File Title
1 New Study Identifies Inaccuracies, More Accurately Locates San Andreas Fault Trace
2 Two Subglacial Lakes Discovered Beneath Greenland Ice Sheet
3 Warm Water Causes Arctic Glaciers To Sizzle As They Melt
4 Brazilian Tigrina Is Not One, But Two Separate Wild Cat Species
5 RainCars Initiative Could Use Moving Vehicles To Measure Precipitation
6 Your Brain 'Geotags' Memories, Linking Them To Specific Places
7 Creating High-Resolution Maps Of The Great Barrier Reef
8 How Comet ISON Is Spending Thanksgiving With The Sun: Exclusive
9 Just How Many Habitable Exoplanets Are There?
10 Swarm Trio Completes First Phase Of Their Mission
11 Mach 1000 Shock Wave Powers Tycho Supernova Remnant
12 Cargo Ship On Way To ISS, Bringing UrtheCast Cameras With It
13 Fiery Drama Of Star Birth And Stellar Death
14 NASA And Others Build On Past Microgravity Fire Research
15 Explosion At SpaceX McGregor Facility Rattles Central Texas
16 Creating 'Genius Material' Aboard The ISS
17 New Images Of Comet ISON Provided By Solar And Heliospheric Observatory
18 NuSTAR Helps Scientists Hunt For Medium-Sized Black Holes
19 New Smartphone App Allows Armchair Astronomers To Identify Fireballs
20 Non-Astronomy Scientists May Help Answer Cosmology Conundrum
21 Breaking: Comet ISON Apparently Destroyed During Journey Around Sun
22 Infinity Can Be Seen At The Center Of Our Galaxy
23 Stellar-Mass Black Hole Caught Consuming Matter In A Surprisingly Calm Manner
24 Thursday Marked 30th Anniversary Of Spacelab-1 Launch
25 SpaceX Scrubs Thanksgiving SES-8 Launch Due To Thrust Issues
26 ESA Missions Will Seek To Understand The Evolution Of The Universe
27 ESA Collaborates With China On Moon Mission
28 NASA Issues Human Exploration Rover Challenge To Students
29 FDA Warns 23andMe To Stop Selling $99 Genetic Test Kit
30 Murder More Likely Than Dying From Severe Food Allergy Reaction
31 Personality Traits Could Determine If Bowl Size Causes Kids To Want More Food
32 Garlic Not Only Wards Off Vampires, But May Also Protect Babies From Contaminants Found In Baby Formula
33 Oxytocin Makes Men More Attracted To Their Partners
34 Cognition, Mood Changes Not Linked To Postmenopausal Estrogen Loss
35 Breast Milk Provides Infants With Iodine Essential For Development
36 Autoimmune Disorders May Be Treated With A Little THC
37 Alternative Autism Therapy Retrains 'Fight Or Flight' Response
38 Britons Having Sex At Younger Ages, Staying Active Into Their 70s
39 Morning After Pill Less Effective On Plus-Sized Women
40 Many Parents Unaware About Medical Research Opportunities For Their Children
41 Death Toll Of 2009 Pandemic Flu Much Higher Than Official Worldwide Estimates
42 It's Never Too Late To Start Exercising For Your Health: Study
43 Almost Half Of US Adults Have A Chronic Health Condition, Those With Internet Proactively Get Help
44 Fizzy Over-The-Counter Meds Have Dangerously High Sodium Levels
45 Newly-Developed, Antibody-Laced Nanoparticles Could Be Delivered Orally
46 Hot Sauce Maker Extinguished Due To Offensive Odors, Health Threats
47 Tongue-Controlled Wheelchairs Three-Times Faster Than Sip-and-Puff Models
48 Mediterranean Diet Minus Breakfast Best Choice For Diabetics
49 Newlyweds May Be Fooling Themselves
50 Couples May Split Due To Inappropriate, Overused Texting
51 When Storytelling Meets Science
52 Power Corrupts When You're Not Used To Wielding It
53 Collaborative Educational Video Games Boost Students' Desire To Learn
54 Intel Increases Its Digital Content Library With Kno Acquisition
55 Late Nights May Cause Disruptions In Teenage Education, Emotions
56 MakerBot Launches Crowdfunding Effort To Put 3D Printers In Every US School
57 Online Class Lets Students Control 50,000-Degree Plasma
58 Implicit Learning Does Not Always Come From Mindful Individuals
59 Student Diets Improve With Better School Nutrition Policies: Study
60 Cats With Bladder Issues Not To Blame For Dell Laptop Odor
61 Mysterious Wasting Bacteria Killing Starfish Along West Coast
62 Snakes Can Control Blood Flow To Their Eyes When A Threat Is Perceived
63 Monkey Minds Can Move Virtual Arms
64 23andMe ordered to halt sales of DNA tests
