File Title
1 What 11 Billion People Mean for...
2 What 11 Billion People Mean for the Planet
3 6 Ways to Feed 11 Billion People
4 What 11 Billion People Mean for Food Security
5 5 Tips for Cooking with Rheumatoid Arthritis
6 7 Technologies That Transformed Warfare
7 Hormones Sway Women's Sex Lives--Kind Of
8 Two-Headed Ray Fetus Found in Australia
9 Men's Sexual Problems Linked to Low Prolactin Levels
10 Museum's Fossils Pulled from Auction After Outcry
11 NYC Man Dies During Free-Diving Competition
12 US Offers $1 Million Reward to Stop Wildlife Trafficking Ring
13 New Cave-Dwelling 'Shrimp' Discovered in California
14 Amazing Crystal Formation Revealed in Microphotograph
15 2013 Global Carbon Emissions to Reach Record Level
16 Why Is My Period Late?
17 Michael Mann: Super Typhoon Haiyan and the Realities of a Warmed World (Op-Ed)
18 How to Take a Good Selfie
19 'Dueling Dinosaur' Fossils Fail to Sell at Auction
20 Global Warming Causes 'Acid Indigestion' for Sea Urchins
21 5 Ways Toilets Change the World
22 Some Weight Loss Supplements Contain Amphetamine-Like Compound
23 Frankenstein to Star Trek: Sci-Fi Museum Coming to D.C.
24 Red Face May Reveal Drinking Dangers
25 NASA's IceBridge Mission Back in Action Over Antarctica
26 Science Needs to be More Dangerous (Op-Ed)
27 X-ray Vision for Road Diggers: The Next Quantum Leap? (Op-Ed)
28 The Incas: History of Andean Empire
29 Facts About Roentgenium
30 What is Prednisone?
31 The Lore and Lure of Ley Lines
32 Cities Grow And Behave As Coherent Entities
33 Dinosaur Bone Damaged in WWII Revealed with 3D Printing
34 5 Ways We Waste Water
35 What 11 Billion People Mean for Water Scarcity
36 Could Faux-Leopard Print Save Big Cats?
37 3D-Printed Fish Scales May Improve Military Armor
38 People with Autism More Likely to Hear Colors, See Sounds
39 EPA Investigates Plastic Pollution on Hawaiian Beaches
40 Urbanization Can Actually Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Op-Ed)
41 Volcanic Blast Births New Island in Japan
42 Can Programmable Thermostats Lower Heating Bills?
43 Jacqueline Kennedy's Iconic Pink Suit Locked in Vault Until 2103
44 Babies Are Born with Some Self-Awareness
45 Painkillers May Ease Marijuana Side Effects
46 National Geographic Names 2014 Adventurers of the Year
47 Shark Beached After Choking on Moose
48 Rumor: Major Foxconn factory to cease iPhone 5c production, focus on Apple's iPhone 5s
49 Android-based TV sticks activate as tablets, prove popular for bootleg videos in Asia
50 Apple supplies developers with first beta of iOS 7.1
51 Appellate court breathes new life into Apple's quest for Samsung Android device ban
52 Google to pay $17M settlement for bypassing Apple's Safari security settings
53 Apple's Find My Friends app updated with new look for iOS 7
54 Former trader sentenced to 30 months in prison for fraudulent $1B AAPL purchase
55 Official Apple Store app for iPad debuts on iOS
56 LG's Smart TV watches you: spyware ads report your behavior in creepy detail
57 Macy's begins pilot test of Apple's iBeacon in flagship New York, San Francisco stores
58 Samsung looks to halt damages retrial after USPTO action invalidates key Apple patent
59 Tweetbot for Mac update brings smooth scrolling to OS X Mavericks, bug fixes
60 Rumor: Apple field testing 'iPhone 6' with 4.9-inch display
61 As Apple-Samsung trial drags on, jurors deliberate their lunch options
62 Apple files patent for Touch ID sensor found in iPhone 5s
63 China Mobile expected to launch 4G service with iPhone 5s/5c on December 18
64 Apple features Clumsy Ninja as first iOS App Store title with a video preview
65 Apple brings customizable toolbars back to iWork suite for Mac, updates iOS app versions
66 Apple seeds second OS X 10.9.1 beta with Mail improvements, Safari 6.1.1
67 Apple fixes USB HDD issues with AirPort Extreme, Time Capsule firmware update
68 Apple highlights 'Life on iPad' stories in new promotional webpage
69 Tim Cook vetoes Apple Retail plan to open additional stores on Thanksgiving, gives workers holiday off
