File Title
1 NY seeks to delete phony online reviews
2 Apple sets new record for iPhones sales launch (Update)
3 Holding on to microbloggers
4 Review: Don't ditch Pandora yet for iTunes Radio
5 Berkeley Lab releases most comprehensive databook on China's energy and environment
6 Teaching a computer to perceive the world without human input
7 First steps towards achieving better and cheaper biodiesel
8 New Surface expected from Microsoft at NYC event (Update)
9 Solving the bottleneck in biogas production
10 The very idea: Kitchen gadgets powered by microwave leaks
11 Japan's gaming market is a world apart
12 WikiLeaks leaks 'Fifth Estate' screenplay
13 Close ties between White House, NSA spying review
14 Which comes first? USU biochemists 'cracking code' of nitrogen fixation
15 Researchers publish theory, formula to improve 'plastic' semiconductors
16 Non-precious metal catalysts outperforming Pt.-based one
17 Cutting pneumonia deaths with electricity-free oxygen devices
18 No need to get browned off: Edible films keep fruit fresh
19 Reducing CO2 footprint with bio-plastics
20 Propofol discovery may aid development of new anesthetics
21 Water-shedding surfaces can be made to last
22 Crucial new insight into the secrets of Nobel Prize-winning pump
23 Catching the bug: Researchers developing virus-detection technology
24 A new way to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria
25 Fuel-efficient cars, planes cheaper with magnesium drawn from ocean
26 In water as in love, likes can attract
27 Paralysis promises smart silk technology
28 Tofu-like crystalline catalysts for producing clean energy
29 How new substances form
30 Researchers demonstrate a new strategy to stop the TB bacterium
31 Signal gradients in 3-D guide stem cell behavior
32 Success in elucidating reduction reaction mechanisms of lithium-ion battery electrolytes using the K computer
33 Strong forces at work in simple table salt
34 Highly active catalysts could be key to improved energy storage in fuel cells and advanced batteries
35 Core / shell photocatalyst with spatially separated cocatalysts for more efficient water splitting
36 New technology for bioseparation
37 New catalyzer to avoid environmental pollution from chlorinated volatile organic compounds
38 Delicate oxidation can transform greenhouse gas into useful chemicals
39 Siberian hamsters show what helps make seasonal clocks tick
40 It takes a(n academic) village to determine an enzyme's function
41 Eagle vs. deer
42 Scientists discover important mechanism in plant cells which regulates direction that plant cells grow
43 Bacteria don't always work 'just in time': Scientists calculate optimal metabolic pathways in bacteria
44 For GM food and vaccinations, the panic virus is a deadly disease
45 Team identifies molecular 'finger' that pushes the domino of life
46 How bacteria integrate autotransporters into their outer membrane
47 Modifying rice crops to resist herbicide prompts weedy neighbors' growth spurt
48 First look at complete sorghum genome may usher in new uses for food and fuel
49 The fish and the egg: Towards a new strategy for fattening up red drum in Texas
50 A fast fish with a huge impact: Major changes to the Danube ecosystem
51 Collision-causing millipedes will eventually abate
52 Freeze! A protein group affecting lipid dynamics at cell membranes discovered
53 Why humans are musical
54 Breeding blow as Australian panda passions run low
55 Are zoos really a setting for ecotourism?
56 S. Africa rhino poaching toll hits record near 700
57 Scientists ID protein that regulates cellular trafficking, potential for anti-cancer therapy
58 Songbirds may have 'borrowed' DNA to fuel migration
59 Researchers identify a switch that controls growth of most aggressive brain tumor cells
60 New rat genus discovered in the birthplace of the theory of evolution
61 New player emerges in mapping protein structures
62 Scientists show why traumatized trees don't 'bleed' to death
63 Three new species of tiny frogs from the remarkable region of Papua New Guinea
64 Math explains history: Simulation accurately captures the evolution of ancient complex societies
65 Gun retailers strongly support expanded criteria for denying gun purchases, survey finds
66 Researchers call time on old firm-related domestic violence
67 Climate change nothing new in Oz
68 Reggaenomics: Study investigates Jamaican music industry
69 Research examines structural and behavioral barriers to student success
70 Study shows media play role in dehumanizing immigrants and refugees
71 Harvard launches $6.5 billion capital campaign
72 Science is in a reproducibility crisis: How do we resolve it?
73 Giant prehistoric elephant slaughtered by early humans
74 Are both the economic development and spatial impacts of High Speed Rail worth it?
75 Followers' actions affect organization's leadership capacity, study finds
76 Research finds Neandertals, not modern humans, made first specialized bone tools in Europe
77 Study shows new teaching method improves math skills, closes gender gap in young students
78 Professor identifies oldest and youngest stag-moose in North America
79 Outcomes for children in 'preschool for all' differ by class
80 Gender equality creates new school boys
81 World Cup football is a risk factor for domestic violence
82 Research examines what makes signs hard to read
83 For scientists, early to press means success
84 What people don't get about my job
85 Pianists play their instruments as fast as experienced typists on a QWERTY keyboard
86 Study suggests check-cashing stores target areas with high crime
87 'Respect' button is better for democracy than 'like' button, study finds
88 Minimising employee uncertainty key challenge for CEOs
89 Brain may rely on computer-like mechanism to make sense of novel situations, study says
90 Alzheimer's progression tracked prior to dementia
91 'Superbug' MRSA infections aren't dropping in children: CDC
92 Study finds implanted device helps patients with central sleep apnea
93 Prenatal exposure to antiepileptic drugs associated with impaired fine motor skills
94 Marriage associated with better cancer outcomes, study finds
95 Cancer-killing cells controlled by epigenetic process, new study shows
96 Team finds daytime naps enhance learning in preschool children
97 Researchers discover a new way that influenza can infect cells
98 Data from across globe defines distinct Kawasaki disease season
99 Researchers erase human brain tumor cells in mice
100 Breakthrough offers first direct measurement of spinal cord myelin in multiple sclerosis
101 How 'bad' cholesterol causes atherosclerosis in humans: Stem cells play a key role
102 Some parts of memory still developing deep into childhood
103 A higher plane: Uniquely human geometric skills traced to evolution
104 Study uncovers gene's contribution to asthma susceptibility
105 How mom's immune system is linked to autism risk
106 Research could lead to advances in treatment for neurological disorders, thyroid cancer
107 Researchers identify proteins that may help brain tumors spread
108 New paper describes genetic connections between biological rhythms, timing of feeding and insulin sensitivity
109 Plant science could aid Alzheimer's research
110 A healthy side effect of diabetes drug
111 'Performance-enhancing' boost helps to fight infection
112 First evidence that fear memories can be reduced during sleep
113 Final piece found in puzzle of brain circuitry controlling fertility
114 Trio of evolutionary biologists caution against rushing mitochondrial replacement trials
115 Study suggests poker 'arms' better tell than poker 'face'
116 What's that smell? New research sniffs out odor categories with math
117 Psoriasis drug shows promising results for treating type 1 diabetes
118 Scientists closer to universal flu vaccine after pandemic 'natural experiment'