File Title
1 Bees almost disappeared with the dinosaurs
2 Astronomers find most distant galaxy yet
3 Romantic strolls come at a cost for men
4 Women 'better at multitasking' than men, study finds
5 Seven-planet solar system found
6 Singapore's curious bicycle island
7 Supersonic jets of the past and the future
8 Secret memos 'show Pakistan endorsed US drone strikes'
9 Colleen Ritzer killing: Mourning for Massachusetts teacher
10 Madeleine McCann case: Portuguese police reopen inquiry
11 The Japanese men who prefer virtual girlfriends to sex
12 Coffee v. smoothies: Which is better for you?
13 Can technology help avoid stampedes?
14 US boy carrying replica gun shot dead by California police
15 US ambassador to Germany summoned in Merkel mobile row
16 Spying row: Merkel demands US trust at EU summit
17 Pepper spray campus police officer awarded compensation
18 Nigeria pirate attack: US sailors seized
19 How share tactics can change our planet
20 'Parents' of Greek Roma girl Maria give DNA to police
21 MEPs vote to suspend US data sharing
22 Samsung Electronics apologises to Chinese consumers
23 Battery boost from coated silicon
24 Slow metabolism 'obesity excuse' true
25 Apple Gears Up for Tablet Wars With iPad Air and iPad Mini With Retina Display
26 Apple Reveals New MacBook Pro, Mac Pro and Free Software Upgrades
27 iPad Air First Impressions: What's in a Name?
28 Facebook Backtracks, Removes Video of Beheading
29 Free! Why Apple's New OS X Mavericks, iLife, iWork Pricing Is a Big Deal
30 Phablets: Should Your Next Phone Be Bigger Than Your Hand or Face?
31 'Anti-Troll' Marblar Unites NASA Patents, Samsung to Crowdsource New Products
32 5 Things We Didn't Know About the Fungal Outbreak Last Year
33 Florida Cop Buys $100 in Groceries for Woman Caught Shoplifting Food
34 Hats Off to These 4 Potential Baldness Cures
35 FDA Seeks Pet Owner Help on Dangerous Jerky Treats
36 New Women Alcoholics: 'Looking at Red Wine Like It's Chocolate'
37 18 Ways to Build Muscle All Day
38 Celebrities Who Battled Breast Cancer
39 Lice Land on Growing List of Superbugs
40 Groundbreaking Trachea Transplant Could Become Routine
41 3 Ways to Love Your Workout
42 Slain Teacher Colleen Ritzer Tweeted Her Students Tips, Jokes and Encouragement
43 Police Officer of the Year's Heroics Caught on Dashcam
44 Review: In Windows 8.1, Mail is finally usable on tablets and desktops
45 Ubuntu 13.10 review: The Linux OS of the future remains a year away
46 Hands-on with the new iPad Air and Retina iPad mini (update: video)
47 Five Steps to Building a Better Cloud
48 Arduino creator explains why open source matters in hardware, too
49 Big Data Detectives
50 The iOS 7 Effect and the Mobile Enterprise
51 Windows 8.1: What a difference a year makes
52 Google's iron grip on Android: Controlling open source by any means necessary
53 Obama administration launches "tech surge" to improve
54 3D printing loosens CGI's iron grip on movie special effects
55 Wikipedia editors, locked in battle with PR firm, delete 250 accounts
56 Soylent gets a $1.5 million infusion of venture capital
57 isoHunt shuts down a day early to avoid becoming part of online archive
58 Google Earth narcs on an Oregonian marijuana grower
59 Report: Microsoft testing Google Glass competitor
60 Don't trust VPNs? Create your own with a friend and a browser extension
61 Google buys Flexycore, creator of a "10x speed boost" app for Android
62 Pirate Bay cofounder appeals hacking case, argues to halt his extradition
63 At long last, Instagram coming to Windows Phone
64 iLife and iWork suites are updated and free with new iOS devices or Macs
65 The non-retina MacBook Pro lives on, awkwardly priced and specced
66 Top Silk Road drug dealer was an informant, then got arrested
67 Prenda-linked lawyer is incensed about financial data being revealed
68 Apple releases iOS 7.0.3 to fix bugs, add iCloud Keychain support
69 US carbon emissions hit lowest level since 1994 despite economic growth
70 Textbook publishers ignoring Texas school board's inane interventions
71 When a gaming actress' nude images leak, who should take the legal blame?
72 You're infected--if you want to see your data again, pay us $300 in Bitcoins
73 The Navy's newest warship is powered by Linux
74 OS X 10.9 Mavericks: The Ars Technica Review
75 Aereo comes to Android: Watch TV anywhere, Android 4.2 and up
76 YouTube for Android will soon work as a background music player
77 Curved LG G Flex makes its TV debut in Argentina
78 Zombies vs. animals? The living dead wouldn't stand a chance
79 Galaxy S 4 Mini comes to the US next month; Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T onboard
80 With new iWork, Apple spotted the problem but declined to fix it
81 You don't want cable data caps--but a former FCC chairman does
82 Germany accuses US of spying on Chancellor Angela Merkel's phone
83 Why give away OS X Mavericks for free? Because it makes Apple more money
84 Mac App Store upgrades old iWork and Aperture demos to full versions for free
85 Blackberry's Android BBM app drawing lots of suspicious 5-star ratings
86 Linux is king *nix of the data center--but Unix may live on forever
87 Nokia brings its biggest Lumias yet, including a Windows RT tablet
88 OS X Mavericks comes out today--and it's free
89 Second-generation Retina MacBook Pros get a boost from Haswell
90 $2,999 Mac Pro to go on sale in December in all its Dalek-resembling glory
91 Apple unveils redesigned 9.7" iPad Air, available November 1
92 Apple gives iPad mini the Retina treatment, $399 for 16GB
93 Wait, can the Xbox One really run generalized Windows 8 apps?
94 Appellate court: Nope, feds can't just GPS track your car without a warrant
95 How to make your own bootable OS X 10.9 Mavericks USB install drive
96 Evaluating Apple's slow-and-steady approach to high-density displays
97 Reversing climate change even more difficult than it might sound
98 OS X Mavericks breaks multi-monitor setups with some USB displays
99 Hack turns Belkin baby monitor into iPhone-controlled bugging device
100 New type of quantum excitation behaves like a solitary particle
101 New Surfaces once again meaninglessly dissed for low repairability
102 Finally, a bill to end patent trolling
103 Why #iphone is banned on Instagram, but #gunforsale is not
104 Samsung Spectacles: Google Glass competitor spotted in design patent