File Title
1 Carl Icahn sends letter to Tim Cook, pressures Apple for a buyback
2 The fear is palpable as Microsoft exec blasts Apple iPad and free software
3 Apple slams shut Microsoft's window of opportunity for Office on iPad
4 Apple wins patent-infringement trial against Wi-Lan
5 Ex-Apple CEO John Sculley mulling BlackBerry bid
6 Carl Icahn's letter to Tim Cook asks Apple to commence immediate $150 billion buyback
7 Apple Retail Stores to open at 8am on November 1st for sales of 64-bit iPad Air
8 Apple's Pages 5.0 an unmitigated disaster?
9 Why is Apple still selling the iPad 2? Because they can
10 Apple's Mac App Store is upgrading illegal and trial software for free
11 Apple's software as a service strategy
12 Apple fixes its mistake: iPad mini pricing invalidates 'price umbrella' theory
13 Why Apple's powerful 64-bit A7 chip will really shine in the all-new iPad Air
14 Apple's new Mac Pro desktop powerhouse not aimed at consumer crowd
15 The new Mac Pro and Apple's continued adherence to Steve Jobs' golden grid
16 iPod EOL? How Apple's new product announcements--not an iPod among them--affect the music industry
17 Tesla hires Apple VP of Mac Hardware Engineering Doug Field to lead development of new vehicles
18 Android who? Apple iPad poised to rule the world
19 Carl Icahn is 23rd in AAPL shareholders' line with only 0.5% stake
20 Apple's OS X Mavericks adoption 3X faster than OS X Mountain Lion
21 Apple's Mac Pro: So what's a D300, D500 and D700 anyway?
22 Apple over $530: Look whose price targets are underwater now
23 Uncover OS X Mavericks' 43 secret wallpapers
24 Ars Technica reviews Apple's OS X 10.9 Mavericks: A no-brainer upgrade
25 Samsung fined $340,000 for astroturfing against HTC in Taiwan
26 Asymco: The value of zero-priced software
27 Pimco founder to Carl Icahn: If you're so smart, use it to help others not yourself
28 Apple brings summary judgment motion against Google's Motorola Mobility over Qualcomm chips
29 Qualcomm exec who dissed Apple's 64-bit A7 chip as 'marketing gimmick' quietly reassigned, removed from company website
30 Apple's location-tracking iBeacon is poised to explode across retail faster than anyone can imagine
31 How to improve Mac performance: OS X 10.9 Mavericks edition
32 Hey, where have all the Apple naysayers gone?
33 Apple's entirely unnecessary but very cool method of making the amazing Mac Pro
34 What the hedge fund analysts expect Apple to report for Q413 earnings on Monday
35 Apple's worst product? We have a nominee
36 Jony Ive designs one-of-a-kind red Mac Pro for Product (RED) charity auction
37 Walmart to sell Apple iPad Air for $479, starts tablet trade-in program
38 Apple's growing presence in Austin starts to come into focus
39 Apple and when genuine data leads to disingenuous conclusions
40 Experts say iPad Air will be healthy for mobile payments growth
41 Apple's Q413 earnings this Monday: The most exciting earnings report of the year
42 Why are Apple keynotes no longer hitting the right notes?
43 Why didn't Apple make a gold iPad?
44 T-Mobile USA's crazy iPad plans could be a big boost to Apple
45 Brain training improves memory not intelligence
46 Female elephants remain fertile in old age
47 Advice on badger cull extension challenged
48 Alzheimer's insight from DNA study
49 Children urged to put away screens and play outside
50 'Li-fi' via LED light bulb data speed breakthrough
51 Light shed on how genes shape face
52 Seven-planet solar system found
53 Dolphin-inspired radar could help detect roadside bombs
54 Kennet and Avon canal water voles filmed by hidden camera
55 The area of outstanding beauty remade by man
56 10 ways to reconnect with nature this autumn
57 Could Concorde ever fly again? No, says British Airways
58 Q&A: Green taxes
59 NSA surveillance: Spain demands US explain 'monitoring'
60 China Tiananmen Square car blaze kills five people
61 Two Syria chemical weapons sites 'not yet inspected'
62 David Bowie leads tributes to 'master' Lou Reed
63 Three die as storm hits southern UK
64 Why is broadband more expensive in the US?
65 Obituary: How Lou Reed shaped rock
66 10 old letter-writing tips that work for emails
67 McDonald's to stop serving Heinz ketchup
68 Fleetwood Mac cancel tour dates as John McVie has cancer
69 Tokyo Sexwale: ANC demands US terrorist list apology
70 Why the age of the jetpack may finally be here
71 Upgrade your skills or get left behind
72 Trending: No Woman, No Drive
73 Yevgeny Roizman: A macho mayor at war with drug addicts
74 NHS complaints revolution 'needed'
75 Who, what, why: What happens to wind turbines in a storm?
76 Lou Reed: In his own words
77 After Paralympics are disabled people invisible again?
78 The couple having four babies by two surrogates
79 Why are zombies still so popular?
80 With an eye on the White House, Cruz takes on Iowa
81 Michael Jackson doctor Conrad Murray released from jail
82 Jackass film Bad Grandpa trumps at US box office
83 Captcha test 'cracked' by US firm Vicarious
84 Meet the real Siri and other iconic voices of technology
85 100 Women: Why tech needs a makeover to attract girls
86 Twitter share sale trial 'a success,' says exchange
87 Golden Joysticks: Grand Theft Auto 5 bags Game of the Year award
88 Wikipedia pilots articles-via-SMS service aimed at Africans
89 FBI on the hunt for eBay car 'fraudster'
90 Twitter plans to raise up to $1.4bn via its share sale
91 MEPs vote to suspend US data sharing
92 Samsung profit rises 26% on smartphone boost
93 Microsoft profits surge 17%, beating expectations
94 Apple shows off thinner iPad Air and retina iPad Mini
95 Migrants die of thirst in Niger crossing the Sahara
96 What Europeans can teach Americans about crowdfunding
97 How to save on everything
98 Saturated fat pledge 'a drop in the ocean'
99 Syria polio outbreak 'spreads'
100 Lorenzo's Oil creator Augusto Odone dies
101 Drop in Niger child deaths, says Save the Children
102 NHS Highland uses YouTube in bid to new recruit staff
103 A Point of View: IVF and the marketing of hope
104 Would a tax on sugary drinks make Mexico healthier?
105 Neuro Linguistic Programming: Mental health veterans therapy fear
106 Why has NSA failed to keep its own secrets?
107 Somalia's al-Shabab commanders 'killed' in strike
108 Brazil fetes open-access site
109 Death row incurs drug penalty
110 Final word is near on dark-matter signal
111 Volcanic-ash sensor to take flight
112 Pesticide makes invading ants suicidally aggressive
113 Europe debates fisheries funding
114 Palaeontology: The truth about T. rex
115 Brain decoding: Reading minds
116 Researchers keep mum on botulism discovery
117 Light from farthest galaxy yet discovered breaks through cosmic fog
118 Single electrons make waves
119 Extra gene makes mice manic
120 Research repository launches comment platform for post-publication peer review
121 Rodent immune to scorpion venom
122 Astronomers use fake data to tackle dark energy
123 Air-movement pattern portends US heatwaves
124 Spectacular flyover of Mars