File Title
1 Mars Rover Curiosity Recovers from Software Glitch
2 Leech Toxins, Snake Venom: How Nature's 'Poisons' Help People
3 Putting It Off: Some Ideas About Why We Procrastinate (Op-Ed)
4 3.5-Billion-Year-Old Fossil Microbial Community Found
5 Massive Antarctic Iceberg Sets Sail
6 Head-Butting Did Not Lure Mates for Horny-Domed Dinosaur (Op-Ed)
7 Bone and Bracelets Found in Roman Child's Coffin
8 New EpiPen Law Could Save Lives
9 Study Shows, for Chile, Renewables Benefits Outweigh Costs (Op-Ed)
10 What America's Forests Looked Like Before Europeans Arrived
11 Fast Food: Meals Have More Calories Than You Think
12 Typhoon Haiyan Aftermath: How Technology Can Help
13 Who Killed JFK? TV Show Looks at New Evidence
14 New 'H6N1' Bird Flu Reported in Taiwan
15 Asthma May Lengthen Time to Get Pregnant
16 Cancer Patient's Brain Cells Shed Light on How Cancer Spreads
17 Ocean Glow Stick: Sea Worm Emits Strange Blue Glow
18 How Many Friends Can Your Brain Handle?
19 1st-Century Roots of 'Little Red Riding Hood' Found
20 What the Brain and Twitter Have in Common
21 5 Real-Life Examples of Fairy Tales Coming True
22 Canadian Rower Completes Historic Solo Journey Across Atlantic Ocean
23 Riddle of Early Bird Migration Cracked
24 Trans Fat Isn't Evil, Ignorance Is (Op-Ed)
25 Guts of Superfast Black Hole Jets Revealed
26 NASA Maps to Aid Super Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Relief
27 Dengue Fever Outbreak in Key West Yields New Clues
28 E-Cigarettes and Hookahs Rise in Teen Popularity
29 Cannibal Sticks, Anyone? New In Vitro Meat Cookbook Has the Recipe
30 Allergic to Cold: Adapting to Life With a Mysterious Condition
31 Vanishing Forests: New Map Details Global Deforestation
32 39 Minutes: Quantum Bits Store Data for Record Time
33 Meteorite Impacts Leave Behind Time-Capsules of Ecosystems (Op-Ed)
34 Old Dog, New Origin: First Pooches Were European
35 Dictator Deaths: How 13 Notorious Leaders Died
36 Stingrays' Weird Swimming May Inspire New Submarine Designs
37 Smell Pot? Call the 'Nasal Ranger'!
38 Forecasting Raging Forest Fires Soon a Reality
39 Artificial Intelligence Uses Biggest Disease Database to Fight Cancer (Op-Ed)
40 US Crushes Its Stockpile of Elephant Ivory
41 Why Typhoon Haiyan Was More Intense Than Hurricane Katrina
42 Recluse Spider Bite Eats Hole in Young Woman's Ear
43 Dangerous New Eruption at Sumatra's Sinabung Volcano
44 The World's Most Dangerous Band Promotes Shelter Pets (Op-Ed)
45 One Year After Sandy, Depression Drops But Anger Rises, Poll Finds
46 Pyramid-Age Love Revealed in Vivid Color in Egyptian Tomb
47 Japan Scales Back Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals
48 Forty-Foot-Wide Sinkhole Leads to Evacuations, Possible Condemned Homes
49 Why Hidden Trans Fats Are Coming Off the Menu (Op-Ed)
50 Evolution of Milky Way Galaxy Revealed by Hubble Space Telescope
51 What is...Histoplasmosis?
52 NASA Video Shows Ancient Mars as Lush, Water World
53 Deformed, Pointy Skull from Dark Ages Unearthed in France
54 Molten Salts Could Improve Fuel Economy
55 What Is Transgender?
56 Woman's Pulse Surges Through Her Neck, Reveals Heart Condition
57 Area 51 Declassified: Documents Reveal Cold War 'Hide-and-Seek'
58 Stephen Hawking Says Not Finding Higgs Boson Would Be 'More Interesting'
59 Haiyan's Aftermath: 7 Key Steps to Recovery
60 Brain Stimulation May Treat Bulimia
61 How 'Truffula' Trees Will Preserve the Sahel (Op-Ed)
62 What Bees Don't Know Can Help Them: Measuring Insect Indecision (Op-Ed)
63 'Dueling Dinosaurs' Await Auction Fate
64 Fantastic Voyage: Tracking Young Salmon's Perilous Migration
65 Beyond the Higgs Boson: Five Reasons Physics is Still Interesting (Op-Ed)
66 Asthma: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
67 Humanity in the Age of Frankenstein's Cat (Op-Ed)
68 President Obama's Upside-Down Nuclear Weapons Policy (Op-Ed)
69 Electric Vehicles Approach Popularity Tipping Point (Op-Ed)
70 Crushing the Ivory Trade (Op-Ed)
71 The 'W' Word Bosses Rarely Say
72 Internet of Things Has Big Startup Potential
73 Ancient City Discovered Beneath Biblical-Era Ruins in Israel
74 Too Much of a Good Thing? 7 Addictive Educational iPad Games
75 Are Educational iPad Games Really Educational?
76 The 10 Fastest Growing Job Titles
77 Americans Reveal Who They'd Rather Work For: Men or Women
78 Active Volcano Discovered Under Antarctic Ice Sheet
79 Chill Out, Dudes! Female Flies Have Anti-Aggression Powers
80 Why Guys Have Bigger Noses Than Gals
81 6 Party Drugs That May Have Health Benefits
82 That Lovin' Feeling: Guys' Brains Respond to Gentle Touch
83 Lab-Made Heart Represents 'Moonshot' for 3D Printing
84 California Lost 174,000 Tons of Toxic Waste
85 What Caused the Deadly Midwestern Tornado Outbreak?
86 Young Woman Dies of Rare Heart Condition After Falling on Beach
87 Dueling Dinosaur Fossils Could Break Record at Auction
88 Pets and Domestic Abuse: It's Complicated
89 Evacuation Modelling: Finding the Best Time (And Way) To Get Going (Op-Ed)
90 Stinky Seduction: Promiscuous Female Mice Have Sexier Sons
91 Incredible Tech: How to Engineer Life in the Lab
92 Ancient Arctic Algae Record Climate Change in 'Tree Rings'
93 'Meat Mummies' Kept Egyptian Royalty Well-Fed After Death
94 What Is Vodka?
95 Breast MRIs Not Always Used Appropriately, Studies Suggest
96 Preterm Birth Linked to Chemicals in Personal Products
97 Zoo's Hope of Love Connection Soars with New Resident
98 Moms' Bacteria May Affect Brain Development in Baby Mice
99 Facts About Meitnerium
100 Facts About Darmstadtium
101 Beware, Secret Trade Deals Can Seriously Damage Your Health (Op-Ed)
102 Wild 'Roll Cloud' Tumbles Across Texas Sky
103 Shellfish Growers Feeling Economic Hit as Ocean Acidifies (Op-Ed)
104 Surgeons Get Practice Using Brains Made on 3D Printers
105 Warsaw Climate Negotiations Should Look Forward, Act Now (Op-Ed)
106 In Middle Ages, Societies Surprisingly Responsive To Natural Disasters
107 Warsaw Climate Talks Must Produce Actions, Not Just Words (Op-Ed)
108 Personality Traits & Personality Types: What is Personality?
109 Carstensz Pyramid: Oceania's Highest Mountain
110 In the Wild or at Home, Does an Aging Animal's Status Change? (Op-Ed)