File Title
1 Government Shutdown Closes Nation's Nuclear Labs
2 Weak Iron Explains Earth's Inner Core Speed Trap
3 Facts About Mendelevium
4 Eye Damage In Diabetes Could Stem From The Cells Used To See
5 Salmonella Outbreak: 5 Tips for Cooking Chicken Safely
6 University Hosts Wiki 'Edit-a-Thon' to Add Women in Science Entries
7 Why Do Cats Purr?
8 The Surprising Product Used to Attract Jaguars
9 Strong Power Plant Carbon Limits Are Critical for Climate (Op-Ed)
10 Seek and Destroy: Dismantling Syria's Chemical Weapon Stockpile (Op-Ed)
11 James Watson Biography: Co-Discoverer of DNA's Double Helix
12 Erin Brockovich: Carcinogens Still Plague California's Drinking Water (Op-Ed)
13 1.2 Million American Non-Jews Feel 'Jew-ish'
14 Ending China's Requirement for Animal Testing of Cosmetics (Op-Ed)
15 A Quiet Editorial Revolution Chooses Science Over Fiction (Op-Ed)
16 Eye Drops Could Treat Age-Related Macular Degeneration
17 Ozone Hole Over Antarctica Caused Southern Africa Warming
18 Possible Treatment for Marijuana Abuse Found
19 BPA Exposure Linked to Higher Rate of Miscarriage
20 The Secret to a Well-Behaved Child: Regular Bedtime
21 Invasive Mink Threatens South America's Largest Woodpecker
22 72-Year-Old Man Survives in Wilderness by Eating Squirrels
23 Government Shutdown: What Will Happen to Google's Quantum Computer?
24 Incredible Technology: How to Map a Lightning Strike
25 NASA Research Stalled By Government Shutdown
26 Handful of National Parks Reopen With State Funds
27 Debt Ceiling: How Much Is $16.699 Trillion?
28 Giant Amazon Fish Species Discovered
29 Young Apes Develop Empathy Like Human Kids
30 Broccoli Compound Could Prevent Radiation Sickness
31 Rare Blood-Engorged Mosquito Fossil Found
32 Touch-Sensitive Prosthetic Limbs Take Step Forward in Monkey Study
33 Air Pollution 'Fertilizer' Threatens National Parks
34 Super Cyclonic Storm Phailin: The Strongest Cyclone Ever in the North Indian Ocean Basin (Op-Ed)
35 Delaying Measles Vaccine May Increase Risk of Seizures
36 Government Shutdown Could Cost Defense Department Billions
37 What Is a Dry-Ice Bomb?
38 Scans Reveal Striking Similarity Between Human and Canine Minds (Op-Ed)
39 What Is MRSA?
40 Stranger than Fiction: Volcanic Eruption Creates Deadly Acid Lake
41 Hunt for Amelia Earhart's Plane Back On
42 Facts About Nobelium
43 Nobel Prize in Economics: 1969-Present
44 Elastic to Plastic: High-Energy Lasers Warp Copper--Permanently (Op-Ed)
45 How Does a Solar Racer Work?
46 Workout Supplement Contains Meth-Like Compound
47 Panda Miscarries at Edinburgh Zoo
48 Coral 'White Plague' Epidemic Could Be Caused by Virus
49 19 Weirdest Effects of the Government Shutdown
50 Recession Linked to Rise in Vasectomies, Study Suggests
51 How Earthworms Offset Their Carbon Emissions
52 Fish Armor Repels Vicious Piranha Bite
53 New Breast Cancer Gene Test Gives Patients More Options
54 Glowing Light Reveals Bacterial Infections in Implants
55 Rare Double Infection of Flesh-Eating Bacteria Puts Man in Coma
56 Sea Lampreys' Sexy Secret? Bile Salt
57 China Reports First Fall Case of H7N9 Bird Flu
58 US Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Obama's Climate Change Plan
59 What Caused the Deadly Philippines Earthquake?
60 ITER Fusion Reactor to Postpone Basic Physics Research
61 Human 'Mad Cow Disease': 1 in 2,000 Brits Carry Abnormal Protein
62 Giving Birth to New Insights into Brain Development and Disease (Op-Ed)
63 Hello World! Brain Develops Senses at Birth
64 Your Liver May Be 'Eating' Your Brain
65 18-Foot-Long Deep-Sea Creature Found off California
66 Nobel-Winning Physicist Peter Higgs to Retire Next Year
67 The Ultimate Iron Chef--When 3D Printers Invade the Kitchen (Op-Ed)
68 Climate Change Will Not Spare an Inch of Global Ocean, Study Finds
69 Yasser Arafat: The Dark History of Polonium
70 Shorter Days Flip Genetic Switch To Halt Hamster Mating
71 Famous Scotland Volcano Has Only One 'Heart'
72 Speak Up! Costa Rican Bats Use Leaves as Hearing Aids
73 Long Invisible, Research Shows Volcanic CO2 Levels Are Staggering (Op-Ed)
74 Why So Many Powerful Storms in the Pacific?
75 Dogs Follow the Friendliest, Not the Alpha (Op-Ed)
76 Contrary to Belief, Not Everyone Will Blindly Follow Orders (Op-Ed)
77 Olduvai Gorge: Oldest Evidence of Mankind's Evolution
78 New Study Tracks the Social Cost of Carbon (Op-Ed)
79 After Burning Man, Leaving No Trace (Op-Ed)
80 Turkey Fryers to Yard Fires, Burn Hazards Spike in Fall (Op-Ed)
81 King Herod's Tomb a Mystery Yet Again
82 Feline Vision: How Cats See the World
83 Cold Temperatures and Chili Peppers Help Burn Fat
84 Huge Chunk of Russia Meteorite Pulled from Lake
85 Retired NFL Players Show 'Pronounced' Brain Abnormalities
86 Mystery of Galaxy Evolution Revealed by Distant Cosmic Lens
87 Shutdown Over: Science Agencies Send Celebratory 'Back to Work' Tweets
88 The Yeti: Has a Geneticist Solved the Mystery?
89 'Catastrophic' Wildfires Hit Australia
90 Autism may have many 'lost girls'
91 Biggest star is ripping itself apart
92 Earliest nervous system found in fossil
93 Gloucestershire badger cull falls short of target
94 Air pollution causes cancer--WHO
95 Osborne agrees to China investing in UK nuclear plants
96 Big clawed fossil had spider-like brain
97 Supporters in new push for scaled back Antarctic reserve
98 Meteorite pulled from Russian lake
99 Just one in five children connected to nature, says study
100 Extreme weather can be the 'most important cause of poverty'
101 Nobel winner Prof. Peter Higgs plans to retire
102 Bee-friendly plants put to the test
103 Mysterious elephant wins photo prize
104 Rumination: The danger of dwelling
105 Why the chancellor wants China to invest in UK nuclear
106 Calorie burner: How much better is standing up than sitting?
107 Africa's wildlife in the raw
108 US government employees head back to work
109 Syria chemical weapons inspectors hail progress
110 Amnesty urges Iran to spare hanging survivor's life