File Title
1 West Coast Hires More Software Engineers And Pays Them More
2 Four Months On, Apple Still Claims It Cannot Decrypt iMessages
3 As Tablet and E-Reader Market Continues To Grow, Apple Loses Edge
4 Microsoft Developing Cookie Alternative To Track Across PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, Xbox
5 As Cookies Decline, Device 'Fingerprinting' Becomes Increasingly Common
6 Data Compression Startup Onavo Finds A Home At Facebook
7 Patient's Own Cells Might Be Used As Treatment For Parkinson's Disease
8 Leading Experts Offer Advice On Generating Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Banks
9 Blood Vessel Cells Can Repair, Regenerate Organs
10 Miniature Pancreas Grown Using New 3D Method
11 Researchers Discover And Treat Toxic Effects Of ALS Mutation Using Neurons Made From Patients' Skin Cells
12 How Much Real Meat Is Actually In A Chicken Nugget?
13 Obesity Suppresses Cellular Process Critical To Kidney Health
14 Hypertension Risks High For Obese, Overweight Kids
15 FlyKly Creates Smart Bicycle Wheel
16 Are Accountable Care Organizations 'Improving Population Health'?
17 Researchers See Huge Disparities In Hypertension Across US Counties
18 Group Of Residents Concerned About Health Effects Of Hydrofracking
19 Clean Water And Soap May Help Improve Growth In Young Children
20 Public Health Does Not 'Lose Out' When Merged With Medicaid Programs
21 Global Slavery Index Finds 30M People Enslaved Around The World
22 Electrical Engineers Build 'No-waste' Laser
23 Revolutionary Laser System Proposed To Produce The Next LHC
24 Laser Weapon Developed To Fight Pirates
25 Laser Fired From US Navy Ship
26 Defense Department's Hi-Tech Weapons 'Wish List' Leaked Online
27 Stem Cell Breakthrough Could Aid In Future Transplant Therapies
28 Reproductive Trait In Fish Impedes Tissue Regeneration
29 N/A
30 How The Gut Gets Its Villi
31 New Biological Clock Shows Body Parts Age At Different Rates
32 Plants Help Control Carbon Sink, Keep The Earth From Cooking
33 Invasive Plant Thrives Because It Adapts Quickly To Local Climates
34 Hyperdominant Trees Make Up Half Of Amazon Forests
35 Internet Breast Milk 'Not Safe,' Says Study
36 Smoking Cigarettes Can Take A Full Decade Off Your Life
37 Costly Cigarettes And Smoke-Free Homes
38 Light Efficiency Almost Doubled In LC Projectors
39 New Technique Shoots Lights Around Corners
40 World's First Violet Nonpolar Vertical-Cavity Laser Technology Developed
41 Masers Finally Come Out Of The Cold And Operate At Room Temperature
42 New Imaging System Could Help Diagnose Disease And Monitor Hazardous Substances
43 JILA Team Demonstrates 'A New Way of Lasing': A 'Superradiant' Laser
44 New Studies Open Up More Debate On Police Stun Gun Use
45 Taser Shocks Unlikely To Cause Cardiac Complications
46 Flu Virus Wipes Out Immune System's First Responders To Establish Infection
47 2 Genetic Wrongs Make A Biochemical Right
48 Blood Stem Cells Age At The Unexpected Flip Of A Molecular Switch
49 Study Links Fragile X Syndrome To 93 Different Autism Genes
50 Antibiotic Minocycline Could Benefit Children With Fragile X Syndrome
51 Production Of Toxic Protein Causes Common Neurodegenerative Disorder
52 Science Surprise: Toxic Protein Made In Unusual Way May Explain Brain Disorder
53 Neuron 'Claws' In The Brain Enable Flies To Distinguish 1 Scent From Another
54 Elephants And Humans Share Similar, Yet Distinct, Vocal Abilities
55 Neanderthals Used Toothpicks To Alleviate Gum Disease
56 Archaeologists Find Home Of The Last Neanderthals
57 Plant Mapping Project Highlights Where Rarest Species Thrive
58 Heisenberg's Hunch Was Correct, And Now Scientists Have Proof
59 British Professor Claims Yeti Is A Polar Bear Hybrid
60 Pacific Ocean Temperatures Could Predict Where Tornadoes May Strike
61 Novel Approach To Monitoring Condition Of Tiger Habitat In Chitwan National Park
