File Title
1 Slow-moving zombie technologies that refuse to die
2 Retina, round two: Apple's 15-inch 2013 Retina MacBook Pro reviewed
3 Meet "badBIOS," the mysterious Mac and PC malware that jumps airgaps
4 Patent war goes nuclear: Microsoft, Apple-owned "Rockstar" sues Google
5 Dell locates source of cat pee smell in laptops after four months
6 Cisco releases free and libre H.264 code for browsers
7 Apple working to fix keyboard, trackpad unresponsiveness in new MacBook Pros
8 As Interest Fades in the Humanities, Colleges Worry
9 How the iPod President Crashed: Obama's Broken Technology Promise
10 Big Mother Is Watching You
11 This Is How You Should Talk to a Climate-Change Denier
12 Don't Spy on Your Kids
13 We finally, officially, won't have to power off during takeoff and landing
14 Older Nexus, Google Play edition devices get KitKat in the "coming weeks"
15 Finland's Foreign Ministry gets pwned by worse-than-Red October malware
16 Love Gigabit Seattle? Comcast has donated lots to promoter's rival (Updated)
17 Mysterious Google barge is a massive showroom, "party deck"
18 Digital currency service founder pleads guilty, faces 75 years in prison
19 Just six people got insurance through on day one
20 Updated privacy policy outlines Xbox One Kinect data protections
21 It's the little things, Pt. 1: How small conundrums make many hate computers
22 Hellish exoplanet has Earth-like density and composition
23 New docs show NSA taps Google, Yahoo data center links
24 New LUX experiment: No dark matter in this corner
25 deferred final security check, could leak personal data
26 Silent Circle and Lavabit launch "DarkMail Alliance" to thwart e-mail spying
27 Lawmakers blast patent trolls, but split on parts of a key bill
28 Snakes on the brain
29 First evidence of invasive Asian carp reproducing in Great Lakes
30 Op-ed: Why I'm not too worked up about the next-gen console resolution wars
31 Prenda Law's "hacking" suit that named ISPs ends in total lossNoSpace
32 How the NSA's MUSCULAR tapped Google's and Yahoo's private networks
33 Feinstein debuts NSA "reform" bill that's really about the status quo
34 How an epic blunder by Adobe could strengthen hand of password crackers
35 iFixit: iPad Air shares components with iPhone 5S, is hard to repair
36 New HIV antibodies show potential
37 Swapnote neutering raises Nintendo's online paternalism to new heights
38 Global waste production to triple by 2100, led by sub-Saharan Africa
39 Google just pulled a "Facebook Home": KitKat's primary interface is Google Search
40 Patent war goes nuclear: Microsoft, Apple-owned "Rockstar" sues Google
41 Beyond the Environment, America's Representative Democracy at Risk (Op-Ed)
42 Fake-ID Use Is Common, Fuels Underage Drinking
43 Going Back to the Moon Could Settle Questions about Lunar Origin
44 Oops! Etruscan Warrior Prince Really a Princess
45 Russian Meteor: How Many Tiny Asteroids Buzz Earth?
46 9 Biblical Theories, Conjectures and Other Heresies
47 1st Fully Bionic Man Walks, Talks and Breathes
48 US Navy's New Aircraft Carriers Will Be Massive 'Floating Cities'
49 Of Heads and Headlines: Can a Skull Doom 14 Human Species? (Op-Ed)
50 Centuries-Old Manuscript Reveals Love for Richard III
51 When Galaxies Collide: The Growth of Supermassive Black Holes (Op-Ed)
52 How Google Street View Could Fight Invasive Species
53 Woman Turning into 'Human Statue' Gets Bionic Arm
54 What Is a Hashtag?
55 IPCC Green-Lights Kyoto Protocol, Wetlands Reports
56 Light from Early Universe Has a Twist
57 Why Do Cats Knead?
58 What Is Airplane Mode?
59 D-Wave Computer's Solution Raises More Questions
60 Is Being a Good Samaritan a Matter of Genes?
61 Efficiency is the Energy of the Future, and the Present (Op-Ed)
62 On Mozambique Coast, Food Grows Alongside Species Diversity (Op-Ed)
63 Why is a Common Hip Problem So Frequently Misdiagnosed? (Op-Ed)
64 Humans and Rats Think Alike After Making Mistakes
65 Not Just CGI: The Incredible Tech of Horror-Movie Monsters
66 Rankings: America's Favorite Monster Is...
67 Breast Milk Bought Online May Have High Levels of Bacteria
68 Funny Science T-Shirts a Nerd Will Love
69 Online Dating Game: 1 in 10 Americans Have Tried It
70 Chew on This: 8 Foods for Healthy Teeth
71 Troops Call for Military Airstrike? There's an App for That
72 6 Myths About Girls and Science
73 New Hair Loss Treatment: Follicle Method Shows Promise
74 Math Ability Starts in Infancy, Study Suggests
75 Global Warming Forecast for Amazon Rain Forest: Dry and Dying
76 Second Oarfish in a Week Washes Ashore
77 Heads-Up Helmet, Rolling Camera Are an Eyeful
78 New Algorithm Helps Cochlear Implants Detect Music
79 Gun-Toting Robots May Fight Alongside Soldiers in Future Battles
80 Australia's Wildfires: Are Eucalyptus Trees to Blame?
81 Landslide Danger Looms in Next Seattle Earthquake
82 How Satellites Watched Russian Meteor Explosion from Space
83 Facts About Dubnium
84 Purple Cube Crystal Tops Auction Sales
85 Ax Falls for Antarctic Research Projects After Shutdown
86 Denali (Mount McKinley): Facts About North America's Tallest Mountain
87 Giant Pandas More Resilient to Change than Other Endangered Animals
88 History of Halloween
89 Disney Creates 'Feel-able' Touchscreens
90 Is Playing a Musical Instrument Good for Your Health?
91 How Twitter Fans Kept NASA Alive During the US Shutdown (Op-Ed)
92 We Know What Starts Fires; Are We Brave Enough to Prevent Them? (Op-Ed)
93 High-School Student Finds Bumpy-Headed Baby Dino
94 US Carbon Dioxide Emissions Drop 3.8 Percent
95 10 Best Breast Cancer Awareness Apps
96 There's Gold in Them Thar Trees
97 Talking Directly to Toddlers Boosts Their Verbal Skills
98 What Is Coconut Oil?
99 Antarctic Ozone Hole Hits 2013 Peak Size
100 Tower of Power: Australia Fires Spawn Pyrocumulus Clouds
101 Students Invent Lock to Stop School Shooters
102 Researchers Keep Mum on Botulism Discovery
103 NASA Spacecraft Snaps Amazing Photo of Earth En Route to Jupiter
104 Meteorite Study Suggests Mars Atmosphere Trapped in Rocks, Not Lost in Space
105 One Year Ago Today: Future Superstorm Sandy Formed
106 New App Helps Users Avoid Contaminated Food
107 US Support for Marijuana Legalization at Its Highest Yet
108 Why Australia's Wildfires Are So Bad
109 Glow-in-the-Dark Spray Could Make Night Driving Safer
110 Flu Shots May Also Protect Heart