70 Apple looking to expand Reuse and Recycling Program to emerging markets, calls it 'mega trend'
71 Apple's iPhone, iPad & the market for Microsoft's Xbox One & Sony's PlayStation 4
72 Foxconn seeks to start smartphone and tablet production in the US
73 Dropbox CEO claims Steve Jobs vowed to 'kill' Dropbox with iCloud
74 Samsung asks judge to halt Apple damages retrial, claims Apple's 'pinch-to-zoom' patent might be invalid
75 Apple in court to man who claims to have invented iPhone: No, you didn't
76 Apple overhauls OEM operating model, sources say
77 Arizona OKs tax break for Apple sapphire glass plant
78 New York City Council considers pawn shop bill to fight surging iPhone thefts
79 Macy's becomes first retailer to deploy Apple's iBeacon for in-store presence
80 Jurors fail to reach a decision in Apple v. Samsung damages trial
81 U.S. House panel passes bill targeting 'patent trolls'
82 Apple will vastly outlive the competition
83 China Mobile may announce Apple iPhone deal on December 18th
84 RUMOR: Apple currently field-testing next-gen 4.9-inch 'iPhone 6'
85 Apple says Samsung's stalling strategy 'has crossed the bounds of reason,' reexamination isn't over
86 Apple's new Pages 5: Why less might actually be more
87 Why did Tim Cook just remind employees to follow Apple's Business Conduct Policy?
88 Apple prepping 'iCloud Home' Mac-based iCloud server for the home/office?
89 Apple's iPhone looks poised to start 2014 off with a bang
90 Apple may have finally solved their iCloud data sync issues
91 Fortune's #4 Businessperson of the Year: Apple's incoming retail chief Angela Ahrendts
92 Leaving Google's Chrome: Why I've returned to Apple's Safari
93 Switch to HP Windows 8 ElitePad tablets was 'an unmitigated disaster,' says school principal
94 Jury awards Apple $290.45 million in damages against convicted patent infringer Samsung
95 U.S. FCC to propose allowing cellphone use on airplanes
96 Apple releases AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule Firmware Update 7.7.2
97 Apple iPhone and iPad assembler Foxconn said to plan Pennsylvania investment
98 Google's stores are a lame challenge to the magic of Apple Retail Stores
99 Samsung to appeal cases with damages totaling $930 million for infringing Apple's patents as jurors speak
100 Apple urgently needs increase debt to raise earnings per share by 13.8%
101 Apple's iPhone Retina display may be obsolete by next year
102 David Einhorn gives Apple's capital allocation plan a 'C' grade
103 Microsoft selling anti-Google merch
104 John F. Kennedy, tax policy, and Apple Inc.
105 Apple's 'missing' iWork features reappear
106 Jurors credit CPA witness for outmatching Samsung in Apple's $290 million court victory
107 OS X Mavericks Dictation vs. Dragon Dictate: How good is your Mac's built-in tool?
108 Performance tips and free software to make your Mac run faster
109 iPhone, iPad also-rans struggle to realize Apple's 64-bit mobile computing achievement
110 Apple starts selling unlocked, SIM-free iPhone 5s in the U.S.
111 Bad news for Samsung, again: German court stays Samsung patent lawsuit against Apple over patent of doubtful validity
112 Yapping seatmates a hurdle in FCC plan for inflight cellphone calls
113 Two jury verdicts still don't equal resolution in Apple v. Samsung battle
114 Apple files five Liquidmetal patent applications
115 Many Apple Retail Stores opening early for Black Friday sales in U.S. and Canada
116 Apple dives deeper into designing and inventing robots, other manufacturing tech
117 Verizon Wireless introduces $5 daily data plan for iPads
118 New Apple patent application reveals A7 'Secure Enclave' for Touch ID and possible fingerprint accessory
119 Apple iPhones phased out of German government in favor of encrypted phones to block U.S. NSA spying
120 Jony Ive and Marc Newson appear on Charlie Rose (with video)
121 Tim Cook vetoes plan to open additional stores for Thanksgiving; gives workers holiday off citing importance of family time