File Title
1 Tiny camera records details of scene without losing sight of the big picture
2 Wormlike hematite photoanode breaks the world-record for solar hydrogen production efficiency
3 Researchers from Dresden and Mainz present a new multifunctional topological insulator material with combined superconductivity
4 With carbon nanotubes, a path to flexible, low-cost sensors
5 Turning plastic bags into high-tech materials
6 'Jekyll and Hyde' star morphs from radio to X-ray pulsar and back again
7 Seeing light in a new light
8 Tiny antennas let long light waves see in infrared
9 Whale mass stranding attributed to sonar mapping for first time
10 Cheats of the bird world--Cuckoo finches fool host parents
11 iPad app teaches students key skill for success in math, science, engineering
12 Sensors allow for efficient irrigation, give growers more control over plant growth
13 Study recommends strategies for improved management of fresh market spinach
14 Weather, yield compared for horticultural crops in Wisconsin, southern Ontario
15 Flame cultivation promising as weed control method for cranberry
16 High debt load anticipated by majority of medical students; African-Americans most affected
17 Why do young adults start smoking?
18 Non-Traditional Mathematics Curriculum Results in Higher Standardized Test Scores, MU Study Finds
19 Ability to move to a beat linked to brain's response to speech
20 The importance of keeping a beat
21 Osteoarthritis and the (not so) painful step toward a cure
22 Online citizen scientists: Classify plankton images
23 E-readers more effective than paper for dyslexic readers
24 Smithsonian experts find e-readers can make reading easier for those with dyslexia
25 Early to press means success
26 Genetics in Medicine publishes special issue dedicated to genomics in electronic health records
27 New test enables early diagnosis of liver cancer
28 What people don't get about my job
29 Followers' actions affect an organization's leadership capacity, Wayne State University education researcher finds
30 Some Parts of Memory Still Developing Deep into Childhood
31 Cross-ethnic friendships in urban middle schools make youths feel less vulnerable, safer
32 Responsive interactions key to toddlers' ability to learn language
33 Playing with blocks may help children's spatial and math thinking
34 Model of dangerous bee disease in Jersey provides tool in fight against honeybee infections
35 Study determines best arrangement of tidal sails device
36 New Study Shows Solar Manufacturing Costs Not Driven Primarily by Labor
37 Extinction and overfishing threats can be predicted decades before population declines
38 Algorithm finds missing phytoplankton in Southern Ocean
39 Undersea mountains provide crucial piece in climate prediction puzzle
40 Stanford scientists publish theory, formula to improve 'plastic' semiconductors
41 Recommendations guide physicians in treatment of systemic juvenile arthritis
42 Two tests in combination can provide better asthma diagnosis
43 Unstable chromosomes linked to less favorable response to RT and surgery in prostate cancer patients
44 Researchers use nanoparticles to deliver vaccines to lungs
45 'X-shape' not true picture of chromosome structure, new imaging technique reveals
46 Physicians experience increased effort, uncertainty in cross-coverage of radiation oncology patients
47 Study finds link between commonly prescribed statin and memory impairment
48 Innovations save lives of mothers and children
49 Genetic Makeup and Diet Interact with the Microbiome to Impact Health
50 Intensity modulated proton therapy reduces need for feeding tubes by 50%
51 Seeing the forest and the trees
52 TV drug ads: The whole truth?
53 UC Davis study applies timely cost-effectiveness analysis to state breast cancer screening program
54 On the Road to Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing:
55 Self-referral spurs unnecessary MRI exams for patients
56 Heavily logged forests still valuable for tropical wildlife
57 Wetlands more cost-effective in nutrient removal, but multiple payments would be of uncertain value
58 31% of timber, mining, agriculture concessions in 12 nations overlap with local land rights
59 Scaling Up Personalized Query Results for Next Generation of Search Engines
60 Nanocrystal Catalyst Transforms Impure Hydrogen into Electricity
61 Dirty job made easier: Microfluidic technique recovers DNA for iDs
62 Antibacterial products fuel resistant bacteria in streams and rivers
63 Appropriate vaccinations schedules for feline patients outlined
64 Smartphones and tablets could provide universal access to medical monitoring
65 Gun retailers strongly support expanded criteria for denying gun purchases, UC Davis survey finds
66 Underage youth get cigarettes and alcohol from friends and family, survey shows
67 SCIENCE IN SOCIETY: Caring for our Futures in Turbulent Times
68 Researchers find no age-related differences in post-concussion symptoms
69 NYU Steinhardt researcher pinpoints biological risk factor in obesity-related cancers
70 Link between antidepressants and diabetes risk is real
71 'Traffic light' test could prevent hundreds of people developing alcohol-related cirrhosis
72 Reliable method detects suicidal propensity
73 Researchers use smart phone photography to diagnose eye disease
74 Greek crisis has biological health effects
75 Targeted radiation therapy safe, effective treatment for elderly with pancreatic cancer
76 New research shows how heart cells communicate to regulate heart activity
77 Regenstrief, IU automated CHICA system makes ADHD diagnosis more accurate
78 Stem cells on NIH Registry
79 JOEH: Professional French Horn Players in Danger of Developing Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
80 Past weight loss an overlooked factor in disordered eating
81 Family Resiliency Center helps study how food-bank clients afford basic non-food items
82 UEA scientists reveal Earth's habitable lifetime and investigate potential for alien life
83 African dust storms in our air
84 Clues to the growth of the colossus in Coma
85 UCLA scientists explain the formation of unusual ring of radiation in space
86 Researchers publish enormous catalog of more than 300,000 nearby galaxies
87 NASA's Hubble and Chandra Find Evidence for Densest Nearby Galaxy
88 Astronomers Uncover a 'Transformer' Pulsar
89 New steering tech for heavy equipment saves fuel, ups efficiency
90 New 'Smart Rounds' improves safety of radiation therapy
91 Empires, bureaucracies and religion arise from war
92 $500 million cancer pledge comes with a catch
93 Iranian student awarded human-rights prize while in prison
94 Mozilla plan seeks to debug scientific code
95 Interface superconductivity found in single crystal
96 Mystery over obesity 'fraud'
97 Universities struggle to make patents pay
98 Revolutionary method for probing molecular structure unravels
99 Deadly Pakistan quake may have unleashed a mud volcano
100 Nobel prize guessing game begins
101 Regulation stacks up for e-cigarettes
102 Biotechnology: The start-up engine
103 Marine science: Oceanography's billion-dollar baby
104 Drilling hit by budget woes
105 MacArthur Foundation awards 2013 'genius grants'
106 Ancient fish face shows roots of modern jaw
107 New measure shifts biodiversity focus
108 Time for change
109 Homes for bones
110 Counting the cost
111 Climate change: A patchwork of emissions cuts
112 Ecology: Gene tweaking for conservation
113 Universe may be curved, not flat