File Title
1 Giant toothed platypus roamed Australia
2 Milky Way may contain billions of Earth-like planets
3 Bees avoid hard choices to cut their losses
4 Gigayear data disc could outlast humans
5 Concerns ADHD definition fuelling medication increase
6 Plan for planet-hunter to refocus on black holes, exploding stars
7 Stressed snails become forgetful
8 'King of gore' T. rex's oldest known cousin
9 Researchers find HIV's 'invisibility cloak'
10 Animal welfare scientists reveal infrequent and inconsistent acceptance of existing data by EPA to satisfy endocrine disruptor testing requirements
11 Life, but not as we know it
12 Crafting a better enzyme cocktail to turn plants into fuel faster
13 Assessing impact of noise from offshore wind farm construction may help protect marine mammals
14 We'll rise or fall on the quality of our soil
15 Dolphin genetic study provides revelations
16 Special issue of ESA Frontiers assesses the impacts of climate change on people and ecosystems, and strategies for adaptation
17 Endometriosis risk linked to 2 pesticides
18 Mutual benefits: Stressed-out trees boost sugary rewards to ant defenders
19 Carbon storage recovers faster than plant biodiversity in re-growing tropical forests
20 VC predicts the motion of the ocean
21 Global map provides new insights into land use
22 Most nations lack means to assess biodiversity, key ecosystem services and their value: Experts
23 Floods didn't provide nitrogen 'fix' for earliest crops in frigid north
24 Stress makes snails forgetful
25 Drilling for hydrocarbons can impact aquatic life
26 Cocktail novelties inspired by nature's designs
27 Clean Air Act has led to improved water quality in the Chesapeake Bay watershed
28 'Tearless' onions could help in the fight against cardiovascular disease, weight gain
29 How Food Order in Buffet Lines Biases Food Selection
30 Saddling up against the threat to our National Parks
31 Changes to fisheries legislation have removed habitat protection for most fish species in Canada
32 One of the oldest cases of tuberculosis is discovered
33 A sauropod walks into a bar. 'Why the long neck?'
34 Genetic Study Proves Israel's Wild Boars Originated in Europe
35 Gas injection probably triggered small earthquakes near Snyder, Texas
36 As world sets new development goals, Malaysia calls for poverty relief within green agenda
37 The oldest ice core--Finding a 1.5 million-year record of Earth's climate
38 Emissions pricing revenues could overcompensate profit losses of fossil fuel owners
39 Hurricane Sandy's impact measured by millions of Flickr pictures
40 How pigeons may smell their way home
41 Climate change scientists must turn their attention to clean skies
42 Volcanic rock probe helps unlock mysteries of how Earth formed
43 Burning biomass pellets instead of wood or plants in China could lower mercury emissions
44 If a tree falls in Brazil...? Amazon deforestation could mean droughts for western U.S.
45 U of M scientists solve major piece in the origin of biological complexity
46 Fountain-of-youth gene repairs tissue damage in adults
47 3 'hands on' nutrition classes--Enough to impact health behaviors in lower income women
48 Do food blogs serve as a source of nutritionally balanced recipes?
49 USC study identifies mechanism that makes ordinary stem cells create tumors
50 Tricking algae's biological clock boosts production of drugs, biofuels
51 Mayo Clinic researchers identify role of Cul4 molecule in genome instability and cancer
52 Breakthrough discoveries on cellular regeneration seek to turn back the body's clock
53 Human muscle stem cell therapy gets help from zebrafish
54 Tree nut consumption associated with reduced risk of pancreatic cancer in women
55 UCSF scientist asks, did inefficient cellular machinery evolve to fight viruses and jumping genes?
56 Why stem cells need to stick with their friends
57 Nanoparticles can overcome drug resistance in breast cancer cells
58 Research shows that the more chocolate you eat, the lower your body fat level is
59 Clotting protein hardens aging hearts
60 Researchers build muscle in diseased mice; create human muscle cells in a dish
61 A bio patch that can regrow bone
62 Researchers regrow hair, cartilage, bone, soft tissues
63 Calcium and vitamin D improve bone density in patients taking antiepileptic drugs
64 Blocking the active site of thiolase
65 Vitamin C could ease muscle fatigue in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients
66 1 worm, 2 mouths
67 Crown of Venezuelan paramos: A new species from the daisy family, Coespeletia palustris
68 For obese teen girls, aerobic exercise may trump resistance training in health benefits
69 20% of nation's GME funds go to New York while 29 states get less than 1%, study says
70 UCSF researchers offer solutions to looming health-care provider shortage
71 Bad boys: Research predicts whether boys will grow out of it--or not
72 Study: Higher rates of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stroke found in food desert
73 Japanese superfood prevents flu infection
74 Learning About Kyoto: Kyotsukemono
75 Japanese Superfood Prevents Flu Infection
76 Traditional Japanese Superfood Wards off Flu Virus
77 Japanese Turnip Pickle has Flu-Preventing Bacteria
78 Holograms offer hope in fight against malaria, study suggests
79 Calculating the risk: child sexual assault
80 Lower education levels linked to unhealthy diets
81 'Path to 2025' Alzheimer's Disease Summit: Reforms Urgently Needed to Streamline Road to Alzheimer's Prevention and Treatment as Global Prevalence is Set to Triple
82 'Don't get sick in July'
83 Educational video games can boost motivation to learn, NYU, CUNY study shows
84 School violence lowers test scores, not grades
85 Please Feed Me: The Power of Putting a Human Face on Social Causes
86 Living through war leads to in-group solidarity
87 Horrors of war harden group bonds
88 Hartz IV reform did not reduce unemployment in Germany
89 Health benefits of wild blueberries abound: Study
90 RNA controls splicing during gene expression, further evidence of 'RNA world' origin in modern life
91 Big beats bolster solar cell efficiency
92 Genetic aberration paves the way for new treatment of cancer disease
93 For young players, light bats don't hit too fast
94 NIST's new compact atomic clock design uses cold atoms to boost precision
95 Perfect faults: A self-correcting crystal may unleash the next generation of advanced communications
96 Three-dimensional carbon goes metallic
97 Research reveals possible cause of diabetic cardiomyopathy
98 Osteoarthritis medicine delivered on-demand
99 Lawrence Livermore researchers unveil carbon nanotube jungles to better detect molecules
100 German-Finnish research team succeeds in organizing programmed nanoparticles into highly complex nanostructures
101 When is a comet not a comet?
102 Potential for added medical benefits uncovered for widely used breast cancer drug
103 Clay may have been birthplace of life, new study suggests
104 X-rays reveal inner structure of the Earth's ancient magma ocean
105 Newly discovered predatory dinosaur 'king of gore' reveals the origins of T. rex
106 First study of Russian meteor
107 The presence of human settlements has a negative impact on tiger connectivity
108 Earliest record of copulating insects discovered
109 Volume of nuclear waste could be reduced by 90%, says new research
110 UC's SmartLight More Than a Bright Idea, It's a Revolution in Interior Lighting Ready to Shine