File Title
1 Women working in Head Start programs report poor physical and mental health
2 U.S. policy should encourage highly skilled, foreign Ph.D. students to stay, CU-led study finds
3 Percutaneous repair of valve leaks: A new treatment for patients at high risk of cardiac surgery
4 LSUHSC simulation or team training improves performance & patient safety
5 Problem of gender differences on physics assessments remains unsolved
6 Segregation in American schools still problematic, despite best efforts
7 Studies show wide support for school-based health centers
8 Overhaul of medical education to address primary care physician shortage recommended by national panel
9 Researchers Unmask Centuries-old Elephant Imposter
10 Designing an acoustic diode
11 Quantum 'sealed envelope' system enables 'perfectly secure' information storage
12 Gravity and the robot satellite attitude problem
13 Machines learn to detect breast cancer
14 Creatures of influence
15 Stanford researchers surprised to find how neural circuits identify information needed for decisions
16 Getting to grips with seizure prediction
17 New Method Predicts Time from Alzheimer's Onset to Nursing Home, Death
18 Defining allergy fact from fiction
19 Kidney Week 2013: New approaches to assessing and protecting kidney health
20 Common genetic pathway could be conduit to pediatric tumor treatment
21 Alcohol ads reaching too many young people in TV markets across the United States
22 Study finds that Americans want doctors' guidance on genetic test results
23 Obesity May Limit Overall Function Two Years after Shoulder Replacement Surgery
24 Online Course Improves Physicians Skill Level for Detecting Skin Cancer
25 Oxygen levels in tumors affect response to treatment
26 Alcohol-related aggression: Social and neurobiological factors
27 IU study: Leadership void, not lack of money, slows efforts to address cervical cancer
28 DoD, CIA required military MDs to breach ethics in dealing with detainees: New Report
29 Computer model anticipates crime hot spots
30 The Nagoya Protocol and Synthetic Biology Research: A Look at the Potential Impacts
31 Press Release: Carnegie Mellon Study Suggests Repetition of Rare Events Could Reduce Screening Mistakes by Security Officers
