File Title
1 Genes extinguish Aboriginal fire theory
2 RAVE study finds Milky Way moves like a dance crowd
3 Number cruncher gets top science gong
4 'Hellish' exoplanet has Earth-like mass
5 Bat origin of SARS confirmed
6 Largest dino of all time digitally recreated
7 'Low health risk' from fracking, says UK agency
8 Scientists decipher dog-tail wags
9 Report suggests slowdown in CO2 emissions rise
10 Earth-sized 'lava world' discovered
11 Bat virus clues to origins of SARS
12 Energy market review: Ed Davey vows to speed up supplier-switching
13 Syria chemical weapons equipment destroyed, says OPCW
14 LUX results: Dark matter hunt nears final phase
15 Snakes control blood flow in their 'spectacles'
16 Japan dolphins and other sea species 'face extinction'
17 Flying insect-like robot Gimball can crash and recover
18 Steroids can benefit athletes for a decade after use
19 Mars One to launch first test mission
20 Thorium backed as a 'future fuel'
21 Dinosaur titans: Sauropods' secrets revealed
22 Drones: A rare glimpse at sophisticated US spy plane
23 Flying car technology is turning a dream into reality
24 Homer Simpson's scary maths problems
25 US spy leaks: How intelligence is gathered
26 Where folk songs meet Serbian criminals
27 Police: We have the Toronto mayor drugs video
28 Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson had affair, phone-hacking trial hears
29 Ex-NSA man Edward Snowden gets web job in Russia
30 Kenyans demand gang-rape justice in police petition
31 News from Elsewhere: Where schools are banned from marking Halloween [et al.]
32 Making sense of Pakistan drone death reports
33 Snowden leaks: Google 'outraged' at alleged NSA hacking
34 Head of Gestapo 'buried in Jewish cemetery in Berlin'
35 14 low-tech ways to keep your house warm over the winter
36 Marvin Gaye family sues Robin Thicke over Blurred Lines
37 David Cameron: Unite leveraging allegations 'shocking'
38 HS2: Cameron hails 'vital programme' as MPs approve funding
39 Manchester Health Trust failed to warn of killer's risk
40 FAA expands portable electronic device use on US planes
41 Google launches Nexus 5 handset with Android Kitkat
42 Ticket issued to driver wearing Google Glass
43 NSA leaks helping India become 'Big Brother' state?
44 Internet chatrooms can help those in distress, says study
45 Sony slashes full-year profit forecast by 40%
46 Nokia pursues HTC sales ban in UK after patent victory
47 Adobe hack: At least 38 million accounts breached
48 Facebook revenue surges 60% on strong ad sales
49 Twitter photo tweak wins cautious advertiser welcome
50 Dell users: Latitude 6430u laptops 'smell of cat urine'
51 Contactless payment data can be picked up at a distance
52 India plans to restrict email use after NSA leaks
53 GPS bullets are latest weapon for American police
54 Passengers will be able to use gadgets for entire US flights
55 On the trail of SS accused Siert Bruins
56 Greek island on frontline of Europe's migration war
57 Fashion for the next generation
58 Pet rescue fraud: More common than you may think
59 Can psychology explain our dumb financial decisions?
60 HIV antibodies 'have potent impact'
61 Poultry markets in China 'are vast bird flu reservoir'
62 Patient in vegetative state 'paid attention' to sounds
63 Breast cancer 'rising in under-40s' across Europe
64 New York to raise cigarette sale age
65 Genetic testing raises hope for lung cancer treatments
66 Obama: I take full responsibility for fixing health site
67 Seven classes of breast cancer test 'offers new hope'
68 Will we ever bring the dead back to life?
69 Wearing Google Glass While Driving Could Earn You a Ticket
70 First Bitcoin ATM Installed in Vancouver Coffee Shop
71 Tips on Taking the Best Photograph on Your Smartphone
72 Hyperloop Set in Motion, Prototype Design Scheduled for June 2014
73 Teens Are Leaving Facebook And This is Where They Are Going
74 FAA Will Allow You to Use Gadgets During Take Off and Landing
75 Google Launches Android 'KitKat' Software and New Nexus 5 Phone
76 NJ Woman Felled by 'Devastating Disease Doctors Have Never Heard of'
77 26.2 Ways to Get Healthy While Watching the Marathon
78 Internet Risky for Self-Harming Teens, Study Finds
79 Young Smokers Top NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg's List of Dislikes
80 Spices Top List of Possibly Tainted Foods
81 The World of DIY Prosthetics
82 Virginia Boy Dies After Collapse on Football Field
83 Kraft Agrees to Take Yellow Dye Out of Mac and Cheese
84 Exasperated Sebelius Caught on Hot Mic: 'Don't Do This to Me'
85 Keep Your Coverage Under Obamacare: Fact or Fantasy?
86 Rand Paul Blames 'Haters' for Plagiarism Claims
87 A Dog's Tail Wag Can Say a Lot
88 A dog's tail wags may reveal more than you think
89 What is your dog really saying with a tail wag?
90 Wag The Dog: How Your Pet's Tail Gives Clues To His Mental State
91 Alien planet is exactly like ANOTHER EARTH--except for this tiny detail
92 Dark matter: Good news, everyone! We've found NOTHING AT ALL
93 Chance of detecting a Milky Way supernova said a 'sure thing'
94 Costa Rican butterflies fake it to make it as new species
95 New techniques produce cleanest graphene yet
96 Ocean Warming Faster Now Than in 10,000 Years
97 Reindeer Eyes Turn Blue in the Winter
98 How sauropods swept with their necks
99 New Dolphin Species Identified Off Australian Coast
100 Redwood Trees Have Been 'Recording' Coastal Climate History For Thousands Of Years
101 Nikon announces winners in annual Small World photomicrography competition
102 Dream Chaser prototype spaceship damaged after first free-flying test
103 Texas Club Auctioning Off Chance To Shoot Endangered Black Rhino
104 NASA's Next Mars Mission: Five Things to Know
105 Chupacabra Sighting: Truth Behind the Mythical Beasts
106 Nationwide Fight Begins Over Raising Tobacco Age to 21
107 City Council passes new smoking rules, raising minimum age to buy cigarettes to 21
108 NYC Moves Closer to Tobacco-Buying Age of 21
109 Tobacco-Bond Woes Seen as Chicago Seeks Highest Tax: Muni Credit
110 Perspective: Cigarette tax hurts the poor
111 FDA Announces Moves to Avert Drug Shortages
112 Malaria in U.S. Hits 40-Year High
113 Woman's plan to give 'obese' kids a note instead of Halloween treats blasted on social media
114 For some obese people, surgery beats other options
115 Half of All People Can 'See' Their Hand in Pitch Black Darkness (VIDEO)
116 Close-up of HIV virus could ease AIDS vaccine research
117 Doctors say early detection key to fighting breast cancer
118 Too much texting can hurt your relationship, BYU study finds
119 Smoking really does make you look older, a twin study confirms
120 California Releases New Form Required to Avoid School Vaccinations
121 Over 7 Million Births to Girls in the Developing World Each Year
122 CDC sets children's food allergy guidelines for schools
123 Tips to guard children's teeth this Halloween
124 Ariad Puts Leukemia Drug on Hold
125 Afternoons turn us into lying, cheating, lazy jerks
126 Report Segments 40,000+ Medical Apps and iDs Top 5