File Title
1 Spinning CDs to clean sewage water
2 Carbon nanotube logic device operates on subnanowatt power
3 New nanotube surface promises dental implants that heal faster and fight infection
4 Researchers make flexible, transparent e-paper from silicon
5 Densest array of carbon nanotubes grown to date
6 Promising new alloy for resistive switching memory
7 Building bridges between nanowires
8 Container's material properties affect the viscosity of water at the nanoscale
9 Treated fibers clean dye-polluted waters
10 Nanocrystal catalyst transforms impure hydrogen into electricity
11 Tiny bottles and melting corks: Temperature regulates new delivery system for drugs and fragrances
12 Smaller than small: Why we measure the space between atoms
13 Researchers' smartphone 'microscope' can detect a single virus, nanoparticles
14 'Sticky tape' for water droplets mimics rose petal
15 Development of technology for producing micro-scale interconnect from multi-layer graphene
16 Invention jet prints nanostructures with self-assembling material
17 Graphene photodetector integrated into computer chip
18 Photonics: Graphene boosts on-chip light detectors
19 Defects in 2D semiconductors could lead to multi-colored light-emitting devices
20 NRL achieves highest open-circuit voltage for quantum dot solar cells
21 'Cleaning' boosts solar cell efficiency
22 Guinness record: World's thinnest glass is just two atoms thick
23 New system uses nanodiamonds to deliver chemotherapy drugs directly to brain tumors
24 Scientists push and pull droplets with graphene
25 Researchers find that tiny molecules passing through nanotubes can be propelled or slowed depending on their size
26 Engineers develop a stretchable, foldable transparent electronic display (w/ Video)
27 Simulation sets atoms shivering
28 Researchers make headway in quantum information transfer via nanomechanical coupling
29 Understanding a new kind of magnetism
30 Chasing the black holes of the ocean
31 Domain walls as new information storage medium
32 Crowd-sourced computing platform reaches one trillion events
33 Scientists explain the formation of unusual ring of radiation in space
34 Creating electricity with caged atoms
35 Researchers find antioxidants can dispel static electricity
36 SLAC scientists create twisted light
37 First real-time detector for IV delivered drugs may help eliminate life-threatening medical errors
38 Crystal quantum memories for quantum communication
39 Stephen Hawking reveals trials, triumphs in new film of his life (Update)
40 Making industrial plasma safer
41 Lens combines human and insect vision to focus wide-angle views
42 Beyond quantum simulation: Physicists create 'crystal' of spin-swapping ultracold molecules
43 X-ray science taps bug biology to design better materials and reduce pollution
44 Green photon beams more agile than optical tweezers
45 Discovery of a new mechanism for wavelength conversion of light by a plastic material
46 Proton weak charge determined for first time: Initial Q-weak experiement results
47 From graphite to water
48 Studies of how fluids move underground could help with cleaner energy production and water supplies
49 Fermilab sends first neutrino beam to NOvA experiment
50 On the road to fault-tolerant quantum computing: High temperature superconductivity in a toplogical insulator
51 Researchers publish enormous catalog of more than 300,000 nearby galaxies
52 Wind and rain belts to shift north as planet warms, research says
53 Minimal amount of debris from Japan's tsunami has washed ashore in California
54 Global warming 'hiatus' puts climate change scientists on the spot
55 Global warming is likely to increase severe thunderstorm conditions in US, researchers find
56 Fossil record shows crustaceans vulnerable as modern coral reefs decline
57 Dating our galaxy's dormant volcano
58 Hubble eyes a smoldering star
59 Pesticide regulation in California is flawed, UCLA report says
60 Galaxy winds
61 House OKs more logging in national forests
62 Fire scars big nature reserve in Ecuador's capital
63 NASA sees deadly typhoon usagi hit southern China
64 Longer delay for space station delivery mission (Update)
65 UN climate experts stress solidity of new report (Update)
66 New US climate map shows temperature changes in HD
67 Health check for Perth waterways
68 NASA commercial partner Boeing tests CST-100 spacecraft thrusters
69 Infrared NASA image shows strength in Typhoon Pabuk's eastern side
70 Los Alamos National Laboratory describes storm damage to environmental monitoring stations, canyons
71 International partnership releases space exploration benefits paper
72 Carbon cleanup would save millions of lives, study finds
73 Computer mishap delays space station supply ship (Update)
74 UN climate report will not sway US deniers
75 Microsoft unveils new Surface, fixes shortcomings (Update 4)
76 Hacker group develops method to circumvent iPhone Touch ID system (w/ Video)
77 Tesco joins tablet computer market
78 Machines on the march threaten almost half of modern jobs
79 Microsoft to reboot tablet effort with new Surface
80 Tests: New iPhones less durable than iPhone 5 (Update)
81 Apple buyers rue high price of new 'low cost' iPhone (Update 2)
82 HP marks October availability of gesture-control PC (w/ Video)
83 New iPhones draw crowds as Apple seeks to broaden base
84 First 'ethical smartphone' takes a big risk
85 Robot inspects pipes in petrochemical platforms
86 Gamers gather for look at new PlayStation, Xbox in Tokyo (Update)
87 Console stars of Tokyo Game Show not on sale yet
88 Review: iPhone fingerprint sensor worth extra cost
89 At a Glance: iPhone 5C and 5S vs. older iPhone 5
90 BlackBerry unveils new Z30 smartphone
91 Emotional attachment to robots could affect outcome on battlefield
92 Game consoles here to stay despite smartphone onslaught
93 Doing research in the pub: Researchers study how orders are placed at the bar
94 Apple's Touch ID: Time to come to grips with a touchy subject
95 Dogs' behavior could help to design social robots
96 iPhone transforms security with fingerprint reader
97 Apple's iPhone 5C: Better late than never--or too little, too late?
98 Apple's new iPhones simultaneously aim high, low
99 New iPhone 5C 'too costly for China': analysts, users (Update)
100 US judge weighs Google book copyright case
101 New password in a heartbeat: Researchers propose touch-to-access security for implanted devices
102 Microsoft to face many questions from analysts
103 Once-cool BlackBerry failed to keep pace with rivals
104 Review: Apple's iOS 7's hidden gems
105 Fairfax reaches tentative deal to buy BlackBerry (Update 3)
106 US mulls changes to personal electronics on flights
107 Tesla patent describes hybrid battery pack system for EVs
108 Electricity storage how-to guide available
109 Facebook looking for meaning in user posts with 'deep learning' algorithms
110 Former Qualcomm exec charged with insider trading