File Title
1 CEO: Toyota's slice of US market is about right
2 Increased innovation and research capacities in security organisations
3 The future of 3-D printing
4 Laser thermal anneal to boost performance of 3-D memory devices
5 Ubisoft shares plunge 23% on 'Watch Dogs' game delay
6 Post-Fukushima, Asia still drives global nuclear growth
7 Council in Calif. city endorses Apple campus plan
8 New application for drug detection
9 Intermittence of wind energy hardly affects CO2 emissions in Spain
10 The Matterhorn like you've never seen it
11 Apple 'cuts orders with iPhone 5C assemblers'
12 MIT team shows system that tracks people through walls
13 Warner Music turns to YouTube tastemakers
14 Dude, where's my code?
15 Online upstarts rattling established industries
16 Low-income Georgia residents now will pay $5 a month for Lifeline phones
17 Software uses cyborg swarm to map unknown environs
18 Veeva Systems stock soars on debut
19 Warner Music turns to YouTube tastemakers
20 N/A
21 Online upstarts rattling established industries
22 Low-income Georgia residents now will pay $5 a month for Lifeline phones
23 Software uses cyborg swarm to map unknown environs
24 Veeva Systems stock soars on debut
25 Researchers discover cellular signals between pancreatic cancer tumors and saliva
26 Crystal mysteries spiral deeper, chemists find
27 Chinese team finds drinking Sprite might help prevent hangover
28 Karplus, Levitt, Warshel win Nobel chemistry prize for cyber experiments (Update 3)
29 New model gives better control of self-assembly processes
30 Spider's super-thin ribbons key to silk tech
31 Curve ball: New approaches, surprising results challenge fundamental principle of drug discovery
32 Culinary biomimicry
33 Mass-production of high-performance surfactants from non-edible biomass using yeast
34 Battle of the blood clots: Tailored glycopolymers as anticoagulant heparin mimetics
35 Building better molecules for bendable electronics
36 Turning vapors into foam-like polymer coatings
37 Researchers find rust can power up artificial photosynthesis
38 Researchers 'fish new pond' for antibiotics
39 Football-shaped particles bolster the body's defense against cancer
40 The chemistry of color: Energy researcher develops dye-based solar cells
41 Adhesion at 180,000 frames per second
42 Power from the sea? Triboelectric nanogenerator extracts energy from ocean waves
43 Making low-fat cheese taste better
44 Chemist devises optical imaging technique to unlock the mystery of memory
45 Air, water and sun: The ingredients of 'green gasoline'
46 How tiny organisms make a big impact on clean water
47 New 'click' reaction: Chemistry applicable to living organisms
48 Predicting health risks of everyday chemicals
49 Maximizing broccoli's cancer-fighting potential
50 Battle scarred ant antennae can't tell friend from foe
51 Mammalian body cells lack ancient viral defense mechanism
52 New study shows use of tools supports learning in nonhuman species
53 Tiger cub born at London zoo drowns
54 Zimbabwe elephant poisoning toll reaches 100
55 Amazon fish has super-shield against piranhas
56 Critical consumers do often buy genetically modified food
57 Unearthed: A treasure trove of jewel-like beetles
58 World Food Prize takes on biotech, global warming
59 Adding citrus fiber to meatballs improves nutritional quality, does not affect taste
60 Five-meter sea creature found off California coast
61 The inheritance of the primary cilium and the soul of the cell
62 Kangaroo checks in to Australian Airport
63 Microbiome meets big social science: What's the potential?
64 Misinterpretation of study: Anxious cat owners can carry on stroking their four-legged friends without worry
65 Flightless falcons remain a mystery
66 Kenya to microchip all rhinos' horns to beat poachers
67 Antioxidants are essential for bird embryo growth
68 Bad news for fake pearls
69 Tracking viral DNA in the cell
70 Researchers find bats use curled leaves for sound amplification
71 Birds on repeat: Do playbacks hurt fowl?
72 Cuckoos impersonate hawks by matching their 'outfits'
73 I'm singing in the rainforest: Researchers find striking similarities between bird song and human music
74 Using animal behavior data to better inform mathematical models of animal movements
75 When time has a will of its own, powerless consumers don't have the will to wait
76 How do consumers create markets? The case of the minimoto
77 Women leave their handprints on the cave wall
78 Is mom's favorite child always the same?
79 US shutdown means one sad tale after another for scientists
80 New analysis of US elementary school mathematics finds half-century of problematic 'strands' structure
81 Why do discounts backfire when you make consumers wait?
82 VIP loyalty programs: Consumers prefer awards they can share
83 How do consumers see a product when they hear music?
84 Investing in our future: The evidence base on preschool education
85 Mixed result on sustainability reporting, but ASX proposes greater disclosure
86 3Q: Fiction's role in emotional development
87 What is the difference between 'lie,' 'deceive' and 'mislead'?
88 How you name it matters: 'Gambling' vs. 'gaming'
89 Low-wage fast-food jobs leave hefty tax bill, report says
90 Telling consumers about 'green' credentials can backfire
91 Misty the diplodocus skeleton to go on sale in Britain
92 Economists explore 'loca-pouring' of wines
93 Recession's after-effects could lead to cheating and workplace theft suggests new study
94 Ancient Syrians favored buying local to outsourcing production
95 Wari, predecessors of the Inca, used restraint to reshape human landscape
96 Poor rural youth in Haiti are rich in family ties, rooted in their own culture
97 UD researcher gets to the root of why women leave STEM fields
98 Sinking teeth into the evolutionary origin of our skeleton
99 Extinct 'mega claw' creature had spider-like brain 520 million years ago
100 How much of a man are you? Being online can change that
101 N/A
102 Resveratrol could help treat multiple types of cancer, study finds
103 Genes predispose some people to focus on the negative
104 Compound derived from vegetables shields rodents from lethal radiation doses
105 What's in a face? Researchers find patterns of neural activity in brain region that plays role in recognizing traits
106 Kids of single moms who later marry reap few benefits
107 Finding solution to the 'Jane Austen problem': Kissing helps us find the right partner--and keep them
108 Can thermodynamics help us better understand human cancers?
109 Psychologist claims study shows people can see in 3D with just one eye
110 Drug could stop marijuana cravings
111 Brief memory test 'ages' older adults
112 Small bits of genetic material fight cancer's spread
113 Did recession lead to increase in vasectomies?
114 Variant of club drug 'K' might have new life as antidepressant
115 Restoring surgeons' sense of touch during minimally invasive surgeries
116 St. Jude Medical gets European approval for first wireless pacemaker
117 Method of recording brain activity could lead to mind-reading devices
118 Team takes first step toward macular dystrophy gene therapy
119 Some mind-body therapies may reduce effects of functional bowel disorders
120 Blood test shows promise for cancer detection, study finds
121 Study reveals brain connections for introspection
122 Low-voiced men love 'em and leave 'em, yet still attract more women, study says
123 When neurons have less to say, they speak up
124 Glowing neurons reveal networked link between brain, whiskers
125 'Individualized' therapy for the brain targets specific gene mutations causing dementia and ALS
126 Study shows how Staph toxin disarms the immune system
127 Rare gene mutation sheds light on protein's role in brain development
128 Genetic errors identified in 12 major cancer types
129 Schizophrenia linked to abnormal brain waves
130 Surprising study shows that brains process the pain of villains more than the pain of people we like