File Title
1 Florida prison mistakenly releases two murderers
2 South Sudan child scrap metal diggers blown up in Juba
3 Where hyenas are used to treat mental illness
4 Can kindness movements make a difference?
5 Cory Booker and me
6 New global index exposes 'modern slavery' worldwide
7 British scientist 'solves' mystery of Himalayan yetis
8 The problem with taking too many vitamins
9 How bad are US debt levels?
10 Windows 8.1 gets global release
11 Viewpoints: Charting a course ahead for Boehner
12 Transformers director Michael Bay attacked in Hong Kong
13 Tissue engineering: Grow your own smart organs
14 Why humans and animals rely on social touch
15 Nobel laureates urge Putin to free Greenpeace activists
16 Uganda alert after US warns of 'Westgate-style' attack
17 Laos crash plane 'hit bad weather'
18 How your Facebook habits could benefit your workflow
19 Keeping your bond portfolio safe
20 Best of the Web: How to fix a rocket moments before it's due to launch [et al.]
21 Cory Booker wins Senate seat in New Jersey
22 Fresh CCTV footage shows brutality of Westgate attackers
23 Adidas Micoach smartwatch has heart-rate sensor
24 Oracle releases bumper security update for Java
25 Watch Dogs delay wounds games maker Ubisoft
26 Samsung offers to end mobile patent wars
27 EE rebuked over 'misleading' UK mobile coverage maps
28 Facebook allows teenage users to post publicly on site
29 Underwater wi-fi given test run to create 'deep-sea internet'
30 Dexter payment card malware strikes South Africa
31 IBM reports a surprise fall in third quarter sales
32 Students 'worst' at e-book piracy, says data monitor
33 eBay's profit forecast falls short of estimates
34 Intel to delay Broadwell PC chip production
35 Google's balloons that could bring the internet to all
36 Sleep 'cleans' the brain of toxins
37 Blow to multiple human species idea
38 Blood test 'detects sepsis in hours'
39 Mexican man with Asperger's syndrome wins court battle
40 Estimate doubled for vCJD carriers in UK
41 Check for blood in urine, urges kidney cancer campaign
42 Pet dog Charlie 'can predict toddler's epileptic fit'
43 The growth of global immunisation
44 Resusci Anne and L'Inconnue: The Mona Lisa of the Seine
45 Draft abortion guidelines 'causing fear among NI health staff'
46 Laura Cannon blogs beauty tips for cancer patients
47 Humans dated ancient Denisovan relatives beyond the Wallace Line
48 Sleep keeps brain fit by clearing waste
49 Illuminating Earth's mysterious gamma ray flashes
50 'Missing' badgers: call for answers
51 Monkeys 'take turns in conversation'
52 Uganda seizes huge ivory shipment worth millions
53 Study: Just 227 tree species dominate Amazon landscape
54 Nepal mountain peak expansion bid stalls
55 The drugs derived from deadly poisons
56 The death of the French baguette?
57 Kenya attack: Westgate mall bodies 'probably gunmen'
58 Saudi Arabia turns down UN Security Council seat
59 MV Seaman Guard Ohio: India police arrest crew of US ship
60 Google shares hit $1,000 after strong earnings
61 Afghan Taliban attack Isaf convoy near Kabul compound
62 Lance Armstrong: The master storyteller
63 Syria crisis: Guide to armed and political opposition
64 China: Gadget users 'forgetting how to write'
65 El Salvador: Where women may be jailed for miscarrying
66 Cannabis cat on drugs run collared at Moldova jail
67 Piracy site IsoHunt to shut down and pay $110m
68 Larry Flynt: Don't execute man who shot me
69 Toyota to recall 885,000 vehicles
70 Pedestrian power to shape future cities
71 UN investigator presses US to publish drone attack data
72 Kenya's President Kenyatta 'excused most of ICC trial'
73 The CEOs of tomorrow: The changing face of leadership
74 'No notification' of Saudi Arabia snub--UN chief Ban
75 Ship trackers 'vulnerable to hacking,' experts warn
76 100 Women: Why tech needs a makeover to attract girls
77 LED light bulb 'li-fi' closer, say Chinese scientists
78 Myst creators seek cash for new game
79 Cognitive therapy study hope for hypochondria patients
80 Housework 'not strenuous enough' for exercise targets
81 Harvey Weinstein film Philomena 'to appeal against R rating'
82 Benghazi gunmen kill Libya commander Ahmed al-Barghathi
83 Silvio Berlusconi: Behind the bandana
84 The Fifth Estate: When biopic subjects strike back
85 Fossil may rewrite human evolutionary history
86 Skull discovery sheds light on human species
87 1.8M-year-old skull gives glimpse of our evolution
88 Scientists rethink humans' family tree
89 1,300-foot asteroid threatening to 'Blow Up Earth': The Truth
90 DNA links mysterious Yeti to ancient polar bear
91 Rediscovered Neanderthal Site on Island of Jersey
92 Kepler Spacecraft Finds First-Known Tilted Solar System
93 Gravitational Waves Reveal How Supermassive Black Holes Gain Weight
94 Mystery of Galaxy Evolution Revealed by Distant Cosmic Lens
95 Huge piece of Chelyabinsk meteorite recovered from lake in Central Russia
96 Chimps catch yawns from humans, study shows
97 Amazon Rain Forest Has 16,000 Tree Species, Common Amazonian Trees Now 'Have A Name'
98 Oarfish: 18ft. 'sea serpent' found off California coast
99 Feast your eyes on this gorgeous view of Saturn
100 Saber-toothed whale washes up on California's crowded Venice Beach
101 Red Bull Releases Incredible POV Video of 128,000-Foot Stratos Jump
102 Dolphin gives birth at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago
103 Diplodocus longus dinosaur for sale. Yes, really.
104 U.S. nuclear arms modernization plan misguided--scientists' group
105 How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses
106 This Ingenious Way to Build Bridges Will Fix Our Crumbling Infrastructure
107 The Internet Owes Its Sense of Humor to This Man
108 Conductive Ink Turns Paper Into Musical Instruments
109 One Line of Code That Changed the Web Forever
110 Sleep Empties the Brain's Dumpster
111 Sleep 'Detoxes' The Brain, New Research Suggests
112 Sleep Cleans Your Brain
113 A good night's sleep scrubs your brain clean, researchers find
114 Air pollution causes lung cancer, World Health Organization says
115 Pakistan polio outbreak puts global eradication at risk
116 Foods every breast cancer survivor should know about
117 More Women opting for Donor Egg Pregnancies
118 Yellow Fever Mosquitoes Turning up Around California
119 Feds Get Mendocino County to Turn over Medical Marijuana Records
120 Birther Superior Court Judge in San Diego Banished to Traffic Court
121 Children as young as 14 undergoing obesity surgery on NHS
122 Oreos as Addictive as Cocaine, Study Finds
123 Patient Interrupted: Shutdown Delayed Care for Mom With Cancer
124 Costco expands recall of Salmonella-tainted Foster Farms chicken
125 How shutdown affected daily life, from breakfast table to evening TV
126 Alimera, PSivida Plunge After Eye Drug Fails to Win Approval
127 Cover Oregon: health exchange workers will review eligibility manually until online enrollment is fixed
128 China Reports First Case Of Human H7N9 Infection Since August: WHO
129 With race ahead, Komen Dallas tries to rebound from 'Planned Parenthood situation'