File Title
1 MIT Researchers Use Old Math Model to Give Robots a Better Vision
2 Project Aimed at Developing Brain-like Computer Underway
3 Clouds of Mars Created on Earth
4 Genetics Play Role in Marital Satisfaction, Study Says
5 Hawaii Formed Differently than Believed, Study Suggests
6 Scientists Say Shutdown is 'Jeopardizing' America's Role in Bioscience
7 Babies Show Predictive Abilities While Still in Womb
8 Scientists Discover New Ways Bubbles Form in Foam
9 Ripples in Icicles Caused by Salt
10 Government Shutdown Forces US Antarctic Program into 'Caretaker' Mode
11 Cell Membranes Can Be 'Written' Directly on to Graphene Surface
12 Researchers Reconstruct 4,000 Years of Europe's Genetic History
13 Central Europe's Hunter-gatherers and Immigrant Farmers Co-existed for 2,000 Years
14 Researchers Discover How Microbes Survive in Freezing Conditions
15 Botulinum Toxin type H- the Deadliest Known Toxin With no Known Antidote Discovered
16 Oreos as Addictive as Cocaine: A Study
17 Lost Home of Neanderthals Found on British Island, Archaeologists Say
18 Australian Wild Pig Drinks 18 Beers, Gets in Fight with Cow
19 Gravitational Waves Unveil New Insight into Black Hole Weight Gain
20 Boy Scout Leaders Express Regret Over Vandalizing Goblin Valley State Park
21 Bahamas Mosquitofish Develop Longer Sex-Organ when Surrounded by Predators
22 Rocky Pillars in Iceland Formed in Rare Volcanic Event
23 2,700-Year-Old Portico Unearthed in Ancient Greek City
24 Popcorn Can Make One Immune to Advertising, Researchers Say
25 New Underwater Internet Could Save Lives
26 Edinburgh Zoo's Giant Panda Tian Tian No Longer Pregnant
27 ALMA Solves Mysteries of Jets from Giant Black Holes
28 First Blood-engorged Mosquito Fossil Discovered
29 Mechanisms Behind Chronic Itching Identified in New Study
30 Massive Meteorite Pulled from Russian Lake
31 Fossilized Nervous System of Never-before-seen Ancient Creature 'Exquisitely Preserved'
32 Scientists Offer New Theory for Evolution of Human Skeleton
33 English Feasted on Frog Legs Long Before French, Discovery Suggests
34 Women Perceive Men with Deep Voices as More Likely to Cheat, Less Suitable for Marriage
35 Warming Oceans Leading to Extinction of Some Plankton, A Vital Marine Food Source
36 Ancient Skull Suggests New Story of Human Evolution
37 Neanderthals Used Toothpicks to Relieve Their Toothaches
38 Ancient Human Relatives Crossed Formidable Wallace's Line
39 Scientists One Step Closer to Defining Consciousness
40 Golden wrapper to protect Milky Way mapper
41 Light can break Newton's third law--by cheating
42 Metallic make-up lets you launch drones with a wink
43 Dark energy could be the offspring of the Higgs boson
44 Death by Higgs rids cosmos of space brain threat
45 What has the Higgs boson done for us?
46 Dark matter tops physicists' wish list, post-Higgs
47 Elusive Higgs wins physics Nobel, shared with Englert
48 Nobel laureate Higgs discovered and answers questions
49 Happy birthday boson! Six outstanding Higgs mysteries
50 Virtual role-playing teaches kids the harm of bullying
51 Earth's super-siblings grew up very differently
52 Biologists call for part privatisation of oceans
53 1 in 2000 Britons may carry 'mad cow' prion protein
54 Chimp calls suggest language evolved from a song
55 Did Africa's Great Lakes boost our ancestors' brains?
56 Free broadband via gaps in spectrum gets biggest trial
57 How UK's first nuclear reactor for 25 years will work
58 Brain damage in American football linked to head trauma
59 Augmented reality system makes cars see-through
60 Badly run trials behind Indian drug testing freeze
61 Massive remnant of meteor surfaces from Russian lake
62 Matterhorn mapped by fleet of drones in just 6 hours
63 Universal law of urination found in mammals
64 Virus-sabotaging protein may help people defy HIV
65 Reprogrammed bacterium speaks new language of life
66 Complete skull of 1.8-million-year-old hominin found
67 Sleep boosts brain's self-cleaning system
68 Astrophile: Soggy bogs swallow craters on Titan
69 Deadly fungus cripples frog immune systems
70 Golden Rice creator wants to live to see it save lives
71 School achievement isn't just in your genes
72 Labyrinthine M. C. Escher stairs line vast Indian well
73 Locating art in the brain of the beholder
74 Cyborg gel implant fights diabetes with light
75 Menthol cigarettes: Stub out these seductive smokes
76 Women's breasts age faster than the rest of their body
77 Regardless Of Bladder Size, All Mammals Subject To The 'Law Of Urination'
78 Ghostly UFO Cloud Traced Back To Russian Missile Launch
79 Stress Sweat Changes How We Perceive Women
80 Craft Beer Industry On Thin Ice During Government Shutdown
81 USPTO Approves Apple's Steve Jobs Patent
82 Chinese Based Huawei Looks To Resolution With US
83 As Tablet and E-Reader Market Continues To Grow, Apple Loses Edge
84 Billionaire Entrepreneur Elon Musk Wants To Build Submarine Car
85 Windows 8.1 Update Has Arrived
86 Building Better Robots Based On Natural Jellyfish Movement
87 New Biological Clock Shows Body Parts Age At Different Rates
88 Learning New Skills Can Keep An Aging Mind Healthy
89 Children Undergoing Weight Loss Surgery As UK Debates How Best To Address Obesity Epidemic
90 China Reports New H7N9 Case, US Vaccine Trial May Have An Answer
91 Microsoft Kinect-Based Program Can Help The Blind Learn Yoga
92 Migraines Increase Risk Of Depression, Especially In Younger People
93 Interviews Better At Predicting Mortality Than Doctors, Self-Assessments
94 Sleep May Help Brain Flush Out Toxins
95 Antimissile Shield Shoots Down Missile
96 US Navy Successfully Tests New Anti-Ballistic Missile Over Pacific
97 Russia Reportedly Developing Anti-Missile Defense System
98 Atlas 5 Rocket Carries New Defense Satellite Into Orbit
99 US Navy Wants Laser Weapon System On Ships By 2014
100 CIA Declassifies Area 51 As Top Secret Spy Plane Testing Site
101 FDA's Approval Of Bevacizumab Improved Surivival Of Brain Cancer
102 Benefit Of PET Or PET/CT In Oesophageal Cancer Is Not Proven
103 Abused Women Often Delay Leaving Due To Their Pets
104 Overweight Dogs Found To Have Reduced Life Expectancies
105 Ancient Eel-Like Chordates Linked To Evolution Of Human Skeleton
106 Chimps Speak With Purpose, May Point To The Origins Of Language
107 Mature Cells Revert Into Embryonic-like Stem Cells With Help From Physical Cues
108 New Idea For Targeting The Common Cancer Protein KRAS
109 Potential New Drug For Some Patients With Treatment-Resistant Lung Cancer
110 Widely-Used Ship Identification System Is Vulnerable To Hacking