File Title
1 Nintendo reports loss as Wii U sales languish
2 Bharti Airtel profit down 29% on rupee woes (Update)
3 Toshiba medical unit boss fired over accounting fraud
4 'World's first' bitcoin ATM opens in Canada
5 Court nixes Deutsche Telekom's broadband cap
6 Japan's NEC falls into red, hit by smartphone exit
7 Imax teams with China's TCL to sell home theaters
8 BlackBerry, Facebook 'met over potential bid'
9 Analytics study reveals big data equals big payoff
10 Swiss nuclear plant to close in 2019
11 Powering better online document viewing
12 New Amazon shopping site supports charity
13 Future Internet aims to sever links with servers
14 A protein safeguards against cataracts
15 ChemWiki takes on costly textbooks
16 Chemists use MRI to peek at temperatures of gases inside catalytic reactors
17 Novel technique to detect fingerprints
18 Unique chemistry in hydrogen catalysts
19 Gold nanoparticles give an edge in recycling CO2
20 Chemists show life on Earth was not a fluke
21 New methods to trace fragrance allergens
22 Supramolecular polymers--a possible biomaterial for artificial human parts
23 [Solar] Inspired by nature
24 Natural deep-sea batteries
25 Measuring blood sugar with light
26 Understanding DNA damage: Modeling how low energy electrons damage DNA may improve radiation therapy
27 Fraunhofer, Continental come together when the dandelion rubber meets the road
28 Targeting cancer's 'queen bees' with better tissue modeling
29 Unusual structural and electronic properties make skin pigments superior radical scavengers
30 Neutrons, electrons and theory reveal secrets of natural gas reserves
31 Breakthrough in study of aluminum to yield new technological advances
32 Proteins in their natural habitat
33 Light nanofilter system worth its weight in gold and silver
34 New forensic technique for identifying cloth fibers
35 Extracting energy from bacteria
36 Quick ID for water pathogens
37 Recycling valuable materials used in TVs, car batteries, cell phones
38 Baking blueberries changes their polyphenol content--and possibly their health benefits
39 Dissection of oarfish reveals insights into its ecology
40 Less toxic metabolites, more chemical product
41 Scientists gain new insights into dolphin's evolutionary history and conversation
42 Scientists find that dolphin in Australian waters is a new species
43 Study shows bees use visual rate of expansion of ground for perfect landings
44 Are animals as smart, or as dumb, as we think they are?
45 Elephants face extinction, football star Yaya Toure warns
46 LA Zoo treats 21 condors for lead poisoning
47 How mice survive infection by virulent Toxoplasma parasites
48 LA Zoo attempts to close Komodo dragon gender gap
49 New molecular target for malaria control identified
50 Events coordination during embryogenesis
51 Bright eyes: Study finds reindeers' eyes change color with Arctic seasons
52 New substance effectively combats multi-resistant bacteria
53 Biological activity and biotransformation of enniatins from Fusarium fungi
54 Dry seeding examined for Wheatbelt crops
55 New species of labrisomidae fish discovered in Brazil
56 Radical new 'Trojan Female' pest control approach shows great promise
57 Transforming ARV treatment
58 Porpoises on European coasts maintain their populations but migrate southwards
59 15 Hawaii animals, plants added to endangered list
60 Study of salmon sperm success shows need for speed
61 Researchers use microscope equipped camera to learn how ticks pierce and adhere to skin (w/ Video)
62 Research confirms bottom-feeding behavior of humpback whales
63 Methane-decomposing bacteria from hot springs need the valuable metals to produce energy
64 Social science graduates more likely to be in work than science or arts graduates, report says
65 Study on gender: Who counts as a man and who counts as a woman
66 Crying wolf: Who benefits and when?
67 Your pain, my gain: Feeling pleasure over the misfortune of those you envy is biological
68 Tell-tale toes point to oldest-known fossil bird tracks from Australia
69 Tell-tale toes point to oldest-known fossil bird tracks from Australia
70 Confidence falls, consumers view government as impediment to growth
71 Early stone tool making more sophisticated than originally thought
72 Who is a journalist?
73 Ancient past challenges modern teaching in 'cradle of mankind'
74 High school graduation requirements show promise for African American, Latino students
75 Study reveals local council mergers depend on efficiency
76 Is YouTube a driver for social movements like Occupy Wall Street?
77 Bones uprooted last Halloween Eve give flesh to bygone era
78 Ancient mini-sharks lived longer than thought
79 Report sheds light on conflicts over religion, women's rights in global affairs
80 Could inflation bite back?
81 Work commutes getting longer and gender differences persist
82 Birth control good for education, women's work and growth in Africa
83 COAG education reports show early childhood and Year 12 are key
84 Keep it professional at the office cube
85 Richer countries have safer roads
86 Models to predict scientists' future impact often fail
87 Scientists digitally reconstruct giant steps taken by dinosaurs for the first time
88 Divorced people more likely to die from preventable accidents
89 A sauropod walks into a bar. 'Why the long neck?'
90 New technology shows promise in taking the guesswork out of vaccine development
91 'VIP' treatment for jet lag
92 Human immune system shapes skin microbiome
93 Model virus structure shows why there's no cure for common cold
94 Unravelling the true identity of the brain of Carl Friedrich Gauss
95 Women are significantly better at multitasking than men
96 Scientists report transplant advance for type 1 diabetes
97 11 new genetic susceptibility factors for Alzheimer's disease discovered
98 A potential new class of fast-acting antidepressant
99 Eyetrack study demonstrates that men--and women--check out female bodies
100 Arsenic in India's water could cause resistance to visceral leishmaniasis treatment
101 Neuroscientists discover new 'mini-neural computer' in the brain
102 How poverty molds the brain: Poor neural processing of sound linked to lower maternal education
103 Autism and language impairment genetically linked
104 Moral in the morning, but dishonest in the afternoon
105 Microscopic new insights into liver disease
106 Researchers discover novel mechanism of tumor cell invasion in melanoma
107 Have iPod, will test for drug toxicity
108 Mind over gray matter: Placebo improves both pleasure and pain
109 How video gaming can be beneficial for the brain
110 Researchers identify way to increase gene therapy success
111 Research points to potential window for treating CMV and preventing mother-to-child transmission
112 Scientists shed light on brain computations
113 What makes creativity tick?
114 Pore formation in cell membranes linked to triggers of rheumatoid arthritis
115 Two peptides better than one in targeting diabetes, obesity
116 New SARS-like coronavirus discovered in Chinese horseshoe bats
117 Monoclonal antibodies show promise as effective HIV therapy
118 Staph infections and eczema: What's the connection?
119 Glioblastoma multiforme: Incurable brain cancer gene is silenced