File Title
1 Scientists make jaw dropping discovery
2 Motor neurone clue in blue-green algae
3 Nanotubes promise giant computing step
4 Los Altos Considering Declaring Steve Jobs' Boyhood Home a Historic Property
5 Kindle Fire HD and HDX: Next Generation of Amazon's Tablets Starts at $139
6 Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Comes with Mayday 24/7 Video Tech Support Feature
7 Samsung Comes After Apple's Gold With New Galaxy S4 Pictures
8 Fake Apple Ad Claims iOS 7 Update Waterproofs Phones
9 Crisper Selfies: Instagram Promises Better Looking Photos with Updated iOS 7 App
10 Twitter Launches Alerts to Keep You Updated During Emergencies
11 Man Uses Google Earth, Inadvertently Helps Sheriff's Department Find Stolen Car
12 N.Y. Governor Unveils Plan To Create 'Texting Zones' For Distracted Drivers
13 New Island Off Pakistan's Coast May Not Stay Afloat
14 Self-Styled 'Telepathic Rape' Victim Convicted for Having Husband Shoot Man
15 Internet Sensation 'Papa Smurf' Dies; Other Blue People Live On
16 US Army Set to Implement New Tattoo Rules
17 Doctors Grow Nose on Man's Forehead
18 Tenn. Man Says Daughter's Teacher Promoted 'Islamic Tolerance'
19 6 Simple Swaps for Effortless Weight Loss
20 Ohio Nurses Surprise Lung Transplant Couple With Hospital Wedding
21 9 More Things to Know About Health Insurance Exchanges
22 What to Look for in a Doctor
23 Confessions of a (Temporarily) Fat Yogi
24 The life and death of Buran, the USSR shuttle built on faulty assumptions
25 Review: With the iPhone 5S, Apple lays groundwork for a brighter future
26 Finally, we won't have to power off during takeoff and landing
27 BlackBerry unloading corporate jets in addition to 4,700 employees
28 Microduino: An Arduino clone nearly as small as a quarter, for $20
29 Now even supermarket chains are making cheap Android tablets
30 Software, vehicle congestion delay Cygnus docking at Space Station
31 BlackBerry to go private in $4.7 billion deal
32 Moto X software update significantly improves camera quality
33 Apple updates iMacs: Haswell, PCIe SSD, and 802.11ac
34 Deep Impact probe down and out, ICE back for (maybe) more
35 Senators have questions for NSA and others, probably won't get answers soon
36 Nokia 'fesses up about its former-CEO's compensation
37 Ad-skipping is still legal, despite Fox's best effort
38 New York to create 91 roadside "Text Stops" in hopes that you'll lol l8er
39 Large patent holders hate this reform proposal. That's a good sign.
40 The Alameda-Weehawken Burrito Tunnel
41 Amazon announces 7" 1920x1200 and 8.9" 2560x1600 Kindle Fire HDX tablets
42 New Roku models unify design and spruce up the midrange
43 Reports: Grand Theft Auto Online to feature microtransactions
44 2013 iMac teardowns reveal SSD slots, soldered-in CPU in the 21.5" model
45 Popular iOS e-mail app acquired by Dropbox has serious bug, researcher warns (Updated)
46 How LexisNexis and others may have unwittingly aided identity thieves
47 AT&T announces plans to use 700Mhz channels for LTE Broadcast
48 Meet the machines that steal your phone's data
49 Astroturfers shut down after flooding Yelp and Google with fake reviews
50 Fancy Node.js-based blogging app Ghost goes live to backers
51 Hands on with Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2: Second verse, same as the first
52 Analysis: Can SteamOS drag the PC game industry over to Linux?
53 First look at the new keyboards, dock, and other Surface accessories
54 Computer simulations suggest war drove the rise of civilizations
55 Mineral transformation may trigger deep earthquakes
56 What the SteamOS announcement means for living room PC gaming
57 Who rooted servers two years ago, how did it happen, and why?
58 Internet's cherished spambot turns out to be just another human
59 Nvidia seeks peace with Linux, pledges help on open source driver (Updated)
60 Bypassing TouchID was "no challenge at all," hacker tells Ars
61 Soon, California kids will have the right to delete things they said online
62 Cost of renewable energy's variability is dwarfed by the savings
63 How much influence can the UN have over online spying?
64 Pot, kettle, black: Dealerships say Tesla "misleading" consumers on car costs
65 Valve working with partners on "Steam Machine" hardware for 2014
66 Pulsar's magnetic field strong enough to clean up after nuclear explosion
67 Processor made from carbon nanotubes runs multitasking OS
68 YouTube tries to rescue its terrible commenters from themselves
69 Senators to introduce comprehensive NSA and secret court reform bill
70 For hire: Elite "cyber mercenaries" adept at infecting Windows and Macs
71 Google Shopping Express expands old formula: Take orders, deliver stuff (mostly)
72 Europe's key animals 'making a comeback'
73 First computer made of carbon nanotubes is unveiled
74 China to launch space station by 2023
75 Ancient soils provide early whiff of oxygen
76 EU farm subsidy reform criticised by MEPs
77 Scientists warn of ocean conservation in wrong areas
78 Cuckoo finch fools host with multiple eggs
79 Climate sceptics claim warming pause backs their view
80 Pakistan quake island off Gwadar 'emits flammable gas'
81 Living in: Great waterfront cities
82 Iran wants nuclear deal in months, says President Rouhani
83 Interpol seeks UK woman Samantha Lewthwaite's arrest
84 Michelle Obama's ID details hacked from data brokers
85 Costa Concordia: Remains found near wreck
86 How yoga is helping prisoners stay calm
87 Singapore domestic workers' day off
88 Digital do-gooders: Why do we help strangers online?
89 Charles Taylor war crimes convictions upheld
90 NSA spied on Martin Luther King, documents reveal
91 Gates calls Ctrl+Alt+Del command a mistake
92 German community service order for 'forest boy'
93 Profile: Samantha Lewthwaite
94 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. makes strong US TV debut
95 Why everyone should be able to travel in space
96 Viking ship to arrive at British Museum in 'flat pack'
97 AMC Eagle, the unlikely trail-blazer
98 Ned Kelly, Sidney Nolan and the story of Australian art
99 Nineties fashion looms large on the runways
100 Kenya siege: Nairobi shopping mall searched for bodies
101 Yahoo in recycled email privacy row
102 South African teen 'played dead' to survive Westgate attack
103 Evernote app and Post-it notes form partnership
104 In-game app fees face OFT consumer protection crackdown
105 Rural broadband rollout: Taxpayers being 'ripped off,' say MPs
106 Mobiles phone use 'unacceptable' at the theatre, says survey
107 Most C. diff infections are 'not hospital spread'
108 Too young for arthritis: the kids battling the 'disease of the elderly'