File Title
1 Traces of blood survive 46 million years
2 Fences may help free-range hens fly the coop
3 Ant antennae key to sorting friend from foe
4 Amaze project aims to take 3D printing 'into metal age'
5 Air pollution 'still harming Europeans' health'
6 Germany delays EU limit on CO2 emissions from cars
7 Apes comfort each other 'like humans'
8 Why is the number 1,729 hidden in Futurama episodes?
9 Citizen science is the new black
10 Obama rejects proposed US House fiscal plan
11 Upbeat mood as Iran nuclear talks start in Geneva
12 Clerics rule besieged Damascus residents may eat dogs
13 Snowden leak alleges NSA snooping on web contact lists
14 Lampedusa migrant crisis: Sicily declares emergency
15 Rise of the drone hobbyists
16 Mapping Mediterranean migration
17 Who are the British jihadists in Syria?
18 Deadly Philippine quake hits Bohol and Cebu
19 Snapchat hack secretly saves images using app
20 Brad Pitt Fury film: Stuntman stabbed with bayonet on set
21 Florida: Charges in Rebecca Sedwick 'bullying death'
22 Bull gores German cyclist to death in southern France
23 Charlotte Church attacks 'sexist' music industry
24 What does it feel like to be airbrushed?
25 Will we ever...face a wireless 'spectrum crunch'?
26 Slavery on film: What is Hollywood's problem?
27 Ex-Halliburton manager admits destroying oil spill data
28 Political portraits in the media age
29 Is Drake the first hip hop star to make weakness cool?
30 Nike shows off Fuelband SE activity-tracking wristband
31 Tiny, wireless pacemaker due to be launched in Europe
32 Why the world's technology giants are investing in Africa
33 7 reasons why Buzzfeed is the death/saviour of news
34 Newsbeat meets the team tackling music piracy online
35 Flossie, the 50-year-old computer, to be resurrected
36 Kobo pulls self-published books after abuse row
37 Burberry chief Angela Ahrendts to join Apple
38 Blackberry letter seeks to reassure customers
39 Madonna banned from cinema for texting during film
40 Libyan al-Qaeda suspect denies US embassy bombings
41 Afghan bomb kills Logar governor Jamal in mosque
42 'Easier from Libya'--Migrants return to Tripoli
43 Could your education make you a risky borrower?
44 When to ignore 'tried-and-true' investing rules
45 Malaysia's mobile clinics provide home care for elderly
46 Reclaiming Paris's River Seine quayside
47 HTC One Max: Mammoth Screen Meets Awkwardly Placed Fingerprint Reader
48 Google Chromebooks: Should Your Next Laptop Run Chrome OS?
49 SpaceX's Reusable Grasshopper Rocket Hits Record Height
50 BlackBerry Reassures Customers in Open Letter: 'You Can Continue to Count on Us'
51 'Petting Zoo' Exhibit Lets Visitors Interact With Intelligent Robot Pets
52 Apple Hires Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to Oversee Retail Stores
53 New iPads Expected at Apple's Oct. 22 Event
54 New iPads: Everything You Need to Know About Apple's Next Tablets
55 Twitter Unveils Option to Receive Direct Messages From Anyone
56 David Pietz Found Guilty of Strangling Wife
57 Nazi Erich Priebke's Funeral Held by Catholic Splinter Group
58 Kim Kardashian Reveals Secrets to Post-Baby Weight Loss
59 Walmart to Get Stuck With Most of Food Stamp Shopping Spree
60 2 Girls Arrested in Florida Bullying Case
61 Splintered House GOP Undermines Senate Progress on Shutdown, Debt Ceiling
62 Walmart to Get Stuck With Most of Food Stamp Shopping Spree
63 Meth-Like Substance Found in 'Craze' Workout Supplement: Report
64 Three Florida School Staffers Suspended for Alleged Roles in Sex Abuse Cover-Up
65 Consumer Reports' 'Dirty Dozen': 12 Risky Supplements
66 Monster Energy Drinks to List Caffeine Content on Labels
67 Beauty Parlor That Helps Cancer Patients Has Appointment With HBO
