File Title
1 Theory of Earth's special place in the universe proven unfounded
2 Life, but not as we know it
3 Aki Roberge--Looking for Life In All the Right Places
4 Finding alien worlds on Earth
5 LSU Researchers Discover How Microbes Survive in Freezing Conditions
6 Methane seeps of the deep sea: A bacteria feast for lithodid crabs
7 Search for alien life more complicated than thought, scientists say
8 Rensselaer Researchers Propose New Theory To Explain Seeds of Life in Asteroids
9 The Harshest Habitats on Earth
10 UEA scientists reveal Earth's habitable lifetime and investigate potential for alien life
11 Experiment confirms life may have come to Earth from outer space
12 From One Collapsing Star, Two Black Holes Form and Fuse
13 Another black hole in a star cluster
14 Unique Chemical Composition Surrounding Supermassive Black Hole
15 A Glimpse of the Violent Past of Milky Way's Giant Black Hole
16 Fat Black Holes Grown up in Cities: "Observational" result using Virtual Observatory
17 ALMA probes mysteries of jets from giant black holes
18 Gravitational waves help understand black-hole weight gain
19 Do black holes have hair
20 BRRISON Lifts Off To Study Comet ISON
21 Is the 'Christmas Comet' cracking up?
22 Wind Tunnel Testing Used to Understand the Unsteady Side of Aerodynamics
23 NASA and Sweden to test High Performance Green Propulsion technology
24 Russia Mulls Development of New Super-Heavy Carrier Rocket
25 Mythbusting India's Mars Mission
26 Mars Mission: India's Tryst with the Red Planet
27 Moon mission yields clues to face of 'man in the moon'
28 Shanghai-built lunar rover set for lunar landing
29 Crowdfunded Lunar Spacecraft Reaches Funding Milestone
30 Six-tailed asteroid stuns scientists
31 It's Complicated: Dawn Spurs Rewrite of Vesta's Story
32 Dawn Enjoying Smooth Travels Deep In The Main Asteroid Belt
33 Another hazardous asteroid to dart close to Earth in 2065
34 Space cannon ready: Japan to shoot asteroid for samples in 2014 mission
35 Spacecraft images of asteroid reinforce telescope observations
36 Telescopes Large and Small Team Up to Study Triple Asteroid 87 Sylvia
37 Watery asteroid discovered in dying star points to habitable exoplanets
38 Asteroid near-miss reported by Russian scientists
39 Dawn Reality-Checks Telescope Studies of Asteroids
40 Dawn Marks Six Years In Space
41 NASA Highlights Asteroid Grand Challenge at World Maker Faire
42 Take a Virtual, High-Resolution Tour of Vesta
43 NASA Technologists Embrace Laser Instrument Challenge
44 Historic Demonstration Proves Laser Communication Possible
45 NIST measures laser power with portable scale
46 NASA Laser Communication System Sets Record with Data Transmissions to and from Moon
47 Ultraviolet light to the extreme
48 Bright, laser-based lighting devices
49 Green photon beams more agile than optical tweezers
50 First laser-like X-ray light from a solid
51 Boeing Thin Disk Laser Exceeds Performance Requirements During Testing
52 Bubbles are the new lenses for nanoscale light beams
53 NASA Pursues New Geodesy Application for Emerging Atom-Optics Technology
54 Gravitational waves "know" how black holes grow
55 High Energy Prairie View A and M Interns Collaborate with NASA Goddard on Radiation Effects Research
56 Northwestern Researchers Develop Compact, High-Power Terahertz Source at Room Temperature
57 Toxicologist says NAS panel 'misled the world' when adopting radiation exposure guidelines
58 Discovery could lead to end of sunburn pain
59 Thyroid cancer risk for 2,000 Fukushima workers: TEPCO
60 New Video Shows Arrival of Webb Telescope 'Super-eye' at NASA
61 UCSB professor develops cutting-edge detector technology for astronomical observations
62 Robots to help elderly or paint nails at Tokyo expo
63 The Secret's in the (Robotic) Stroke
64 US unveils bionic man with 'Russian intellect'
65 Michigan Tech Researchers Developing an Artificial Leg with a Natural Gait
66 Robot challenge: unload a spacecraft
67 Research aims at prosthetic arms with natural-like touch
68 Northrop Grumman's CaMEL to Participate in Robotic Armed Live Fire Demo
69 Putting a face on a robot
70 People prefer different robot faces depending on task assigned
71 Robots take over
72 A swarm on every desktop: Robotics experts learn from public
73 European researchers envision wearable exoskeleton for factory workers
74 Ultra-fast trading robots can send markets out of control
75 Japan's robo-astronaut takes 'one small step...'
76 Brain interface allows researcher to control another's hand movements
77 Computer scientists envision computer chip working like a human brain
78 Surprising Recent Discoveries of Three Large Near-Earth Objects
79 Astronomers Establish the Strength of High-Inclination Asteroids
80 NASA Selects Research Teams for New Virtual Institute
81 NASA's Orion Spacecraft Comes to Life
82 UCF Lands NASA-Funded Center, Linchpin for Future Space Missions
83 Multiple Missions Will Get China Moving On Mars
84 NASA Wants Investigations for a Mars 2020 Rover
85 Upgrade to Mars rovers could aid discovery on more distant worlds
86 New technology could make for smarter planet rovers
87 Science Team Outlines Goals for NASA's 2020 Mars Rover
88 Compact atomic clock design uses cold atoms to boost precision
89 How pigeons may smell their way home
90 Chelyabinsk asteroid measured 12,000 tons
91 Chelyabinsk meteorite fragment weighing almost 600 kg lifted from Lake Chebarkul
92 First study of Russian meteor
93 Climate change scientists must turn their attention to clean skies
94 Chinese city blanketed in heavy pollution
95 Vast majority of EU city dwellers breathe air below UN norms
96 How the detergent of the atmosphere is regenerated
97 Israel drone manufacturing booms
98 Commercial unmanned aircraft market may be worth $10 billion
99 Pakistani family recounts drone terror in visit to US
100 NASA Kepler Results Usher in a New Era of Astronomy
101 The biggest mass extinction and Pangea integration
102 Tell-tale toes point to oldest-known fossil bird tracks from Australia
103 Scientists solve mystery of odd patterns of oxygen in solar system's earliest rocks
104 Lots of oxygen does not necessarily lead to the evolution of advanced life
105 Evolution is not a one-way road towards complexity
106 Climate puzzle over origins of life on Earth
107 Aluminum alloy can store hydrogen, could be fuel cell material
108 Corvus Energy's lithium energy storage system is the world's first to be type--approved by DNV GL
109 Futuristic copper foam batteries get more bang for the buck
110 Why lithium-ion-batteries fail
111 California approves energy storage goal
112 Al Gore's London headquarters part of 'green' development
113 Improving Lithium-Ion Batteries with Nanoscale Research Between UC San Diego and The National Labs
114 Breakthrough in study of aluminum should yield new technological advances
115 A noble yet simple way to synthesize new metal-free electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
116 A thermoelectric materials emulator
117 Unique chemistry in hydrogen catalysts
118 Seeing in the dark