62 Re-Sequencing Project Could Aid Genetic Enhancement Of Cucumbers
63 Oreos As Addictive As Morphine To Rats
64 Good Food, Dopamine And Lowering Your Blood Pressure
65 'Hunger Hormone' Ghrelin May Prevent PTSD, Say MIT Researchers
66 Twice As Many Humans Carry Mad Cow Protein As Thought
67 Male Fertility May Suffer With A Slice Of Bacon
68 Miniature, Wireless Pacemaker Approved In Europe
69 You Can't Fake It With A Baby
70 New Genetic Blood Test Diagnoses Sepsis In Hours, Not Days
71 Sleep May Help Brain Flush Out Toxins
72 Cholera Outbreak Gripping Mexico, 171 Confirmed Cases
73 Mammalian Body Cells Lack Ancient Viral Defense Mechanism
74 Plug And Play Synthetic Biology--Rewriting An Entire Genome
75 A Piece Of Research Shows That Genetically Modified Tobacco Plants Are Viable As Raw Material For Producing Biofuels
76 Automatic Home-Brewing Machine Takes Off On Kickstarter
77 Adding Citrus Fiber To Meatballs Can Increase Dietary Fiber Content
78 Traffic-light Labeling System Increases Attention To Nutritional Quality Of Food Choices
79 West African Bats Are Hosts To Multitude Of Different Haemosporidian Parasites
80 Culling Of Deer Controls Disease With Little Effect On Hunting
81 Potential New Drug Effective In Breast Cancer And Melanoma Resistant To Targeted Therapies
82 Psychedelic Drugs Don't Make You Crazy, Says Study
83 Genetic Link Found Between Anxiety And Prosocial Behavior
84 Schizophrenia Tied To Abnormal Memory Network In Brain
85 New Cases Of Autism In UK Have Leveled Off After 5-Fold Surge During 1990s
86 Video Teaching May Help Autistic Kids Hone Social Skills
87 Heartbeat Passwords May Make Implanted Medical Devices Unhackable
88 New Nanotube Surface Promises Dental Implants That Heal Faster And Fight Infection
89 New Coating May Reduce Blood Clot Risk Inside Stents
90 NASA Reconsidering Chinese Scientists' Applications
91 SpaceX Grasshopper Rocket Reaches New Heights In Half-Mile Test
92 Iran Looks To Launch Second Monkey Into Space
93 ALMA Observatory Reveals Black Hole's Eating Habits
94 Largest Yet Chelyabinsk Meteorite Fragment Raised From Lakebed
95 Mars-like Desert Exploration Completed By ESA's Test Rover
96 Largest Known Star Self-Destructs While Astronomers Observe
97 Curiosity Sampling Confirms Earth Meteorites Are From Mars
98 Virtual Observatory Study Explains How Black Holes Get So Massive
99 Astronomers Use Gravitational Lensing To Weigh Most Distant Galaxy
100 ESA Seeks To AMAZE By Printing Metal In Space
101 NASA Reveals Herculean Process Of Handling Big Data
102 Newly Discovered Asteroid Has Slight Chance Of Impacting Earth
103 Astronomers Find Densest Galaxy Yet Discovered
104 Sleeping Supermassive Black Holes Can Have Periods Of Intense Flare-Ups
105 Top 5 Ways The Government Shutdown Is Affecting Science
106 Applications For Martian Settlement Program Pass 200,000
107 Curiosity Offers Insights Into How Mars Lost Its Atmosphere
108 Mars Curiosity Rover Rolls Past One Kilometer Mark
109 US Space Program Continues To Feel Effects Of Government Shutdown
110 Investigating X-ray Absorption Of Highly Charged Iron Ions
111 Breakthrough Data Point To Origin Of Extra-Galactic Cosmic Rays
112 Misaligned Planets Discovered In Distant System
113 Discovery Of Water In Rocky Asteroid Suggests Possibility Of Habitable Exoplanets
114 Apple Loses Product Placement Guru and E-Commerce Star
115 VIP Loyalty Programs: Consumers Prefer Awards They Can Share
116 Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts Takes Retail Lead At Apple
117 Facebook Founder's Sister Writes Children's Book About Technology Obsession
118 Voyager 1 Has Left Solar System, Reaching New Horizons
119 Living On The Edge
120 Whistle While You Work (Out)
121 Home Away From Home: What Makes Consumers Support Their Favorite Businesses?
122 Why Do Discounts Backfire When You Make Consumers Wait?