File Title
1 Scorpion-eating mouse feels no pain
2 HIV hiding place a big barrier to cure
3 Hubble lens to get super boost from nature
4 Laser technology sorting method can improve Capsicum pepper seed quality
5 Vetch cover crop, fertilizer practices recommended for organic zucchini
6 New native shrubs show promise for landscape, nursery industries
7 Foot and mouth disease in sub-Saharan Africa moves over short distances, wild buffalo are a problem
8 WSU researchers link DDT and obesity
9 Model plant misled scientists about multicellular growth
10 Veterinary scientists track the origin of a deadly emerging pig virus in the United States
11 Gum leaves rich in lil' gold nuggets
12 Name that tune
13 South African 'living stone' plant adapts to extreme conditions in new ways
14 Long-term study links box jellyfish abundance, environmental variability at Waikiki Beach
15 Researchers show how plants tell the time
16 Coral chemicals protect against warming oceans
17 Dolphins inspire new radar system to detect hidden surveillance and explosive devices
18 New research illustrates Mississippi River's role
19 Early-Life Exposure of Frogs to Herbicide Increases Mortality From Fungal Disease
20 Team uses forest waste to develop cheaper, greener supercapacitors
21 Samurai sword protein makes strategic cuts in cell skeletons
22 Increasing toxicity of algal blooms tied to nutrient enrichment and climate change
23 For fish and rice to thrive in Yolo Bypass, 'just add water'
24 Climate change and coevolution: We've done the math
25 Why plants usually live longer then animals
26 Aboriginal Hunting Practice Increases Animal Populations
27 Fungus that causes white-nose syndrome in bats proves hardy survivor
28 New low-cost, nondestructive technology cuts risk from mercury hot spots
29 Women leave their handprints on the cave wall
30 Ancient Syrians favoured buying local to outsourcing production
31 Wari, predecessors of the Inca, used restraint to reshape human landscape
32 Complete skull from early Homo evokes a single, evolving lineage
33 Mysterious ancient human crossed Wallace's Line
34 Archaeologists rediscover the lost home of the last Neanderthals
35 Toothpicking and Periodontal Disease in a Neanderthal Specimen from Cova Forada Site (Valencia, Spain)
36 Unique skull find rebuts theories on species diversity in early humans
37 Shifting winds in turbine arrays
38 People don't put a high value on climate protection
39 Vinyl flooring linked to potentially harmful substances at schools and daycare centers
40 Uncovering the tricks of nature's ice-seeding bacteria
41 CU-Boulder study shows unprecedented warmth in Arctic
42 Researcher is optimistic about meeting 'Grand Challenge' of global prosperity
43 Loss and damage from climate change
44 Scientists develop new method to help global coasts adapt to sea-level rise
45 Reading ancient climate from plankton shells
46 Better sex in return for good gifts
47 DNA variants may influence COPD patients' response to inhaled bronchodilators
48 Cantilever sensory array: The Rosetta Stone for antibiotic resistance?
49 Ionizing radiation exposure promotes fusion oncogene formation
50 Researchers track lethal prostate cancer to determine clonal origin
51 Reduction of reactive oxygen species in diabetes-associated nephrology
52 Itch maintains regulatory T cell stability
53 Genetic variants associated with bronchodilator responsiveness
54 Baylor, DNAnexus, Amazon Web Services collaboration enables largest-ever cloud-based analysis of genomic data
55 Recognizing cancer diseases at an early stage
56 Salvianolate for treatment of cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injuries
57 What determines which sources within an episode are successfully remembered?
58 How does ursolic acid induce neural regeneration after sciatic nerve injury?
59 The proteins in major biodiesel plant have been mapped--and it does not look good
60 Nano-dwarves turn tumor assassins
61 Next-gen sequencing identifies genes associated with speech disorder
62 Angel or demon: Can a potentially invasive plant bring a positive influence to a region?
63 Understanding DNA damage
64 The most widespread ant and its new relative: A revision of the genus Paratrechina
65 Measuring blood sugar with light
66 Spatial, written language skills predict math competence
67 UC Researcher Proposes Classification System for Green Roofs
68 Report: 'Excellence Gap' Growing Among American Students
69 Retirement expert: Financial planning important for non-retirees, too
70 Homeless people much more frequent users of emergency department and other health-care services
71 Small group of homeless people are extremely high users of ERs
72 How are Open Access and MOOCS disrupting the academic community in different ways?
73 Swiss private banking in clinch with high cost level
74 A young Picasso or Beethoven could be the next Edison
75 UNL study shows college students are digitally distracted in class
76 CNIO researchers discover new genetic errors that could cause 1 of the most deadly leukaemias
77 Deciding when 'not' to maximize profits
78 First-ever Information Systems Job Index shows healthy market for college students
79 Ignorance is sometimes bliss
80 USC study: Google search serves users from 600% more locations than a year ago
81 UMass Amherst researcher quantifies the effectiveness of video ads
82 Foreign private patients provide a lucrative source of NHS income
83 Bigger, better, faster
84 Physicists decode decision circuit of cancer metastasis
85 Coyote more likely to make a meal out of moose than we thought: Study
86 N/A
87 Sharing the power of the crowd
88 MTV, AP-NORC Center survey finds that online bullying has declined
89 Behavior problems in preschool and child care centers may be an issue of genes
90 Reading this in a meeting? Women are twice as likely as men to be offended by smartphone use
91 Scientists solve mystery of odd patterns of oxygen in solar system's earliest rocks
92 Unique chemistry in hydrogen catalysts
93 A thermoelectric materials emulator
94 Persuading light to mix it up with matter
95 What is it about your face?
96 Deadly Gaps Persist in New Drug Development for Neglected Diseases
97 New Testing Strategy Detects Population-Wide Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies
98 Finding Psychiatric Drugs in the Movements of Mice
99 ALMA Reveals Ghostly Shape of 'Coldest Place in the Universe'
100 When scaling the quantum slopes, veer for the straight path (Physical Review A)
101 Gold nanoparticles give an edge in recycling CO2
102 Scientists' new approach improves efficiency of solar cells
103 Saarbrucken physicists aim to make transition to quantum world visible
104 New study shows promise for first effective medicine to treat cocaine dependence
105 IUPUI physicist collaborates in new study of the cell's "shredder"
106 Nanoscale engineering boosts performance of quantum dot light emitting diodes
107 Futuristic copper foam batteries get more bang for the buck
108 Grasshopper mice are numb to the pain of the bark scorpion sting
109 BUSM researchers identify molecule that could aid lung cancer detection, treatment
110 ASU, Georgia Tech create breakthrough for solar cell efficiency