65 Changes to Canada's fisheries law alarm biologists
66 Psychologists strike a blow for reproducibility
67 Project ranks billions of drug interactions
68 LHC plans for open data future
69 China aims for the Moon
70 Listening to Africa's elephants
71 Nations fight back on ivory
72 Immunology: The pursuit of happiness
73 Research ethics: 3 ways to blow the whistle
74 China battles army of invaders
75 Personalized cancer treatments suffer setback
76 Downsized black hole is much brighter than it should be
77 Stealth camera takes pictures virtually in the dark
78 Newlyweds' gut feelings predict marital happiness
79 Study linking GM maize to rat tumours is retracted
80 Remnants suggest comet ISON still going
81 Security: Expand nuclear forensics
82 Technology: Sharing data in materials science
83 Immunology: The pursuit of happiness
84 Researchers Decode Stingray Movements to Create Next-Gen. Submarines
85 Quantum Bits Hold Data for 39 Minutes, Smash World Record [CORRECTION]
86 Google Earth Helps Map World's Forests [Video]
87 Study of 'Little Red Riding Hood' Suggests Folk Tales Evolve Like Species
88 Light Exposure Increases Crystal's Electrical Conductivity 400-fold [VIDEO]
89 Scientists find Volcano Simmering beneath Western Antarctica
90 600 Amulets Discovered in Ancient Turkish Temple
91 Men's Bigger Noses Linked to Greater Oxygen Demand by Muscle Mass
92 Female Mice Mating with Several Partners Produce Sexier Sons
93 'Counting From One' in Board Games Doesn't Improve Children's Number Skills
94 Researchers Call for Standards for Genetically Engineered Insects
95 False Memories a Problem Even for Individuals with Superior Recall
96 3-D Printing Fossils Reduces Damage Risk, Expands Data Sharing
97 Mystery Human Species Bred with Our Ancestors, Study Suggests
98 Like Tree Rings of the Ocean, Arctic Algae Record Environmental History [VIDEO]
99 Super-Dry Surface Allows Water to Bounce Off Easily [Video]
100 Volcanic Eruption Creates New Island in Japan [Video]
101 Ancient Neanderthal Viruses Found in Modern Human DNA
102 Researchers Identify Laws Governing City Growth
103 Native American Origins Traced Back to Siberia Using 24,000-year-old DNA [VIDEO]
104 Tin Could be a Potential Replacement for Silicon in Computers, Physicists Say
105 Siats meekerorum: New Carnivorous Dinosaur Species Kept T. Rex in Check
106 3,700-year-old Wine Cellar Unearthed in Ancient Canaanite Palace
107 Researchers Begin to Crack the Code Behind Nerve Regeneration, Healing Paralysis
108 Researchers Create Robot that 'Flies' Like a Jellyfish
109 Understanding Owl's Noiseless Flight Could Help Design Near-Silent Aircrafts, Researchers Say
110 PCBs May Affect Cognitive Performance in Seniors
111 Video Games, Even Violent Ones, Aren't All Bad for You
112 Brain Region Associated with Decision-making Identified
113 Beer Tapping Explained: Scientists Discover Mechanics Behind Party Prank
114 Compact Synchrotron X-ray Device Could Democratize X-ray Research
115 Oldest Buddhist Shrine Dates Back to 6th Century BC
116 Pavlov's Locust: Insects Trained to Associate Odor with Food, Leads to New Insights in Olfactory System
117 Mushrooms Create Their Own Wind in Order to Spread Their Spores
118 Fire Ant Rafts Could Help Design Self- Assembling Robot [Video]
119 Iron Preserves Ancient Dinosaur Soft Tissue in Fossils
120 Squirting Air bubbles from Glacial Fjords Could be Used to Monitor Ice Loss in Greenland
121 NASA Plans to Grow Plants on Moon in 2015
122 Five Latest Nature-Inspired Robots
123 Sexual Frustration in Fruit Flies Linked to Stress, Early death
124 Fight Against AIDS Continues: Researchers Discover New, Aggressive HIV Strain in West Africa
125 Movement Patterns in Whirling Dervishes' Skirts Linked to Force that Makes Cyclones Spin [VIDEO]
126 Dig Site Near Stonehenge Reveals Wealth of Information on Neolithic Life
127 Researchers Find Neurons behind Crows' Intelligence
128 Car Wipers Used to Measure Rainfall, Improve Flood Prediction and Prevention
129 Small Yet Voracious Black Hole Puzzles Astronomers
130 Famous Florida Fisherman Hooks 800-pound "Dinosaur" Hookskate
131 Moose-eating Shark Beached in Canada, Saved by Locals