File Title
1 Amazing Christmas Light Display Sets World Record
2 28 Tiny Satellites Launching Together In December to See Earth from Space
3 US Methane Levels Higher Than Thought
4 How Bizarre Fire-Ant Rafts Survive Constant Floods
5 23andMe: What's Really Wrong with Personal Genetic Tests
6 Amur Leopard Cubs Spotted on Critter Cam in China
7 'Red List' of Endangered Species Updated
8 Thanksgiving for Dieters: How to Make a Meal Everyone Can Eat
9 1st Pakistani Woman to Climb Everest Has Taller Goal: Equality
10 Erectile Dysfunction Drugs May Not Make Men Happier
11 Thanksgiving Myth Busted: Eating Turkey Won't Make You Sleepy
12 2009 Swine-Flu Death Toll 10 Times Higher Than Thought
13 Amazing Ice Circle Appears On River
14 Stopping 23andMe Will Only Delay the Revolution Medicine Needs (Op-Ed)
15 Google Earth Images Yield Better Data on Fish Catches
16 The Turtle That Ate With A Straw (Op-Ed)
17 Make Your Own Spectroscope
18 Controversial T. Rex Soft Tissue Find Finally Explained
19 Garden Spiders: Weavers of Delicate Webs
20 What 11 Billion People Mean for Space Travel
21 'Warriors 4 Wireless' Program Helps Vets Find Tech Industry Jobs
22 Punkin Chunkin: Behind the World Championship of Pumpkin Hurling
23 Best Fitness Tracker Bands
24 Thanksgiving Trauma: The 7 Strangest Holiday ER Visits
25 Why the US Fails at Treating Addiction (Op-Ed)
26 Is a 17th Century Wreck Buried in Lake Michigan?
27 Why Do I Sweat So Much?
28 Working on Thanksgiving? You're Not Alone
29 Comet ISON Gets Roasted by Sun and Vanishes, But Did It Survive?
30 Ancient 'Ghostbuster Demon' Creatures Pooped Together
31 Far from the Heart, Watch for Peripheral Artery Disease (Op-Ed)
32 10 Years After Abu Ghraib, Textbook Story Often Oversimplified (Op-Ed)
33 How Computers Changed Chess (Op-Ed)
34 Speciesism Is Bad News for Animals (Op-Ed)
35 Frailty is a Medical Condition, Not an Inevitable Result of Aging (Op-Ed)
36 Researchers find new Huntington's disease target
37 Protein that triggers immune response to viruses identified
38 BRCA-negative results may not reduce cancer risk
39 Amino acid asparagine essential for brain development
40 Aging cells could be to blame for late-life cancers
41 What are the health benefits of popular foods?
42 New treatment 'could help spine injury patients walk'
43 Marijuana treatments for autoimmune disorders
44 Study: turn up heating to fight fat this holiday season
45 Tentative molecular link between head injury and Alzheimer's
46 New route to smoking addiction for adolescents: electronic cigarettes
47 When the living and the deceased don't agree on organ donation
48 Misfolded proteins are capable of forming tree-like aggregates in Alzheimer's disease
49 New method found to increase survival in sepsis
50 Limited resources available for injured surgeons
51 Two-thirds of parents unaware of opportunities for their children in medical research
52 Measuring the value and impact of orthopaedic care
53 New technique for testing drugs to treat cystic fibrosis and epilepsy
54 How probiotics could affect hay fever
55 Progression towards Alzheimer's disease indicated by an abnormal resting-state functional brain network
56 Test shown to reduce early chronic lymphocytic leukemia deaths is now available to patients
57 UN develops innovative early warning tool for drought prone Asia-Pacific regions
58 UK postcode lottery: time to stop treating people with dementia as second class citizens
59 Swine flu deaths in 2009 much higher than previously estimated
60 'Higher risk of stillbirths and infant deaths' with pre-existing diabetes
61 Excessive alcohol consumption triggered by gene mutation
62 Weight loss surgery: do the benefits really outweigh the risks?
63 Childhood exercise 'may reduce effects of maternal obesity'
64 Violent video games reduce teens' self-control, study shows
65 Brain cancer 'diagnosed in 30 minutes' with new test
66 Aggressive new HIV strain leads to AIDS more quickly
67 Tea benefits: weight loss, improved bone health and mood
68 Bone grafts may be better with new sea coral material
69 High-fat diets in puberty linked to breast cancer
70 Report: infant HIV decreases, but teen AIDS-related deaths increase
71 Tongue piercing-controlled wheelchair performs 'three times better'
72 Drivers dangerously overtake cyclists 'regardless of reflective clothing'
73 Repeated exposure to negative events may neutralize them
74 Supplements 'beneficial' for vitamin D-deficient ballet dancers
75 Making a gem of a tiny crystal
76 Seahorse heads have a 'no wake zone' that's made for catching prey
77 Paleotempestology and 2011's Hurricane Irene
78 Memo to big box retailers: Goodwill has a shelf life
79 Electronic cigarettes: New route to smoking addiction for adolescents
80 Google Earth reveals untold fish catches
81 Subarctic lakes are drying up at a rate not seen in 200 years
82 Cryptic new species of wild cat identified in Brazil
83 Reef fish find it's too hot to swim
84 New aggressive HIV strain leads to faster AIDS development
85 Glaciers sizzle as they disappear into warmer water
86 What's the sound of a hundred thousand soccer fans?
87 Figures of 8 and peanut shells: How stars move at the center of the Galaxy
88 Economic development can only buy happiness up to a 'sweet spot' of $36,000 GDP per person, study finds
89 Quantitative approaches provide new perspective on development of antibiotic resistance
90 Iron-based process promises greener, cheaper and safer drug and perfume production
91 Using moving cars to measure rainfall
92 Clinical trial shows tongue-controlled wheelchair outperforms popular wheelchair navigation system
93 Scripps Research Institute scientists achieve most detailed picture ever of key part of hepatitis C
94 Bone grafting improvements with the help of sea coral
95 Fruit flies with better sex lives live longer
96 Stanford study suggests why, in some species, mere presence of males shortens females' lifespan
97 Biologists Identify Snakehead Caught In Burnaby Central Park
98 Minerals Were Scarce When Life First Formed On Earth: Study
99 USGS Reinstates Water Usage Reports For Thermonuclear Power
100 The Structure Of Your Brain Determines Your Navigation Skills
101 Smell Processes In Our Brain Better Understood Through Locust Study
102 Seahorse Heads Are Perfectly Shaped For Catching Prey
103 Marine Pollution Impact On Corals Is Harsh, But They Can Recover
104 IUCN Red List Update: Okapi, White-Winged Flufftail Facing Extinction
105 Endangered Species May Avoid Being Killed If Farms Use Guard Dogs
106 Human Expansion Squeezing Out Bonobo Populations In The Congo
107 Amazing Viscoelasticity Observed In Structures Comprised Of Fire Ants
108 Just In Time For Thanksgiving Comes Turkey Science
109 Research Shows Subarctic Lakes Drying Up At A Rate Not Seen In 200 Years
110 Rip Currents Are Australia's Deadliest Natural Hazard