68 Best and Worst Exercises for When You Have a Cold
69 What President Taft Can Teach Us About Weight Loss
70 Obamacare Offers Hope for People With Rare Diseases
71 Randall Cobb's Leg Fracture Flips NFL Concussion Conversation
72 18-foot, serpent-like sea creature found off California
73 Apple invites press to Oct. 22 iPad event
74 Superusers clogging emergency rooms, studies suggest
75 Eating popcorn at the movies could make advertisements less effective
76 Touch-sensitive prosthetic limbs take step forward in monkey study
77 Space agency shows off breakthrough in 3D printing
78 Airbnb host creates petition to confront New York lawmakers
79 Ancient bug's last supper of blood still in fossil
80 Canadian government considers end to bundled cable channels
81 Hubble telescope spots cosmic rose from galaxy crash
82 HTC offers larger phone, with fingerprint sensor
83 Baumgartner celebrates one-year anniversary of record jump
84 Microsoft's phone update to feature driving mode, large screen support
85 A car that drives itself
86 Nobel scientist doesn't use cell phone or email
87 iPhone 6 rumors begin with a bigger screen
88 Apps on iPhone 5S more crash-prone than other models
89 Top exec warns of "Armageddon" if U.S. defaults on debt
90 100,000 cattle feared dead after early South Dakota snowstorm
91 This ain't your average survival shelter
92 How many Americans have signed up for Obamacare?
93 New treatment offers hope for headache sufferers
94 Rebecca Ann Sedwick suicide: 2 arrests made in death of bullied Florida girl
95 House Republicans counter Senate proposal on government shutdown, debt
96 EBT benefit card glitch sparks Walmart shopping sprees in Louisiana
97 Government shutdown, debt limit deal close: But what if it falls through?
98 How Portugal became the first global sea power
99 The man who shot the Zapruder Film
100 Reid "very optimistic" he and McConnell can reach a deal on shutdown, debt ceiling
101 Crowd pushes through barriers to gather at WWII memorial
102 Carnival Cruise Lines says 6-year-old boy drowned in pool at sea
103 Bottle of dry ice explodes at Los Angeles International airport for 2nd day in a row
104 William Swenson, Afghan war veteran, awarded Medal of Honor by President Obama
105 Miranda rights take center stage at James Holmes trial
106 Voices of the shutdown: "It's a job you can't slack off of"
107 Disgraced ex-San Diego Mayor Bob Filner facing felony charge
108 Disgraced ex-San Diego Mayor Bob Filner pleads guilty to three charges
109 Republicans, Obama again at impasse over government shutdown: Now what?
110 Panetta: "No reason" for Obama to walk away from shutdown talks
111 Exit Ted Cruz, enter Paul Ryan
112 Former WH official, Republicans slam HHS for flawed Obamacare rollout
113 What Does 'GOP' Stand For?
114 American Heart Association: Doctors should monitor exercise habits
115 Quest Diagnostics adds BRCA gene testing: Should more women get test?
116 Report: 5 million babies born thanks to assisted reproductive technologies
117 How the gut's "microbiome" affects weight gain
118 Study: Nonprofit hospital CEOs earn $600,000 a year
119 Study: Workout supplement may contain meth-like ingredient
120 Photographer helps cancer survivors heal with underwater pictures
121 How sick is too sick to go to work during flu season?
122 BPA exposure may increase miscarriage risk in pregnant women
123 Irregular bedtimes for kids may lead to behavioral problems
124 New treatment offers hope for headache sufferers
125 Marathon season full of injury risk: How to stay safe
126 Morning Rounds: Obesity isn't only cause of diabetes
127 Deadly bacteria vibrio can kill with little warning