File Title
1 Geriatric Care May Help Older Patients Find Independence After Trauma
2 Health Insurance Increases Preventive Care, Not Risky Behaviors
3 Memo to Big Box Retailers: Goodwill Has a Shelf Life
4 Historic First Procedure Performed Using Technique of Retrograde Gene Therapy On Human Heart
5 Molecular Glue Controls Chromosome Segregation in Oocytes
6 Researchers Identify Rescuer for Vital Tumor-Suppressor
7 Prostate Cancer Stem Cells Found to Be Moving Target
8 Vitamins: Potential Damage to Body's Defences
9 Paleotempestology and 2011's Hurricane Irene
10 Ocean Rip Currents Claim More Lives Than Other Natural Hazards
11 World Population Mapping Helps Combat Poverty, Poor Health
12 Delaying Resistance to Bt Corn in Western Corn Rootworm
13 The Lingering Clouds: Why Pollution Results in Larger Storm Clouds, Colder Days, Warmer Nights
14 Iron Preserves, Hides Ancient Tissues in Fossilized Remains
15 Acid Rain, Ozone Depletion Contributed to Ancient Extinction
16 Greenland's Shrunken Ice Sheet: We've Been Here Before
17 'Immune Gene' in Humans Inherited from Neanderthals, Study Suggests
18 Archaeologists Discover Largest, Oldest Wine Cellar in Near East: 3,700 Year-Old Store Room Held 2,000 Liters of Strong, Sweet Wine
19 Engineers Design Spacesuit Tools, Biomedical Sensors to Keep Astronauts Healthy
20 Sounding Rocket to Peek at Atmosphere of Venus
21 Search for Habitable Planets Should Be More Conservative, Experts Say
22 Unusual Greenhouse Gases May Have Raised Ancient Martian Temperature
23 NASA's Solar Observing Fleet to Watch Comet ISON's Journey Around the Sun
24 From Cellulose to Textile Fibre
25 Lasers Deemed Highly Effective Treatment for Excessive Scars
26 New Navigation System Enables Safe Growth of Port Traffic
27 A Whirling Dervish Puts Physicists in a Spin
28 Flexible, Stretchable Fire-Ant Rafts
29 No Qualms About Quantum Theory
30 Better Combustion Through Plasma
31 Google Earth Reveals Untold Fish Catches
32 ADHD Study: Expensive Training Programs Don't Help Grades, Behavior
33 Cyber Resilience Metrics Needed to Meet Increased Threats
34 Lunar bill could violate UN space treaty
35 Root-eating insects to undermine CO2 sinks
36 Comet ISON's fatal flight?
37 Hope still for 'dead' Comet Ison
38 Gloucestershire badger cull ends as targets missed
39 Why China is fixated on the Moon
40 'Love-test' identifies newly-weds true feelings
41 Sex-starved fruit flies live shorter, more stressful lives
42 Earwigs use 'chemical clouds' for protection
43 Giant prehistoric toilet unearthed
44 European Space Agency sets a path for big space science
45 Wind-blown midges carried farm virus to UK
46 Birth and death of stars captured by Very Large Telescope
47 Wyoming diplodocus skeleton fetches 400,000 pounds at auction
48 Experts 'prefer cheaper champagne'
49 Wildebeest herd makes 'rare' early return to Tanzania
50 New species of wild cat identified in Brazil
51 Can virtual reality be used to tackle racism?
52 Viewpoint: Why Burma's forests must be preserved
53 Bloodhound Diary: The 1,000mph dashboard cam
54 China scrambles jets in air zone to monitor US and Japanese planes
55 Black Friday shopping in US marred by violence
56 German policeman arrested in possible 'cannibal' case
57 JD Salinger stories leaked online
58 Afghan President Karzai condemns 'deadly US air strike'
59 Ruth Harkness and Su Lin: The first panda to leave China
60 Does everyone really have a novel in them?
61 The dark side of Black Friday
62 News from Elsewhere: Berlin plans Germany's first cannabis cafe [et al.]
63 PlayStation 4 'starting to sell out'
64 EU rejects Russia 'veto' on Ukraine agreement
65 Why science needs imagination and beauty
66 Smart cities: Bringing life back to the neighbourhood
67 China sends warplanes to newly declared air zone
68 Alain de Botton: How art can make us happier
69 The 10 most beautiful cinemas in the world
70 US agrees to pay $50m after 'piracy' of software
71 Ashes Cricket 2013 game taken off sale
72 Joel Mwale--bringing 'Facebook' education to Kenya
73 The quest to turn computers into creative artists
74 Africa's first start-up bus hits the road
75 Bitcoin: Experts clash over the crypto-currency
76 Latest #BBCtrending radio show
77 Drones used to try to smuggle contraband into jail
78 Peaches Geldof's Ian Watkins tweet could be investigated
79 James Howells searches for hard drive with 4m pounds worth of bitcoins stored
80 Body piercing controls wheelchair
81 Scalpel-free post-mortem UK launch
82 Mozambique plane missing with 34 on board
83 Jacob Zuma's Nkandla home: South Africa row over
84 World Cup seeding: How to play the game
85 Scenes of chaos during chain store's Black Friday sales
86 Cholesterol 'fuels' breast cancer
87 Dengue fever risk to World Cup fans
88 HIV response 'at turning point'
89 Why do public figures choose not to reveal their illness?
90 Will changing cigarette packets reduce smoking?
91 Iraq violence: Eighteen killed after being abducted
92 Japan's Latest Strange Trend: Owl Cafes
93 'Gate to Hell' Guardians Recovered in Turkey
94 Why Monkeys and Apes Have Colorful Faces
95 Midwest Storm Chaser: Severe Weather Delivered 'Most Intense 15 Minutes of my Life'
96 Military Vets & Celebrities Embark on Epic Race to the South Pole
97 DNA Sequencing Pioneer Fred Sanger Dies
98 Textured Surface Could Create Ultra-Waterproof Materials
99 Ancient Siberian Skeletons Confirm Native American Origins
100 Why Does Italy's Mount Etna Keep Erupting?
101 What Is the Single-Bullet Theory?
102 First South Americans Ate Giant Sloths
103 'Sexiest Man Alive'? The Science of Adam Levine's Appeal
104 5 Enduring Kennedy Assassination Theories
105 Improving Condoms: New Materials Could Enhance Sexual Pleasure
106 10 Persistent Kennedy Assassination Theories
107 Polio-Free Countries Still Face Threat, Scientists Say
108 Daily Serving of Nuts Linked with Longer Life
109 Darwin's Frogs Croaking Thanks to Deadly Fungus
110 What Is the Paleo Diet?