File Title
1 Upright early labour lowers caesarean rate
2 Left wagging tails make dogs anxious
3 Smartphones to help fight stress from noise
4 How should the English countryside look in future?
5 Elephant society 'still disrupted decades after cull'
6 Down's pregnancy blood test on trial
7 Journey into the Alaskan wild
8 Germany allows 'indeterminate' gender at birth
9 John Kerry: Some NSA spying went too far
10 Phone-hacking trial: Prince Harry message 'was hacked'
11 Syria conflict: Israel 'carries out Latakia air strike'
12 South African Anene Booysen rapist jailed for life
13 Bully in the next bedroom--are we in denial about sibling aggression?
14 Roman Empire to the NSA: A world history of government spying
15 US spent trillions and left Iraq in violent pieces
16 Tunnel linking US and Mexico found
17 US ends food stamp benefits as Congress debates more cuts
18 Patent wars: Tech giants sue Samsung and Google
19 Germany rebuffs US criticism of its growth model
20 Mick Jagger denies claim 'he hit on' Katy Perry
21 US court upholds Texas abortion law
22 Ocean living: A step closer to reality?
23 NY stop-and-frisk overhaul blocked and judge removed
24 Toronto Mayor Rob Ford refuses to resign over 'drug video'
25 Germany hopes for details from Snowden on US spying
26 Strike targets Pakistan Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud's car
27 Shooting reported at Los Angeles airport
28 Connecting the 'last mile' of market research in Africa
29 Si Shen: On rebuilding her games firm Papaya Mobile
30 'Anonymous' hack Singapore newspaper's website
31 What we keep: Unforgettable lessons from first jobs
32 The race to win the Instagram generation
33 Sahara migrant survivor: I buried my family
34 France issues rabies warning after kitten's death
35 Swansea heart surgeon wins award for 95p invention
36 County fair bullfrogs are better jumpers: Why? (+video)
37 Caltech star survey plots two cosmic explosions
38 Yeti bear: Yetis are real--but not magical, says British geneticist (+video)
39 Remarkable skull hints at dramatically simpler view of human evolution
40 Saber-toothed whale? 15-foot-long Stejneger's beaked whale found dead.
41 Tilted planetary system throws planet-formation theories for a loop
42 Abominable Snowman actually a bear? A geneticist makes the case.
43 Latest Curiosity feat: confirmation that Mars sent meteorite group to Earth
44 'Asteroid 2032:' Will 2013 TV135 crash into Earth in 2032? Probably not.
45 California oarfish: Second 'serpent' washes ashore, baffles scientists
46 Lionfish invasion: An unabated siege of the Atlantic
47 Etruscan warrior prince actually a warrior princess, archaeologists say
48 Caught on video: Ted Cruz's father wants to send Obama 'back to Kenya'
49 High-school student finds baby duck-billed dino fossil
50 Success of Cygnus cargo craft takes NASA step closer to new future (+video)
51 How trees drinking gold can help the mining industry
52 Will Comet ISON make it to Christmas? New evidence offers clues. (+video)
53 For $75,000, a balloon ride to the mid-stratosphere
54 Why giant pandas are unusually resilient
55 Most-distant galaxy ever found a glimpse into universe's mysterious dark ages (+video)
56 NASA downloads data from moon, sets speed record
57 How a mouse evolved to ignore a scorpion's sting
58 X Prize Foundation will crowdfund three new prizes. How it's a game-changer.
59 Titan's 'Great Salt Lake'? North pole of Saturn moon looks like Utah.
60 Were ancient bees wiped out along with the dinosaurs?
61 Japan tests asteroid-blasting 'space cannon'
62 'Junk' DNA could determine face shape, scientists say
63 Israel blamed for airstrikes at Syrian missile base (+video)
64 Navy new destroyer: USS Zumwalt is bigger, badder than any other destroyer (+video)
65 'Ender's Game' movie empowers kids, but not the way parents might hope
66 La Brea Tar Pits museum celebrates 100 years of gooey excavation (+video)
67 How do you spot an incoming asteroid anyway?
68 Clouds break on Saturn's moon, revealing vast lakes, salt flats
69 Kill one to save the rest? Black rhino hunt auctioned off for conservation efforts. (+video)
70 Dinosaur-era bird tracks: Proof of 100-million-year-old flight?
71 100-million-year-old bird footprints discovered in Australia
72 Will the United Nations protect us from an asteroid?
73 NASA to launch mission to study Martian atmosphere
74 Three bizarre new species discovered in Australian 'lost world'
75 New dolphin species discovered off Australian coast
76 World's most sensitive dark matter detector comes up empty (+video)
77 Dream Chaser spacecraft test flight goes perfectly, except for one thing
78 Name that mammal: Researchers find new humpback dolphin species near Australia
79 Alien planet almost exactly like Earth, except that it's covered in lava
80 Reindeer eyes turn blue in winter, study finds
81 Ladybugs swarming your house? 'Tis the season. (+video)
82 Deadly Earth-like planet discovered: Why can't it have life, too?
83 How to interpret your dog's wagging tail
84 10 common scientific misconceptions
85 Containers Add New Efficiency To Cloud Computing
86 Streamy or chunky? Hybrid cloud opens window for batch operations
87 Seagate introduces a new drive interface: Ethernet
88 NASA Strives To Tame 'Big Data' from Missions
89 Cloud Computing Can Help Transform Midsize Companies into Social Businesses
90 Zuckerberg Files collects everything Facebook CEO has ever said in public
91 Google Glass 2 is coming, finally compatible with prescription glasses
92 Meet the "grand architect" behind Ireland's tax avoidance policy for tech firms
93 Senator changes tune, now is "totally opposed" to foreign leader surveillance
94 Motorola Announces "Project Ara," a modular phone hardware platform
95 Report: Google watch coming "within months"
96 Facebook still asking for government iDs
97 Google Hangouts on mobile finally integrates SMS
98 Man sues DHS, NSA for the right to parody them on mugs, T-shirts
99 Not even two weeks after shutdown, clone of BitTorrent search site isoHunt opens
100 Ex-cable and wireless lobbyist confirmed as FCC chairman
101 Google shows off new version of Google Glass, complete with earbud
102 Job postings suggest Apple Maps may finally get public transit directions
103 Police ticket Google Glass-wearing driver for watching "TV" in car
104 Federal CIO calls "teachable moment" hours before crash
105 Report: Intel tries to offload its IPTV initiative to Verizon
106 Sprint promises 60Mbps LTE today, demos gigabit cellular in the lab
107 Twitter faces $124 million suit over alleged shady stock sale
108 Facebook may start logging your cursor movements
109 17 things we learned from Sony's massive PS4 FAQ
110 Cheapest 150Mbps broadband in big US cities costs 100% more than overseas