 Move over Kim, Beyonce is queen of Internet in US
13 Cognizant planning to add 10,000 jobs over 3 years
14 Mission possible: Simulation-based training and experimentation on display
15 'Cyber Monday' highlights online holiday shopping rise
16 Creating biochemical reagents that can accurately detect disease-associated antibodies
17 Sticky business: Magnetic pollen replicas offer multimodal adhesion
18 Research team discovers "immune gene" in Neanderthals
19 'Smart' medical material aims to unfurl at 98.6 degrees
20 Sweet poison: Star fruit neurotoxin identified
21 An inside look at metal-organic framework in action
22 Tomato packaging made from tomatoes?
23 Bonding together to fight HIV
24 Scientists capture 'redox moments' in living cells
25 Important clue to how the circulatory system is wired
26 N/A
27 MRI breakthrough for screening liquids
28 Five-dimensional crystallography probes molecular structure
29 Time-lapse movies from an infrared microscope
30 Developing natural-looking, 3D-printed skin
31 Progress against antibiotic-resistant bacterium with wewly [sic] ID'd protein
32 Sorting good germs from bad, in the bacterial world
33 Iron-based process promises greener, cheaper and safer drug and perfume production
34 Reversible wound closure: Dissolvable dendritic thioester hydrogel for sealing wounds
35 Bone grafting improvements with the help of sea coral
36 Scientists stitch up photosynthetic megacomplex
37 Snapshots differentiate molecules from their mirror image
38 Process holds promise for production of synthetic gasoline
39 Difficult dance steps: Team learns how membrane transporter moves
40 Team sheds new light on solar water-splitting process
41 Human stem cells converted to functional lung cells
42 US zoo names panda cub 'Bao Bao'--or 'Treasure'
43 Salmon fry have less sensitive intestines than smolt
44 Research holds key to safer coexistence with sharks
45 Elephant poaching declines slightly
46 Illinois initiative creates futuristic facility
47 Cotton breeding researchers take giant leap
48 Can big cats co-exist? Study challenges lion threat to cheetah cubs
49 Division of labor in the test tube: Bacteria grow faster if they feed each other
50 Africa risks losing 20% of elephants in 10 years, study says
51 Why breed specific legislation does not protect the public from dangerous dogs
52 New means of growing intestinal stem cells
53 Integrated pest managment techniques can help manage the Bagrada bug
54 Evolution of Himalayan flowers sheds light on climate change
55 Secrets of the legless, leaping land fish (w/ Video)
56 Koalas' low-pitched voice explained by unique organ
57 Evolution, Civil War history entwine in plant fossil with a tragic past
58 Microplastics make marine worms sick
59 Detailed image shows how genomes are copied
60 'Designer sperm' inserts custom genes into offspring
61 A new weapon in the war against superbugs
62 How bacteria respond so quickly to external changes
63 Culling vampire bats to stem rabies in Latin America can backfire
64 Researchers revise Darwin's thinking on invasive species
65 Secrets to 'extreme adaptation' found in Burmese python genome
66 Companies turning to customer relationship management to make the sale
67 Researchers study holiday shopping behavior
68 Misty the dinosaur skeleton sells for GBP 400,000
69 Forget perfect pizzas, here are four things simple maths really can help you with
70 Neolithic sinkhole uncovered at archaeological site
71 Dog-doo scofflaws get bagged through DNA testing
72 Economic development can only buy happiness up to a 'sweet spot' of $36,000 GDP per person, study finds
73 Study finds social interactions drive extremism
74 Purdue engineer: Toys can help develop STEM skills in children
75 UConn poll: American thankfulness lower than normal
76 Medal model predicts Winter Olympics leaders
77 Research team quantifies 'the difficulties of reproducibility'
78 Ancient reptiles gathered in common latrine
79 'Counterfeit' child shows more than meets the eye
80 Where we drive affects how we drive
81 China to recover ancient shipwreck's treasures
82 Lovely bubbly: Price isn't everything with champagne
83 Investigation reveals black market in China for research paper authoring
84 Poll: Americans don't trust one another
85 Parents' work hours affect children
86 Near-complete dinosaur baby a rare find
87 It's not easy 'being green,' study says
88 Researchers analyze growth potential in African bank loans
89 Strong dollar means cross-border shopping heavily influenced by exchange rate
90 Beak evolution in some dinosaurs likely associated with diet, not flight, study shows
91 Women act like men during speed dating
92 Study unlocks trove of public health data to help fight deadly contagious diseases
93 Psychologists collaborate to reproduce experimental results
94 Mapping the entire brain with new and improved Brainbow II technology
95 Colon cancer researchers target stem cells, discover viable new therapeutic path
96 New family of proteins linked to major role in cancer
97 Journal retracts controversial GMO cancer study
98 Mice can 'warn' sons, grandsons of dangers via sperm
99 Messy children make better learners
100 The Affordable Care Act: Translational research experiment to improve health
101 Air pollution and genetics combine to increase risk for autism
102 Scientist develop gilded flu test
103 Scientists crack riddle of important drug target
104 Goals affect feelings of pride and shame
105 Researchers block HIV replication
106 Kids whose bond with mother was disrupted early in life show changes in brain
107 Brain-training device may ease stroke paralysis
108 New evidence that 'gout' strongly runs in the family
109 Key found to restoring 'exhausted' HIV-fighting immune cells
110 New research shows obesity is an inflammatory disease
111 Study shows how a modified pacemaker strengthens failing hearts
112 What makes the deadliest form of malaria specific to people?
113 Age-related cognitive decline linked to energy in synapses in prefrontal cortex
114 Studies show memories in offspring may be impacted by parental experiences
115 New drug cuts risk of deadly transplant side effect in half
116 Bronchial thermoplasty shows long-term effectiveness for asthma
117 A single spray of oxytocin improves brain function in children with autism
118 Study reveals striking differences in brain connectivity between men and women
119 Specific heart contractions could predict atrial fibrillation
120 Researchers turn to machines to identify breast cancer type