File Title
1 Quantum dots make efficient decisions
2 Condom mechanics of graphene
3 Copper nanowires offer an efficient, inexpensive approach to solar energy harvesting
4 Researchers use nanoscale 'patches' to sensitize targeted cell receptors
5 Scientists ID new catalyst for cleanup of nitrites
6 Highly stretchable fiber-shaped supercapacitor based on carbon nanotubes
7 Super SQUID: Measuring device for superconductors breaks world records
8 Nanotubes can solder themselves, markedly improving device performance (w/ Video)
9 Polymer gel, heal thyself: Team proposes new composites that can regenerate when damaged
10 Engineers synthesize antibodies with carbon nanotubes
11 Nanotechnology improves cardiovascular implant attachment
12 Researchers looking to use nanographene oxide to destroy tumors
13 Germ-killing nanosurface opens up new front in hygiene (Update)
14 Pills of the future: Scientists develop way to successfully give nanoparticle therapeutics orally
15 Slowly cooled DNA transforms disordered nanoparticles into orderly crystal
16 Express yourself: Scientists use genetic algorithm to design self-assembling ssDNA-grafted particles
17 Carbon nanostructures grow under extreme particle bombardment
18 Nanoscale coatings improve stability and efficiency of devices for renewable fuel generation
19 New study challenges centuries-old Amontons' laws of friction
20 'Nanosponge vaccine' fights MRSA toxins
21 Two-dimensional nanosheets enable high-quality thin film orientation control
22 New method for creating mesoporous materials from industrial polymers
23 Nanorobot for transporting drugs in the body
24 When aluminum outshines gold: Research details aluminum's valuable plasmonic properties
25 Engineers show how to optimize carbon nanotube arrays for use in hot spots
26 Flexible, stretchable fire-ant rafts
27 Better combustion through plasma
28 No qualms about quantum theory
29 A Whirling Dervish puts physicists in a spin
30 Proton radius puzzle may be solved by quantum gravity
31 Smart materials investigated on space station
32 What's the sound of a hundred thousand soccer fans?
33 'Electromagnon' effect couples electricity and magnetism in materials
34 Physicists find a way to study coldest objects in the universe
35 Glaciers sizzle as they disappear into warmer water
36 Unexpected energy barrier for uptake of hydrogen in tungsten wall of fusion reactor
37 50 meters of optical fiber shrunk to the size of microchips
38 New simulatable model displaying exotic quantum phenomena
39 ATLAS sees Higgs boson decay to fermions
40 Harmonic holograms: High-speed three-dimensional imaging captures biological dynamics
41 Italian company to sell portable cold fusion plant deliverable next year
42 Experiments on neutron-rich atomic nuclei could help scientists to understand nuclear reactions in exploding stars
43 Pushing the limits of light microscopy
44 New state of liquid crystals discovered
45 3-D images, with only one photon per pixel
46 Vanadium dioxide 'smart glass' can be activated to block infrared light while remaining transparent to visible light
47 Researchers apply Benford's law to physics exams to see if they can do better than chance
48 Controversy over the use of Roman ingots to investigate dark matter and neutrinos
49 Amplifying our vision of the infinitely small
50 Invisibility cloak hides parts of objects, leaves other parts visible
51 44 million stars and counting: Astronomers play Snap and remap the sky
52 Look, but don't touch: US law and the protection of lunar heritage
53 Smartphone app to give earthquake warning
54 Did Comet ISON survive? Scientists see tiny hope (Update)
55 China readies to launch first moon rover mission
56 Strong earthquake hits Indonesia; no casualties
57 Anticipation builds for China's first moon rover mission (Update)
58 Scientists find signs Comet ISON may have survived flyby of the sun
59 Indian craft leaves Earth's orbit on way to Mars
60 Weaker than expected Atlantic hurricane season ends
61 China launches first moon rover mission (Update)
62 Nuclear cooling in neutron stars deepens mystery of hot surface
63 NASA Flight Opportunities Program launches science payloads
64 Efficient use of fertilisers on dairy farms
65 NASA design challenge to simulate human exploration of Mars
66 What drives earthquake aftershocks?
67 Corals surviving the ocean's pollution
68 Image: Hubble sees galactic glitter
69 World's largest coral reef mapped
70 More droughts, heavier rains in warmer Europe, study reports
71 Study shows reforestation in Lower Mississippi Valley reduces sediment
72 Researcher shows microplastic transfers chemicals, impacting health
73 Marine reserves enhance resilience to climate change
74 New computer model may explain moon Europa's chaotic terrain
75 Arctic study shows key marine food web species at risk from increasing carbon dioxide
76 Helmet camera craze: Skiers record their own runs
77 Review: PlayStation 4 turns gaming into social activity
78 Review: Xbox One a great game player--and more
79 Video game console war heats with Xbox One launch
80 LG looking into claim smart TVs grab user data (Update)
81 New Zealanders first to own Xbox One
82 The future of mobile: Smart watches and sweet smelling mobiles
83 To spin or not to spin: Does Microsoft need Xbox?
84 Xbox One makes hot debut as console war revs up
85 More than a million Xbox One consoles sold on launch day
86 Surgeon test-drives Google Glass in the operating room
87 Review: HTC, Nokia offer good, giant choices
88 A robot turtle will help underwater archaeologists to inspect shipwrecks
89 Cheap Motorola smartphone available in US early
90 Gift Guide: PS4, Xbox 1 won't disappoint gamers
91 Atlas teams head for DARPA Robotics Challenge
92 The humanitarian case against killer robots
93 Xbox, PlayStation tackle console launch glitches
94 Ex-Nokia engineers launch new smartphone (Update)
95 Tamagotchi virtual pets to return to Europe and North America
96 Five ways the Raspberry Pi is making life a little sweeter
97 Troy Wolverton: A gift guide for tech lovers
98 Review: Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4
99 Droids dance, dogs nuzzle, humanoids speak at Madrid robot museum
100 Gift Guide: Plenty of laptops, even on budgets
101 More Americans spend less on Black Friday sales
102 Engineer/racer designs simulation systems
103 Israeli hi-tech surfing wave of buyer interest
104 Octocopter to monitor crops
105 Renewable sources can provide stable power
106 BlackBerry head says company is 'very much alive' (Update)
107 Explaining perfect forward secrecy
108 Defense against electromagnetic fields
109 A smart walker that guides its users
110 Top US court affirms state sales tax on Amazon (Update)