32 Hot-air balloon rides--researchers advise, proceed with caution
33 Muggings more than double in London after dark
34 Ethical Research With Minorities
35 Crime associated with higher mortality rates
36 New report calls for sustained public endorsement and funding for human stem cell research
37 Elsevier's Maturitas publishes position statement on fertility preservation
38 Georgia Tech Develops Inkjet-Based Circuits at Fraction of Time and Cost
39 Researchers and clinicians unite to answer what will it take to achieve an AIDS-free world?
40 Preparing for hell and high water
41 Speaking a second language may delay different dementias
42 Conversations between lovers about STIs are important in theory but difficult in bed
43 New research shows tea may help promote weight loss, improve heart health and slow progression of prostate cancer
44 CWRU study finds mending ruptures in client-therapist relationship during PTSD treatment has positive benefits
45 Mothers' Relationships Can Influence Adolescent Children's Relationships, MU Study Finds
46 Addicts May Be Seeking Relief from Emotional Lows More than Euphoric Highs
47 Social symptoms in autistic children may be caused by hyper-connected neurons
48 New study assesses injuries seen in the emergency department to children of teenage parents
49 HPV can damage genes and chromosomes directly, whole-genome sequencing study shows
50 New study shows trustworthy people are perceived to look similar to ourselves
51 Grandiose narcissism reflects U.S. presidents' bright and dark sides
52 Babies named for fathers but not mothers reflect US cultural ideologies
53 Anxiety help comes, eventually, via primary care
54 Astronomers answer key question: How common are habitable planets?
55 UCSB professor develops cutting-edge detector technology for astronomical observations
56 MSU-led research finds another black hole in a star cluster
57 Study: Catholic schools not superior to public schools
58 Can food production increase without disease risk?
59 Mighty mouse uses scorpion venom as painkiller
60 From One Collapsing Star, Two Black Holes Form and Fuse
61 Sun Sends Out a Significant Solar Flare
62 Dartmouth researchers shed new light on dark energy, cosmic speed-up
63 'Freakish' asteroid discovered, resembles rotating lawn sprinkler
64 Monkeys use minds to move 2 virtual arms
65 Study uncovers new explanation for infection susceptibility in newborns
66 Updating building energy codes: How much can your state save?
67 Not just a pretty face: Bodies provide important cues for recognizing people
68 Carnegie Mellon researchers use inkblots to improve security of online passwords
69 The Tao of pee
70 Cost-effective method accurately orders DNA sequencing along entire chromosomes
71 Wireless device converts 'lost' energy into electric power
72 Strange six-tailed asteroid dumbfounds scientists
73 Survey shows scientists are working overtime
74 Freak space rock spins dusty trail
75 Isles of Scilly rat eradication to 'save seabirds' begins
76 India Mars probe makes first engine burn
77 Fukushima nuclear plant set for risky operation
78 US moves to ban trans fats in foods
79 Fossil fuel subsidies 'reckless use of public funds'
80 Massive DNA volunteer hunt begins
81 Sochi Olympic torch reaches space station
82 Volcanic obsidian lava flows for a year
83 Wavering on UK climate policy 'not justified'
84 Predatory 'king of gore' dinosaur discovered
85 Chelyabinsk meteor: Space rock hit-rate 'underestimated'
86 Concentrations of warming gases break record
87 New ligament discovered in knee, Belgian surgeons say
88 Physicists probe urination 'splashback' problem
89 Evolution pioneer honoured by statue and new wasp genus
90 Culling badgers? Call the 'paras'
91 Trending: The battle over bullfighting in Colombia
92 How the Mars mission helps India
93 A blank canvas for Vancouver
94 John Kerry says no Iran nuclear deal yet
95 US job creation stronger in October
96 Monster storm roars into Philippines
97 Palestinian officials: Israel only suspect in Arafat death
98 Anti-Semitism 'on the rise' say Europe's Jews
99 Kristallnacht 75 years on: How strong is anti-Semitism in Germany?
100 Which would you rather visit--a fake tomb or a real one?
101 Saudi nuclear weapons 'on order' from Pakistan
102 Amazon e-book offer riles independent bookshop owners
103 Tesla shares are hit by a fire involving the Model S
104 Japanese lawmaker reprimanded for approaching emperor
105 'Lover Spy' hacker makes FBI 'most wanted' list
106 Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in video murder rant
107 The cars we'll be driving in the world of 2050
108 Obama apologises for 'holes and gaps' in health law
109 Marine guilty of Afghanistan murder
110 Spain to release nine Eta militants after court move
111 Why China's Third Plenum matters
112 Spark a fire: Motivate procrastinators and introverts
113 Death of a salesman?
114 Master the art of global email etiquette
115 Ghana's Victoria Hammah sacked over $1m claim
116 Europe at 'polio risk' from Syria
117 US loses UNESCO voting rights after failing to pay its dues
118 Major Bitcoin theft from website, claims owner
119 Wedding tech: Ideas for a 21st Century ceremony
120 Are the days of free content on the net numbered?
121 'Anonymous' hacks Singapore Prime Minister's website
122 Instagram blocks some drugs advert
123 Analysis reveals popular Adobe passwords
124 Spinal cord injury: Prosthetic bladder 'controls urine'
125 Autism signs 'present in first months' of life
126 Depression: 'Second biggest cause of disability' in world
127 Car deaths in England and Wales 'down 40% in 50 years'
128 IVF success affected by ethnicity, study suggests
129 Financial crisis hits happiness levels
130 Childhood music lessons 'leave lasting brain boost'
131 Prostate cancer aggression test 'may avoid needless ops'
132 Sperm holograms could help fight malaria, Edinburgh scientists find
133 Women 'more prone to breathlessness'
134 Males more likely to be 'fat and 40'
135 Face, get back to work!
136 Yemen police 'stop child's wedding'
137 Lampedusa boat tragedy: Migrants 'raped and tortured'