File Title
1 Birds decide when to call and not to call
2 Behavioural problems linked to bedtimes
3 Australia Antarctic mission focuses on penguin poo, warming
4 Spinach and nanodiamonds?
5 Great potential for faster diagnoses with new nano-method
6 Graphene-based discs ensure safe storage
7 Researchers apply transmission electron microscopy through unique graphene liquid cell (w/ Video)
8 Laying down a discerning membrane
9 'Tense' graphene joins forces with gold nano-antennas
10 Guinness World Record for discovery of the thinnest glass
11 Cells prefer nanodiscs over nanorods
12 'White graphene' halts rust in high temps
13 New microfluidic approach for the directed assembly of functional materials
14 Major leap towards graphene for solar cells: Graphene retains its properties even when coated with silicon
15 Folding batteries increases their areal energy density by up to 14 times
16 Nanoparticles: A simpler route to hollow carbon spheres
17 A tiny, time-released treatment
18 Carbon's new champion: Theorists calculate atom-thick carbyne chains may be strongest material ever
19 Future phones and laptops could have speakers made of carbon nanotubes
20 University of Houston nanotech company wins Goradia Innovation Prize
21 Direct 'writing' of artificial cell membranes on graphene
22 Mix of graphene nanoribbons, polymer has potential for cars, soda, beer
23 Scientists create a super antioxidant: Common catalyst cerium oxide opens door to nanochemistry for medicine
24 The infinitely small tackles counterfeiting
25 Microscopic graphene flakes isolated in 2010--now worldwide research looks for practical applications
26 Gold-plated nano-bits find, destroy cancer cells
27 Defining the graphene family tree
28 Simple urine test uses nanotechnology to detect dangerous blood clotting
29 Scientists take a quieter step closer to first practical quantum computer
30 Evidence for a new nuclear 'magic number'
31 Squeezing in the micro-domain
32 Researchers discover new form of 12-sided quasicrystal
33 Researchers devise a means to observe single quantum trajectory of superconducting quantum bit
34 Elastic to plastic: High-energy lasers warp copper--permanently
35 Bending world's thinnest glass shows atoms' dance for first time (w/ Video)
36 Laser technique enables 3-D analysis, natural color images
37 'Nanoimprinting' technique makes it possible to fabricate visible-light-bending metamaterials at unprecedented scales
38 The power of one: Single photons illuminate quantum technology
39 Charged particles can be accelerated using light, leading the way for more compact particle accelerators
40 Uniformity: The secret of better fusion ignition
41 New material gives visible light an infinite wavelength
42 Better understanding of the movements of C.elegans worm will make a big difference in biomedical research
43 New topological insulator materials may speed future semiconductor chips
44 World record: Wireless data transmission at 100 Gbit/s
45 An optical switch based on a single nano-diamond
46 How Earth's rotation affects vortices in nature
47 Newly discovered mechanism propels micromotors
48 Nobel winner Higgs plans to retire next year
49 Size matters in the giant magnetoresistance effect in semiconductors
50 Zoomable holograms pave the way for versatile, portable projectors
51 Quantum particles find safety in numbers
52 Scientists develop heat-resistant materials that could vastly improve solar cell efficiency
53 ITER panel votes to postpone non-vital physics work
54 Reexamination of Allende meteorite reveals isotopic evidence of supernova
55 Australia Antarctic mission focuses on penguin poo, warming
56 Vast majority of EU city dwellers breathe air below UN norms
57 Astronomers stress need for characterizing population of nearby potential Earth-impactors
58 US high court will review global warming rules (Update)
59 Urban soil quality and compost
60 New evidence on lightning strikes: Mountains a lot less stable than we think
61 Climate change creates complicated consequences for North America's forests
62 2013 Ocean Health Index shows food provision remains an area of great concern
63 Anger over German stance on auto CO2 emissions
64 World ocean systems undermined by climate change by 2100
65 Astronomer George Herbig dies at age 93
66 Australia, US, France urge Antarctic protected areas
67 US shutdown threatens hopes for Antarctic reserve
68 Forging links between climate change scientists and policymakers
69 Herbicide runoff reduced to Great Barrier Reef
70 Recycled drinking water must be considered, report says
71 New study suggests earthworms sequester more CO2 than they release
72 Climate change plays 'Russian roulette' with the world's oceans
73 ALMA probes mysteries of jets from giant black holes
74 Solar eruption could help Earth prepare for technology melt-down
75 Russia pulls huge 'Chelyabinsk meteor chunk' from lake (Update)
76 Carbon cycle models underestimate indirect role of animals
77 Engine technology on the road to meeting emissions standards
78 How the largest star known is tearing itself apart
79 Nintendo to stop making Wii console for Japan market
80 Review: New Kindle good contender for Amazon users
81 Review: Samsung Galaxy Mega proves bigger isn't always better
82 Surprisingly simple scheme for self-assembling robots
83 Nest Labs tries to smarten up smoke detectors
84 Apple planning iPad news, report says
85 Google unveils $279 Chrome laptop made by HP
86 Boston Dynamics: Atlas shows balance; WildCat sprints untethered (w/ Video)
87 Review: $279 Chromebook good as secondary computer
88 Nest hopes to reinvent smoke alarms as it did the thermostat
89 Galaxy Round: Samsung to debut smartphone with curved display
90 Robots to the rescue: Conference showcases new machines designed to improve everyday life
91 Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet offers PC-like multitasking
92 New gadget frees mobile TV from blocky attachment
93 World's first curved smartphone hits South Korea market (Update)
94 HTC offers larger phone, with fingerprint sensor
95 Review: Sonos Play:1 packs big sound in small unit
96 Taiwan's struggling HTC aims latest 'phablet' phone at China
97 Casio marries ink stamps and technology
98 Apple sends event invites amid rumors of iPad update
99 Sony's $200 smartwatch works with Android phones
100 Exaggerated gait allows limbless R2G2 robot to move quickly in confined spaces, rough terrain (w/ Video)
101 Review: Button location sets LG's G2 apart
102 If the tech fits, wear it
103 Sell, trade, recycle: Plenty of ways to dispose of old phones
104 Twitter to list on NYSE (Update)
105 Verizon launches same-day delivery of new phones
106 California alternative-energy program is under scrutiny
107 Google to add user recommendations to advertising
108 Earnings preview: eBay 3Q profit, sales seen up
109 Twitter's losses mount ahead of IPO
110 Need motivation? There's an app or gadget for that