File Title
1 Facts About Copernicium
2 New Evidence Supports Asteroid Origin Of Martian Moon
3 For Some Cancer Patients, Personalized Medicine Has Arrived (Op-Ed)
4 A 'Green' Guide to Holiday Electronics Gifts (Op-Ed)
5 Visualizing Dinosaurs with Medical Scanners and 3D Printers (Op-Ed)
6 People Who Don't Forget Can Still Be Tricked with False Memories (Op-Ed)
7 5 Places Already Feeling the Effects of Climate Change
8 What 11 Billion People Mean for Climate Change
9 Trove of Religious Offerings Unearthed from Ancient Sanctuary in Turkey
10 Sea Lions React To Sonar
11 E-Cigarettes Just More Smoke and Mirrors, Doctors Say
12 Why JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theories Are So Appealing
13 EPA Investigates Plastic Pollution on Hawaiian Beaches
14 8 Most Famous Assassinations in History
15 Urbanization Can Actually Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Op-Ed)
16 Painkillers May Ease Marijuana Side Effects
17 Neutrino Detector Finds Elusive Extraterrestrial Particles in 'Major Breakthrough'
18 Strange Discovery: Giant Dust Ring Found Near Venus Orbit
19 When Dogs Are (Adorably) Stupid (Op-Ed)
20 Ick! Belly Button Bacteria Used to Make Cheese
21 If JFK Lived: 5 Ways History Would Change
22 Four Women Complete Marine Infantry Training
23 Momentum Builds for Obama's Brain Initiative
24 Self-driving Cars and Autonomous Robots: Where to Now? (Op-Ed)
25 Facts About Ununtrium
26 What Is Low Blood Pressure?
27 Facts About Flerovium
28 Facts About Ununpentium
29 How People and Climate Interact is Still a Mystery (Op-Ed)
30 Why is a University Accepting Random-Source Research Dogs? (Op-Ed)
31 Giant Huntsman Spider: World's Largest Spider By Leg Span
32 Women Play Key Role Improving Health in Bangladesh (Op-Ed)
33 The Secret to Career Success: Branding Yourself
34 Does God Make People Work Harder?
35 Track Your Trackers: New Tools Organize All Your Data
36 7 Iconic Animals Humans Are Driving to Extinction
37 What 11 Billion People Mean for Earth's Animals
38 Meet the Gigantic Carnivore That Kept T. Rex Down
39 Oldest Royal Wine Cellar Uncorked in Israel
40 'Polar Film Festival' Kicks Off at Explorers Club in NYC
41 Thanksgivukkah: Why Hanukkah and Thanksgiving Overlap This Year
42 Brightest Explosion In the Universe Ever Seen Defies Astronomy Theories
43 Agents of Selection: Scientist Synthesizes the Myriad Causes
44 Texas Evolution Fight Hits Biology Textbooks
45 Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Pledges $3 Million for Tiger Conservation
46 Ski Season Starts Early With Innovative Snow-Making Technology
47 Adopt a Skull to Save Cranium Collection
48 Sugar-Sweetened Drinks May Boost Women's Uterine Cancer Risk
49 Did Clear Weather Play a Role in JFK's Assassination?
50 Poop Sausage to Pee Drinks: 7 Gross 'Human Foods'
51 Feds Seize Korean Royal Seals Taken During Wartime
52 ADHD on the Rise Among Children, New Study Says
53 Pretty in Pink: 3D-Printing 'Jimmy Choos' for Horses
54 Vivid Violet Coral Decorates Woodlands
55 Roman Emperor Hadrian's Villa Brought to Life with Gaming Software
56 Seeking a Russian Silicon Valley (Op-Ed)
57 Facts About Livermorium
58 Facts About Ununoctium
59 What Is Ringworm?
60 Something Is Rotten at the New York Times (Op-Ed)
61 What Is Karma?
62 Gotcha! Photons Seen Without Being Destroyed in a First
63 Wolf Spiders: Bites, Babies & Other Facts
64 Pinto Abalone Slides Toward Endangered Status (Op-Ed)
65 Might Some of Doctor Who Actually Be Possible? (Op-Ed)
66 Do Animals Typically Think Like Autistic Savants? (Op-Ed)
67 iPad Air & 9 Other Tech Gifts You Should Buy on Black Friday
68 5 Men Making It Big in 'Women's' Businesses
69 Animal Sex: How Worms Do It
70 Underwater Hotel in Africa Lets Guests Sleep With the Fishes
71 How to Stop Hating Your Job and Be Happier at Work
72 Twice as Much Methane Escaping Arctic Seafloor
73 Deadly New Zealand Earthquakes Weakened Earth's Crust
74 What 11 Billion People Mean for Disease Outbreaks
75 5 Scariest Disease Outbreaks of the Past Century
76 3D-Printed Kidneys Take Small Steps Toward Organ Replacements
77 Holiday Drinking: How 8 Common Medications Interact with Alcohol
78 Wild Turkeys Are Back, A Century After Severe Decline
79 A Buggy Thanksgiving: Insects Come to the Table
80 Deep-Sea Lanternfish Eat Tons of Plastic
81 Baby Dinosaur Skeleton Unearthed in Canada
82 How Cameras Reveal the Northern Lights' True Colors (Op-Ed)
83 Mushrooms 'Make Wind' to Spread Spores
84 Dead Bird Drift Hints at Disease Outbreak
85 'Cultic' Temple, 10,000-Year-Old House Found in Israel
86 Shrine Found at Buddha's Birthplace dates to 6th Century B.C.
87 SENSE IT Program Gives Students Practical Skills and More
88 History of Plenty: How the Thanksgiving Menu Evolved
89 Mini Flying Robot Hovers Like Jellyfish
90 Berry Inspires Color-Morphing Clothing
91 White Wine and Beer Important Sources of Arsenic
92 11 Surprising Thanksgiving Facts
93 Could 3D Printing Spark a Gun Battle?
94 Clues to Alzheimer's Risk Seen in Babies' Brains
95 Heart-Attack Chest Pain Similar in Men and Women
96 What Is Distilled Water?
97 How To Monitor Urban Weather...With Your Smartphone
98 Your House is Full of Space Dust--It Reveals the Solar System's Story (Op-Ed)
99 Explosive Beer Trick Explained by Physics
100 Funnel-Web Spiders: Families, Bites & Other Facts
101 Women Act Like Men When They Switch Seats at Speed Dating (Op-Ed)
102 Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril): Dosage & Side Effects
103 What 11 Billion People Mean for Sanitation
104 How Science Can Help You Cook a Better Thanksgiving Feast
105 Why Seahorses Are Shaped Like Horses
106 Greenland Ice Sheet Was Smallest When Ocean Was Warm
107 Was Woman's Abduction Hoax Inspired by Movie?
108 Thanksgiving's Seven Most Memorable Storms
109 Should You Eat Breakfast on Thanksgiving?
110 Do Deaf People Really Have Superhuman Vision?