File Title
1 The reins of Casimir: Engineered nanostructures could offer way to control quantum effect
2 Researchers to develop more realistic models of drug and nanoparticle uptake
3 Polymer scientists jam nanoparticles, trapping liquids in useful shapes
4 Nano-dwarves turn tumor assassins
5 Scientists' new approach improves efficiency of solar cells
6 Nanotechnology gives a boost to next-generation batteries
7 Graphene can emit laser flashes
8 Field-effect transistors get a boost from ferroelectric films
9 Nanoscale engineering boosts performance of quantum dot light emitting diodes
10 Scientists grow ultrahigh-purity carbon nanotubes
11 New atomic layer-by-layer InGaN technology offers breakthrough for solar cell efficiency
12 More transparency: Optically transparent water oxidation catalyst made from copper nanowires
13 Nanomaterials database improved to help consumers, scientists track products
14 A noble yet simple way to synthesize new metal-free electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
15 Traces of DNA exposed by twisted light
16 Researchers measure flow from a nanoscale fluid jet
17 Unique nano carrier targets drug delivery to cancer cells
18 Using genetic algorithms to discover new nanostructured materials
19 Super-thin membranes clear the way for chip-sized pumps
20 Public wants labels for food nanotech--and they're willing to pay for it
21 New nanoparticle delivers, tracks cancer drugs
22 'Molecular Velcro' may lead to cost-effective alternatives to natural antibodies
23 Go ahead, dunk your cell phone in salt water: Barrier films by atomic layer deposition
24 A mimic of 'good cholesterol' could someday treat cardiovascular and other diseases
25 Through a nanopore, ionically: Graphene quantum transistor for next-generation DNA sensing
26 New spectrometry standard for handheld chemical detectors aids first responders
27 Classical physics shown to be equal to quantum theory when it comes to unusual experiments with light beams
28 New microscopes reveal live, developing cells in unprecedented 3-D clarity
29 Physicists aim to make transition to quantum world visible
30 Scientists Higgs, Englert given Spanish awards
31 Researchers find boomerang shaped colloid does not conform to Brownian motion
32 How the kettle got its whistle
33 Seeing the dark: New experiment could finally shed light on the mysteries of dark matter
34 New material for quantum computing discovered out of the blue
35 New generation laser will herald technological breakthrough
36 Scientists identify a mathematical 'crystal ball' that may predict calamities
37 Quantum reality more complex than previously thought
38 A new way of seeing: Metamaterial lens has ten times more power
39 Building the world's most sensitive detectors: A conversation with Rana Adhikari
40 Cat's eyes: Designing the perfect mixer
41 Physicists provide new insights into coral skeleton formation
42 Seeing in the dark
43 Plasmonic crystal alters to match light-frequency source
44 Improving light and heat spectra measurements
45 Spinning atoms in light crystals
46 Laser tripod for better levitation
47 Two teams use cold atoms and lasers to create a system that should exhibit Hofstadter's butterfly
48 Researchers find a way to predict 'dragon kings' in small circuits
49 The world's most powerful terahertz quantum cascade laser
50 First results from LUX dark matter detector rule out some candidates
51 Preserving the legacy of the X-ray universe
52 Why is Antarctic sea ice growing?
53 Thawing permafrost: The speed of coastal erosion in Eastern Siberia has nearly doubled
54 UCLA report urges new global policy effort to tackle crisis of plastic litter in oceans
55 Brazil energy, farm incentives fuel CO2 emissions
56 Mini space shuttle skids off runway in test flight
57 NASA prepares to launch first mission to explore Martian atmosphere
58 Redwood trees reveal history of West Coast rain, fog, ocean conditions
59 US ends most financing of overseas coal projects
60 NASA's Orion spacecraft comes to life
61 New study suggests coral reefs may be able to adapt to moderate climate change
62 Paleontologist presents origin of life theory
63 Warm winters let trees sleep longer
64 Researchers succeed in predicting the spread of microbes in spacecraft
65 Healthy soil: The basis for a strong economy and wholesome environment
66 Beer brewing comes clean
67 Best way to stop a killer asteroid? Form a committee
68 High nitrogen rates increase micronutrient uptake, storage in corn
69 Brazil court orders resumption of work on Amazon dam
70 Martian box of delights
71 Historic blaze fueled a boom in tire recycling, advances in fire monitoring
72 Google street view--tool for recording earthquake damage
73 NASA's Curiosity Mars rover approaches 'Cooperstown'
74 'Lost world' discovered in remote Australia
75 Sun emits fourth X-class flare in a week
76 Review: New Surface tablets great for productivity
77 Nokia launches first tablet, phablet phones (Update)
78 Willow Garage spinoff debuts robot ripe for picking
79 Apple unveils new Macs, iPad ahead of holidays (Update 3)
80 Apple unveils revamped iPads to beat back rivals (Update 3)
81 Walking robots: it's all in the hips, say Japan researchers
82 All Sochi Olympic athletes to get Galaxy Note 3
83 Samsung brings smaller version of S4 to US
84 Patent shows Samsung's rival to Google Glass
85 AMD Radeon R9 290X graphics card pioneers new era in gaming
86 Amber 2 robot walks with a human gait (w/ Video)
87 Samsung to expand devices that work with Gear
88 Google expands sales of Internet-connected glasses (Update)
89 LG unveils curved-screen smartphone
90 LG to sell phone with curved battery and screen
91 Review: Curved phone falls flat, literally
92 Startup "Play-i" using friendly robots to teach kids computer programming
93 Smartwatches abound: But who really wants one?
94 Review: New GameStick console is small and cheap, but still needs work
95 N/A
96 Barnes & Noble releases new Nook e-reader for $119
97 China's Lenovo unveils 'game-changing' tablet in LA
98 Gimball: A crash-happy flying robot (w/ Video)
99 Taiwan complains to Apple over "China province" tag
100 Google+ adds photo, video tools to ramp up challenge (Update)
101 Dell completes deal to go private
102 Newspaper web ads not to blame for print advertising decline, research says
103 Mystery barges on US coasts set tech world abuzz
104 Panasonic to release solar LED lantern for people living in areas without electricity
105 YouTube subscription music service to go for mobile dollars
106 Norwegian man buys flat with forgotten $24 bitcoin investment
107 IBM board OK repurchase of another $15B of stock
108 Safer nuclear fuels
109 Twitter making tweets more 'visual' with overhaul
110 Pirate-themed 'Assassin's Creed' videogame sets sail