File Title
1 Genomics Pioneer Craig Venter Envisions Future of Synthetic Life
2 Grab-and-Go Beetle Hoards Poo and Gallops
3 Docs Give New Definition to 'Full Term' Pregnancy
4 Can Oarfish Predict Earthquakes?
5 Facts About Seaborgium
6 Australian Lizards Thrive When Humans Hunt Them
7 Who's Your Daddy? Probably Your Daddy
8 The Evil Eye: Meaning of the Curse & Protection Against It
9 Cloud in a Bottle--Science Fair Projects
10 100 Days! Twin Panda Cubs Get Names
11 Ancient Magician's Curse Tablet Discovered in Jerusalem
12 Discovered: Plastic-Eating Barnacles
13 Long Naps Linked to Diabetes
14 Kiwifruits' Freakish DNA History Exposed
15 New Flu Virus Found in Peruvian Bats
16 Flying Drone Captures Underwater Images of 300-Year-Old Coral
17 Peter Diamandis, X Prize and Asteroid Mining Innovator, Wins Breakthrough Award
18 Cacophony of Shipping Noise Found in Humpback, Killer Whale Habitat
19 Ancient Galaxy Is Farthest Ever Seen
20 Wastewater Disposal Linked to Oklahoma Earthquake Swarm
21 The Birds Are Back! 'Rat Island' Renamed
22 5 Intriguing Facts About the Roma
23 The Making of a Mysterious Renaissance Map
24 NIH Funds Robotics Projects To Help Disabled
25 4 Ways to Enjoy Sprouts
26 The Promise of Fusion is Real, If it's Properly Funded (Op-Ed)
27 Men Slow Down for Love
28 Ouch! Dental Implant Ends Up in Woman's Sinus
29 Ancient Bees May Have Been Wiped Out with the Dinosaurs
30 A Snapshot of High-Speed Photography (And How To Do It) (Op-Ed)
31 Genes Outside of Nucleus 'Punch Above Their Weight'
32 Supernatural Experiences May Boost Religious Giving
33 Measuring Relative Humidity--Science Fair Projects
34 Balloon Barometer--Science Fair Projects
35 Facts About Bohrium
36 Honey Not a Contender in The Fight Against Superbugs (Op-Ed)
37 Beyond Terminator: Robots Deserve Ethical Treatment Too (Op-Ed)
38 Delayed Gratification--How the Hippocampus Helps Us Hold Off (Op-Ed)
39 The Key to Consciousness: Efficient Information Flow?
40 Baby 'Cured' of HIV Still Infection-Free After 3 Years
41 Alien Planet Count Passes 1,000 Worlds, a Milestone
42 Do Animals, Insects Possess Winter Prognosticating Prowess?
43 Viking 'Parliament' Discovered Beneath Parking Lot in Scotland
44 Arctic Temperatures Highest in at Least 44,000 Years
45 Ash Explosion at Indonesia's Mount Sinabung
46 Suzanne Somers' Health Advice May Be Dangerously Wrong
47 Sea Lion Species Removed from Endangered Species List
48 7 Signs Your Child Is an iPad Addict
49 Too Close to Home: Deluge Engulfs Flood Researcher's Town
50 European Mars Rover Prototype Takes Big Test Drive in Chile Desert
51 Alleged Kidnapping: Could a Roma Couple Have a Blond, Blue-Eyed Child?
52 Scorpion-Eating Mice Feel No Sting
53 Mystery Radar Blob Reveals Odd Man-Made Phenomenon
54 After Floods, Colorado Scientists Improve Forecasts
55 How to Make a Zombie (Seriously)
56 Paying Kidney Donors Is Cost-Effective, Researchers Say
57 Get Ready to Start Shopping With Google Glass
58 Face-Shape Secrets May Lie in 'Junk' DNA
59 How 'Edge' Camouflage Fools the Eye
60 FDA Proposes New Rules for Pet and Animal Food
61 Giant Dinosaurs Stood Tall On Squishy Joints
62 Smart Window Blocks Heat, Generates Electricity
63 Lions May Be Losing Their Reign in Uganda
64 Earth's Water Likely Came from Very Early Asteroid Strikes
65 Electrocution: New Way to Erode Mountains
66 Saturn's Faintest Rings Shine in New NASA Photos
67 Park Service Recommends New Cesar Chavez National Historic Park
68 Are Humans Reversing Cat Domestication?
69 Mars Rover Opportunity Begins Climbing Martian Hill
70 Earthquake Hits off Japan's Coast
71 Possible Polio Outbreak in Syria, First Since 1999
72 6 Secrets to Unlocking Your Cat's Personality
73 Stir It Up: Naming of Caribbean Reef Parasite Creates Controversy
74 11 Surprising Facts About the Immune System
75 Some Obscure, All Extraordinary: Historical Women in Science Honored
76 NY Giant Pumpkin Carving Weekend Smashes Record
77 NASA Space Telescopes to Peer Deeper Into Universe Than Ever Before
78 Where Does It Go?
79 Hotspot? Not! Antarctic Volcanoes' Surprising Source
80 Sexercise? Getting Busy Burns Calories, Study Finds
81 Stitch Fix: When Data Analytics Meet Fashion
82 Toxic Co-Worker Test: How to Identify and Avoid Them
83 5 Ways to Stop Being a Control Freak
84 The 7 Silliest Time Travel Concepts in Science Fiction
85 Strange Air Pattern Could Help Predict Heat Waves
86 Spintronics Goes Through Blue Period
87 Mean Girls: Women Evolved to Be Catty?
88 'Bishop of Bling': Catholics Aren't Alone in Struggle with Wealth
89 Healthy Kids Still at Risk for Flu Deaths, Study Finds
90 12 Worst Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals Revealed
91 12 Worst Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals & Their Health Effects
92 Pediatricians Issue New Media Guidelines for Kids
93 Hurricane Sandy: A Tale of 2 Hospitals
94 Australia's Oldest Bird Footprints Discovered
95 The Scientist Who Helped Save New York's Subway from Sandy
96 Yellowstone's Killer Hazard: Earthquakes, Not Eruptions
97 Hurricane Sandy Brought Surge in Carbon Monoxide Poisonings
98 Women May Be Better Than Men...At Multitasking
99 'Mint List' to Offer Porn Apps, Videos for Chrome Users
100 Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?
101 Ghouls Around the World: 5 Spooky Ghost Traditions
102 How Sandy Storm Damage Became NYC Playground
103 Is Sugar a Drug? Addiction Explained
104 How Do You Get Pink Eye?
105 Watching Me Watching You (And Liking It): Surveillance Isn't All Bad (Op-Ed)
106 Hurricane Sandy's Toll on Health
107 Can New Wristband 'Sense' What You're Eating?
108 Astronaut Spies Mount Etna Eruption from Space
109 Facts About Hassium
110 Female Dogs Are Better Navigators (Op-Ed)