File Title
1 Loss of 'diggers' threaten ecosystem
2 Women 'smell' their competition
3 Cosmic fossil reveals big hole feeding frenzy
4 Zimbabwe elephants poisoned by cyanide
5 China's new phase of panda diplomacy
6 Night vigils for badgers in the cull zone
7 Brian Cox: The wonder of British science
8 How weapons inspectors try to get to the truth
9 Who, what, why: Does the shape of chocolate change its taste?
10 Camp with penguins in Antarctica
11 Senator Ted Cruz in marathon speech against Obama health law
12 Nairobi attack: Kenya mourns Westgate siege victims
13 Apple Maps flaw results in drivers crossing airport runway
14 Iran ready for nuclear talks, says President Rouhani
15 Pakistan earthquake: Hundreds dead in Balochistan
16 Lotharios no more: In defense of Italian men
17 Islamist rebels in Syria reject National Coalition
18 China to execute parking-row toddler killer
19 Afghanistan 'two-headed' baby in successful operation
20 Samsung to launch smartphones with curved displays
21 Does non-belief in free will make us better or worse?
22 Nairobi attack: Foreign experts join Kenya forensic hunt
23 Egypt's tech innovators seize opportunity from turmoil
24 Amazon's Kindle HDX tablets get remote Mayday help
25 Popular Science blames 'trolls' for comments shut-off
26 Nokia chairman admits mistake in Elop pay-off description
27 Hong Kong 0, New York 1?
28 Lost Mary Pickford film to be screened
29 Doomsday scenario plan would divide North Korea
30 Why I went in to the Nairobi mall when others fled
31 French minister Valls defends call for Roma expulsions
32 Crossing the al-Shabab frontline in Somalia
33 First aid for your speaking skills
34 Why the 'Barcelona' Pavilion is a modernist classic
35 Best of the Web: Kafka: A metamorphosis from literature into dance [et al.]
36 'Sugar gel' helps premature babies
37 Anti-depressants 'linked to type 2 diabetes'
38 Yellow peril: Are banana farms contaminating Costa Rica's crocs?
39 Earthworms can survive and recover after 3-week drought stress
40 Got calcium? Mineral key to restoring acid rain-damaged forests
41 Virginia Tech scientists show why traumatized trees don't 'bleed' to death
42 Climate change: Polar bears change to diet with higher contaminant loads
43 Research minimizes effects of federal produce standards on mushroom industry
44 'Green future' development: Top 10 priorities for emerging economy countries
45 Major changes to the Danube ecosystem
46 It takes a(n academic) village to determine an enzyme's function
47 The fish and the egg: Towards a new strategy for fattening up red drum in Texas
48 First look at complete sorghum genome may usher in new uses for food and fuel
49 Pesticide regulation in California is flawed, UCLA report says
50 Modifying Rice Crops to Resist Herbicide Prompts Weedy Neighbors' Growth Spurt
51 Baylor Professors Use Whale Earwax to Develop New Method of Determining Lifetime Contaminant Exposure in Whales
52 Fossil record shows crustaceans vulnerable as modern coral reefs decline
53 Economic rewards of better land management: Estimated 2.3 billion tons of crops worth $1.4 trillion
54 Northern moths may fare better under climate warming than expected
55 Genetic study pushes back timeline for first significant human population expansion
56 Uphill for the trees of the world
57 Iowa State, Ames Lab chemists help find binding site of protein that allows plant growth
58 Deep sea ecosystem may take decades to recover from Deepwater Horizon spill
59 Sustainable livestock production is possible
60 Tapping a Valuable Resource or Invading the Environment? Research Examines the Start of Fracking in Ohio
61 Dali gets a health check: Using medical devices to diagnose art
62 Birth of Earth's continents
63 Mt. Zion dig reveals possible second temple period priestly mansion
64 UC Davis research finds Neandertals, not modern humans, made first specialized bone tools in Europe
65 Climate change nothing new in Oz
66 Math explains history: Simulation accurately captures the evolution of ancient complex societies
67 Oldest existing lizard-like fossil hints at scaly origins
68 Alpine archaeology reveals high life through the ages
69 Wind and rain belts to shift north as planet warms, says study
70 Global warming to drive increase in severe thunderstorm risk in U.S., Stanford research finds
71 Chasing the black holes of the ocean
72 Protein explains increased asthma severity in children exposed to diesel exhaust from traffic
73 Data from across globe defines distinct Kawasaki disease season
74 Spinning CDs to Clean Sewage Water
75 Artificial lighting and noise alter biorhythms of birds
76 NREL Calculates Emissions and Costs of Power Plant Cycling Necessary for Increased Wind and Solar in the West
77 Late Cretaceous Period was likely ice-free
78 Ultra-fast Electrons Explain Third Radiation Ring Around Earth
79 China's synthetic gas plants would be greenhouse giants
80 Long-term data reveal: The deep Greenland Sea is warming faster than the World Ocean
81 Flame retardant ban reduces exposures in pregnant women
82 Hereditary spastic paraplegia development associated with changes in endoplasmic reticulum
83 Maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance in the kidney
84 Development of autoimmunity in patients with common variable immune deficiency
85 New CU-Boulder-led study finds 'microbial clock' may help determine time of death
86 Fat and obesity gene also affects hip fracture
87 Flame retardants in blood drop after state ban
88 Cocaine exposure in the womb: The brain structure is intact but development is off track
89 New knowledge on molecular mechanisms behind breast cancer
90 Melatonin helps control weight gain as it stimulates the appearance of 'beige fat' that can burn calories instead of storing them
91 A day in the life of the mysterious odd-clawed spider Progradungula otwayensis
92 Sheep's mucosa shows the way to more effective medicine for severe neurological diseases
93 Fetching Faces and Friendly Foxes: Selective Breeding of Foxes Reveals Why with Humans, Beauty Rules
94 Improved smartphone microscope brings single-virus detection to remote locations
95 Making a common cosmetic and sunblock ingredient safer
96 New approach to treating human brain cancer could lead to improved outcomes
97 Researchers develop model to study immune response to infections that cause peptic ulcers
98 Discovery offers bio-solution to severe canola crop losses
99 Study: Dams provide resilience to Columbia from climate change impacts
100 Tweets reveal news readership patterns around the world
101 Minors who are prostituted or sexually exploited in other ways should be treated as victims rather than arrested and prosecuted as criminals, as they currently are in most states, the report says.
102 Counting on neodymium
103 Fusion, anyone?
104 Scientists confirm functionality of emergency ventilation system for horses
105 New theory for analyzing interacting nuclear spins in solvents
106 Scientists discover environmental enrichment for TBI patients may counter shrinkage in the brain
107 Penn Medicine Study: Proton Therapy Cuts Side Effects for Pediatric Head and Neck Cancer Patients
108 How the gut got its villi
109 A first: Stanford engineers build computer using carbon nanotube technology
110 Ancient soils reveal clues to early life on Earth