File Title
1 LSUHSC bird study finds key info about human speech-language development
2 Video could transform how schools serve teens with autism
3 A Lost Generation of young scientists? U-M grad student voices concern about research funding crunch
4 New research informs California strawberry production practices
5 Turfgrass tested in shallow green roof substrates
6 High school student discovers skeleton of baby dinosaur
7 For low-income families, substandard housing takes toll on children
8 Baby's innate number sense predicts future math skill
9 What a difference a grade makes
10 UC Riverside astronomers help discover the most distant known galaxy
11 Participation in mindfulness-based program improves teacher well-being
12 Software Uses Cyborg Swarm To Map Unknown Environs
13 What makes a data visualization memorable?
14 Scientists prove Heisenberg's intuition correct
15 Yoga accessible for the blind with new Microsoft Kinect-based program
16 Market bubbles may be predictable, controllable
17 Wrangling flow to quiet cars and aircraft
18 Delayed gratification hurts climate change cooperation
19 Are you ready to retire?
20 Study of decline of malaria in the US could affect approach to malaria epidemic abroad, UT Arlington researcher says
21 Time is ripe for fire detection satellite, say UC Berkeley scientists
22 When galaxies collide: the growth of supermassive black holes
23 Multiple, distinct Y chromosomes associated with significant excess risk of prostate cancer
24 Portable vision screening devices accurately identify vision problems in young children
25 'High-risk' organs from deceased donors safe when screened with current methods
26 Expert panel issues recommendations for 'Dyspnea Crisis'
27 Sleep apnea is associated with subclinical myocardial injury
28 Hope of new treatment for severe asthma patients
29 An antibody fragment designed at the UAB ameliorates first hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease in mice
30 Important step towards stem cell-based treatment for stroke
31 Social Service Barriers Delay Care among Women with Abnormal Cancer Screening
32 Young obese women could reduce their stroke risk
33 No Longer a Man's Race
34 GVSU students contribute to growing medical field
35 How do consumers see a product when they hear music?
36 Why do discounts backfire when you make consumers wait?
37 Defining the graphene family tree
38 University of Toronto research warns against Wi-Fi in cars
39 Health Affairs looks at economic trends & quality trade-offs
40 Use of false ID by youth to buy alcohol is a slippery slope toward alcohol use disorders
41 FDA must find regulatory balance for probiotics says Univ. of Md. law prof
42 US regions exhibit distinct personalities, research reveals
43 UMass Amherst Social Psychologists Say War is Not Inevitable, Psychology Research Should Promote Peace and Nonviolence
44 District nursing homes win high marks for quality, but antipsychotic prescribing remains problematic
45 Skid Row Cancer Study Has Implications for Treatment Today, Penn Researcher Says
46 Infection connections: Badger surveillance project reveals how TB infects their social networks
47 Harvard researchers, pharma experts offer recommendations to expand access to clinical trial data
48 Personal and social concerns motivate organic food buyers
49 The potential of straw for the energy mix has been underestimated
50 Changing the common rule to increase minority voices in research
51 New report focuses on interface of digital humanitarian groups and government
52 Researchers identify gene variant that raises risk for colorectal cancer from eating processed meat
53 Exercise during pregnancy improves vascular function of offspring into adulthood
54 Experts clarify conflicting criteria for diagnosing polycystic ovary syndrome
55 Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in smokeless tobacco products
56 Washing your hands makes you optimistic
57 Study ties bone marrow transplant to negative sexual side effects
58 Children with brain injuries nearly twice as likely to suffer from depression
59 Parents greatly underestimate how often their children are cyberbullied
60 Why belief in the supernatural is only natural
61 Depressiona key link between intimate partner violence and food insecurity
62 Peer pressure can influence food choices at restaurants
63 Sounding Rocket to Calibrate NASA's SDO Instrument
64 Just 2 weeks in orbit causes changes in eyes
65 Fast CME Accompanied Mid-level Solar Flare
66 'Anklebot' helps determine ankle stiffness
67 New Microscopes at NIH Reveal Live, Developing Cells in Unprecedented 3-D Clarity
68 Aboriginal hunting practice increases animal populations
69 Reading this in a meeting? Women are twice as likely as men to be offended by smartphone use
70 Sleep apnea is associated with subclinical myocardial injury
71 ASU, Georgia Tech create breakthrough for solar cell efficiency
72 Genetic mutation provides clues to battling childhood obesity
73 Study ties bone marrow transplant to negative sexual side effects
74 UNH researcher: Bees underwent massive extinction when dinosaurs did
75 Persuading light to mix it up with matter
76 Unique chemistry in hydrogen catalysts
77 Fungus that causes white-nose syndrome in bats proves hardy survivor
78 UC Riverside astronomers help discover the most distant known galaxy
79 Loss and damage from climate change
80 Angel or demon: Can a potentially invasive plant bring a positive influence to a region?
81 Scientists develop new method to help global coasts adapt to sea-level rise
82 Study finds that paying people to become kidney donors could be cost-effective
83 ALMA reveals ghostly shape of 'coldest place in the universe'
84 New low-cost, nondestructive technology cuts risk from mercury hot spots
85 Reading ancient climate from plankton shells
86 Grasshopper mice are numb to the pain of the bark scorpion sting
87 Nanoscale engineering boosts performance of quantum dot light emitting diodes
88 New microscopes at NIH reveal live, developing cells in unprecedented 3-D clarity
89 Understanding DNA damage
90 King of beasts losing ground in Uganda's paradise
91 Risk of Amazon rainforest dieback is higher than IPCC projects
92 New device stores electricity on silicon chips
93 Hitchhiking virus confirms saga of ancient human migration
94 Scientists identify protein linking exercise to brain health
95 New fossils push the origin of flowering plants back by 100 million years to the early Triassic
96 First ever evidence of a comet striking Earth
97 Something seems to have cloaked the gorse in wet fleece
98 Plantwatch: Autumn leaves put in a late appearance as the green fades at last
99 DNA Variants May Influence COPD Patients' Response to Inhaled Bronchodilators
100 Physicists aim to make transition to quantum world visible
101 Medical research: the bald truth
102 Lightbeam from Mozilla shines light on online tracking
103 Nanomechanics of Drug-Target Interactions; Antibacterial Resistance Detection
104 'High-Risk' Organs from Deceased Donors Safe When Screened With Current Methods
105 Proteins in One of the World's Main Biodiesel Plants Have Been Mapped, and It Does Not Look Good
106 Saturated fat to be cut in chocolate products, makers pledge
107 No longer a man's race: More women than men are participating in the nation's 10 largest 10k road races
108 Ultrasound Device Combined With Clot-Buster Safe for Stroke
109 Toxic Co-Worker Test: How to Identify and Avoid Them
110 Stitch Fix: When Data Analytics Meet Fashion
111 Nano-Dwarves Turn Tumor Assassins
112 Climate change linked to bushfire risk says Environment Department website
113 3D printer items seized in U.K. might belong to printer, not gun
114 Recognizing cancer diseases at an early stage
115 Brazil seeks UN move vs. electronic surveillance
116 Danceroom Spectroscopy makes the invisible world of atoms visible
117 NASA telescopes to peer deeper into universe than ever before
118 Green Algae Move to the Beat: Flagellar Synchronization of Swimming Algae Explained
119 Artists Use LEGOs to Build Vision of Future Spaceflight in New Book (Photos)
120 Sun erupts with two big solar flares