File Title
1 Baby Girl Born in 'Good Health' After Mother 'Brutally Attacked'
2 LAX Suspect Paul Ciancia Charged, Could Face Death Penalty--but Is Wounded and Unresponsive
3 More NSA Leakers Followed Snowden's Footsteps, Whistleblower Lawyer Says
4 How Denmark Saved Its Jews From the Nazis
5 WH Senior Adviser: First Healthcare Enrollment Numbers Won't be What We Want Them To Be
6 LAX shooting of TSA agent points up gaps in post-9/11 security
7 Fewer men are paying for sex, survey suggests
8 Along an Arizona highway, dust storms are a deadly part of life
9 Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter Remembered at Colorado Funeral
10 Necropsy set for beached whale off Madeira
11 Fourth ATV mission ends in fireball over Pacific Ocean
12 28 solar flares in the last seven days, and more may be coming
13 Airbus calls on airline industry to stop the seat squeeze
14 Beached whale: Internet mourns Oregon man who dynamited dead whale in 1970
15 German Law: Parents of Intersex Kids Can Pick 'Gender Undetermined'
16 Germany to allow third gender designation on birth certificates
17 Germans Get a New Third Gender Option at Birth
18 Germany becomes first country to allow parents to register the gender of their babies as 'indeterminate sex'
19 U.S. preterm birth rate falls again but remains high
20 West Orange men shave, grow moustaches to 'change the face' of men's health for 'Movember'
21 4,000-pound, World War II bomb forces mass evacuation in Germany
22 Accused LAX shooter Paul Ciancia an unknown in his hometown
23 The rise of secessionist movements
24 West Point hosts first wedding between 2 men
25 Toronto Mayor Rob Ford defends himself against crack-smoking accusations
26 New pill could solve Missouri's meth problem
27 Popular Egyptian TV satirist pulled off the air
28 Obamacare enrollments got off to very slow start, documents show
29 Kan. prisoners get the granny treatment
30 State analysts noted care center crisis, left
31 Infants Identify Lullaby Played to Them While in Womb
32 Are cheap pet medications safe to buy?
33 Lay's expected to announce chocolate covered potato chips
34 Wild science: Breakthroughs in animal health care may hold treatments for humans
35 Syria polio outbreak a heartbreaking setback in struggle against merciless virus
36 COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS: A community without masks
37 Mexico to keep pumping Pemex for tax money despite promised reforms
38 Close-up of virus could ease HIV vaccine research
39 Group asks judge to halt ban on telemed abortions
40 US Malaria Cases Reach 40-Year High
41 Jon Huntsman Sr.'s Early Calling to Philanthropy
42 Study Says Even If A Guy Texts You A Lot, That Doesn't Mean He's In Love With You
43 14 pound J.J. possibly the biggest baby of U.S. for this year
44 Marcy Lynn Scott, 42: "A hero in the racing community"
45 FDA approves breakthrough Genentech leukemia drug
46 Dental tourism could save you big money
47 Mexican senate: Tax on high-calorie food could bite into obesity problem
48 Spice rack beware, your seasonings may contain bugs and bat hair
49 and the Inevitably Digital Future of American Governance
50 Germany Gives Third Gender Option at Birth
51 Too much texting can disconnect couples, researchers say
52 Vets, pet owners demand to know: Why can't FDA solve jerky treat mystery?
53 Abuse video shocks Saudi Arabia
54 Twins study shows smoking ages your face faster
55 The most crass dating app ever?
56 Happiness at work: Why money isn't the only thing that matters
57 Upright early labour lowers caesarean rate
58 Left wagging tails make dogs anxious
59 Smartphones to help fight stress from noise
60 Acid frogs keep cool head during fires
61 Kraken theory resurfaces with new 'evidence'
62 Exposure to secondhand smoke at work on the decline, but gaps remain
63 Study evaluates early stem cell transplants for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
64 Weight reduced and blood sugar improved by new multiple action intestinal hormone
65 CMV rapidly evolves as it spreads from mother to fetus, providing genetic targets for new therapeutics
66 A 'perfect storm' for inflammation--bacteria and fat--may promote diabetes
67 Special issue of Optometry and Vision Science highlights research advances in myopia
68 Heart failure symptoms may be reduced by nerve stimulation in neck
69 FibroScan: fast, painless alternative to liver biopsies for hepatitis patients
70 The next step in stroke prevention: addressing both blood clotting and protection of the blood vessels
71 Chagas disease, a leading cause of heart disease ignored in North America's poorest communities
72 Risk of depression increased by long-term use of prescription-based painkillers
73 Novel imaging technique, a new weapon in the fight against superbugs
74 Local anesthetic injected in neck reduces severe hot flashes
75 Poor physical and mental health reported by women working in Head Start programs
76 Potential benefits of shorter-term dual antiplatelet therapy in patients treated with a second generation drug-eluting stent
77 Outcomes of providing access to platelet function testing in a clinical setting
78 Comparison of 2 third-generation drug-eluting stents
79 Tracking risk of Visceral Leishmaniasis exposure in Brazil's urban areas
80 Neuroscientist establishes direct link between stimulus-response learning and substance abuse
81 Newborns lack toll-like receptor 3 (TLR3) which recognizes different viruses
82 Botox modified for the treatment of pain
83 Gene expression studies conducted in space find microgravity accelerates biological aging
84 New limits on federal authority established by Supreme Court's Obamacare decision
85 Risk of heart disease much greater for women under 60 with diabetes
86 Healthy cell structures assured by protein suicide
87 The impact of insulin treatment status in diabetic patients with multivessel coronary artery disease
88 Breakthrough made in identifying effect of epilepsy treatment
89 The correlation between child-centric behavior and parental happiness and fulfillment
90 Research looks at the body's fight against HIV
91 Snoring during pregnancy increases risk for c-sections, delivering smaller babies
92 New compounds with antibiotic potential revealed by 'Flipping the switch'
93 Genetic change of P. vivax in Korea revealed by microsatellite DNA analysis
94 Gene that fosters synapse formation in the brain has Implications for language development, autism, epilepsy
95 Molecule identified that orients neurons for high definition sensing
96 Information card about doctor improves patient satisfaction
97 Promising results from treating SHIV-infected monkeys with HIV antibody infusions
98 Minimally invasive corornary artery bypass surgery combined with percutaneous coronary intervention feasible and safe
99 Primary HPV screening provides 60-70% greater protection against invasive cervical cancer than cytology-based screening
100 Real-world data confirm clinical value of Bayer's novel oral anticoagulant Xarelto in protecting patients against blood clots
101 FDA takes two important actions on drug shortages
102 Patients with heart failure need specialist care
103 US malaria cases reach highest in 40 years
104 People appear more attractive in a group, study shows
105 Comfort eaters may consume less in good times
106 People lie more in the afternoon, study suggests
107 Bulging bellies and phosphorus linked to kidney disease
108 Texting may cause couples to 'disconnect'
109 Around 50% of people can 'see in the dark,' study shows
110 Alcohol and acetaminophen combined increases kidney risks
111 One HPV vaccine dose 'enough' for cervical cancer prevention
112 Spinal injuries and stem cell scarring
113 Improving gum health may reduce heart risk
114 Children who sleep more eat fewer calories
115 Weight loss surgery has 'few' short-term complications for teens
116 Obesity linked to early onset of puberty in girls
117 Preterm birth rate drops to 15-year low