File Title
1 Bacteria recycle genes from DNA scrapheap
2 Bouncing drops make for smarter rainwear
3 BMI is 'more nurture than nature'
4 Dominant damsel distress over CO2 rise
5 Scientists zero in on flu virus defences
6 IceCube detects neutrinos from outer space
7 Hydrogen would have made early Mars wet
8 Researchers blow dust off old lunar data
9 Keeping cool with magnetic nanoparticles
10 Pertussis jab 'fails to prevent spread'
11 Fossilised sap points to low oxygen past
12 China to send 'jade rabbit' to Moon
13 Invading mantid lures natives to their death
14 Why the seahorse wins by a head
15 Albatross colony shows benefits of same-sex pairing
16 Seahorses stalk their prey by stealth
17 Wyoming diplodocus skeleton auctioned in West Sussex
18 Birth and death of stars captured by Very Large Telescope
19 Smartphone app to 'ID' fireballs
20 Brian May launches legal challenge to Gloucestershire badger cull
21 Atlantic Array wind farm dropped by developer
22 Higgs boson book scoops Royal Society Winton Prize
23 UK-built video camera launches to International Space Station
24 SpaceX postpones launch of SES TV satellite
25 Merseyside red squirrels show signs of pox resistance
26 Last-minute deal saves fractious UN climate talks
27 'Earliest shrine' uncovered at Buddha's birthplace
28 China to land first Jade Rabbit Moon probe next month
29 Viewpoint: Why do people hate the word 'chemicals'?
30 Chernobyl's arch: Sealing off a radioactive sarcophagus
31 Fun and games help people go green, says study
32 Kiribati island: Sinking into the sea?
33 Why is everyone so angry about generating energy?
34 Ison: The comet of the century
35 UK-built cameras heading for space station
36 Aluminium: The metal that just keeps on giving
37 China: Waste heat used to warm polluted city
38 Ban Ki Moon gets on his bike at climate talks as Polish minister axed
39 The perfect trip: Italy
40 Y chromosome: Why men contribute so little
41 Fresh effort to clone extinct animal
42 'Friend of science' Fred Kavli dies aged 86
43 Gamma-ray burst brightest ever seen
44 China 'flies first stealth drone'--reports
45 Postgraduate training cash for scientists set out
46 Barn owl nestlings recognise their siblings' calls
47 'Signature' achievement on forests at UN climate talks
48 US firm Duke Energy pays out over wind farm eagle deaths
49 Bird alarm: Great tits use 'predator-specific' calls
50 'Cinderella' gas a threat to climate and ozone layer
51 Italy Senate to vote on expelling Silvio Berlusconi
52 NSA 'planned to discredit radicals over web-porn use'
53 Sriracha hot sauce factory production partially halted
54 Iran's President Hassan Rouhani in music video
55 Moscow police arrest 'armed Islamists' in raids
56 Arnon Milchan: Hollywood producer's starring role as 'spy'
57 Smashed Hits: Livin' On A Prayer
58 Cute cats could be key to learning new languages
59 US B-52 bombers challenge disputed China air zone
60 Sony files patent for 'SmartWig'
61 Marcos Rodriguez Pantoja: Did this man live with wolves?
62 Three die in Brazil World Cup stadium accident
63 China 'monitored' US bombers in new air zone
64 Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi marriage 'secrecy'
65 Bitcoin virtual currency breaks $1,000 mark
66 Gay snub Cornish B&B owners lose Supreme Court appeal
67 Latvian government falls over Riga supermarket disaster
68 Will we ever...banish baldness?
69 Banking on a wonder fuel
70 Is it OK to torture or murder a robot?
71 David Cameron defiant over tougher EU benefit plans
72 Anxiang Du guilty of murder of Northampton family of four
73 Nine million in 'serious' debt across the UK
74 Italy's Senate expels ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi
75 Madeleine McCann inquiries: Met wants 'joint investigation team'
76 How welcome are Africans in the UK?
77 Joe Biden to visit China and Japan over disputed air zone
78 Deal reached on new government for Germany under Merkel
79 News from Elsewhere: Subway barbells for President's Day [et al.]
80 President Obama pardons two Thanksgiving turkeys
81 US-Afghan security pact in peril
82 Crimes against Thanksgiving
83 Profile: TV cook Nigella Lawson
84 Stuck in the middle with EU
85 Newspaper barbs and US bombers flying after China's air defense move
86 Jolla: Ex-Nokia employees launch smartphone
87 The Bitcoin bungler--a salutary tale
88 YouTube toughens checks on comments to beat scams
89 EU calls on US to rebuild trust over data transfers
90 Microsoft Xbox users' accounts suspended after swearing
91 Net names .bike and .guru available
92 FDA bans 23andme personal genetic tests
93 Qualcomm faces China antitrust probe
94 Blackberry shakes up senior management
95 Computer uses images to teach itself common sense
96 NSA 'infected' 50,000 networks with malware
97 Microsoft responds to Xbox problem with disc drive
98 Trending: Boris Johnson's Twitter hashtag 'hijacking'
99 Australian family set Christmas lights record
100 Where streets are paved with sand
101 Food bytes: The kitchen goes digital
102 How tracking technology can better fill hospital beds
103 The unwinnable game
104 Windows Phone 8: Microsoft's breakthrough moment?
105 Mali's coup leader Sanogo charged with murders
106 A thanks to those in a thankless job: Management
107 Beat holiday work stress before it starts
108 Salt in medicines 'poses a health risk'
109 Morning-after contraceptive pill 'fails in obese'
110 South Africa child support grants 'protect from HIV'
111 Modern life 'turning people off sex'
112 Mass immunisation programme begins in the Philippines
113 Ex-National Hockey League players in concussion lawsuit
114 Child cancer: 'Field of gold' scan cuts radiation risk
115 Premature baby steroids 'may raise risk of ADHD'
116 Amazon workers face 'increased risk of mental illness'
117 Tenerife killer's Glan Clwyd Hospital care faces inquiry
118 Amphotericin B: Anti-fungal drug 'makes flu worse'
119 Sperm test for infertile men could reduce surgery
120 Concussion damage 'lasts months'
121 'Late starters' still have much to gain by exercising