File Title
1 Shutdown Science: Furloughed Workers Feel the Burden of Boredom
2 Why Don't Ask, Don't Tell Doesn't Work at Work
3 Modern Manners: 'How to Greet, Eat, and Tweet Your Way to Success'
4 Americans' Interest in Hemorrhoids Has Skyrocketed
5 Clues to Lost Prehistoric Code Discovered in Mesopotamia
6 N/A
7 Mystery of Bizarre Icelandic Lava Pillars Solved
8 Philadelphia Children's Hospital Bans Dietary Supplements
9 Smelling Storms? Human Supersenses May Become a Reality
10 'Iron Man' Suit Under Development by US Army
11 Worms Tell a Tale of How Nerves Develop
12 Elephants Understand Human Gesture, No Training Needed
13 Ancient City's Strip Mall Unearthed in Greece
14 Mom Confesses She Skips Daily Baths for Baby
15 Fitbit Releases New Activity Tracker
16 Ancient European Farmers and Hunter-Gatherers Coexisted, Sans Sex
17 Dancing Atoms in Glass Revealed for First Time
18 Breast Cancer Blood Tests Available, But Not Proven
19 US Army Finds Tech Solution to Soldiers' Altitude Sickness
20 Royal Buzzkill: Gourd Doesn't Hold Louis XVI's Blood
21 Shutdown Could Flush Years of Antarctic Research Down the Drain
22 Surgical Knife May Sniff Out Cancer
23 Some National Parks Could Reopen With State Funds
24 UK Shudders as Venomous Spider Creeps Across Britain
25 How to Keep Border Guards From Reading Your Laptop
26 Crystal Healing: Stone-Cold Facts About Gemstone Pseudoscience
27 Facts About Fermium
28 Deadly Amoeba Infiltrates Second Louisana Water System
29 Antarctic Science Shutdown Leaves Workers Hanging
30 Cenozoic Era: Facts About Climate, Animals & Plants
31 The Cold Sore Virus May Help Kids Fight Cancer (Op-Ed)
32 Kissing May Be Evolution's Matchmaker
33 Narrative Clip Wearable Cam Logs Your Life in Detail
34 Hospital Sells Body Parts to Witch Doctors, Accusers Say
35 Got the Sunday Night Blues? Prepare on Friday
36 Nobel Peace Prize Honors Watchdog of Chemical Weapons
37 Herbal Supplements Often Contain Unlisted Ingredients
38 Nobel Peace Prize: 1901-Present
39 Strong Power Plant Carbon Limits Are Critical for Climate (Op-Ed)
40 James Watson Biography: Co-Discoverer of DNA's Double Helix
41 1.2 Million American Non-Jews Feel 'Jew-ish'
42 Erin Brockovich: Carcinogens Still Plague California's Drinking Water (Op-Ed)
43 Ending China's Requirement for Animal Testing of Cosmetics (Op-Ed)
44 A Quiet Editorial Revolution Chooses Science Over Fiction (Op-Ed)
45 Eye Drops Could Treat Age-Related Macular Degeneration
46 British cosmologist Hawking backs right to assisted suicide
47 Scientists discover new legless lizard species in California
48 NASA Mars rover finds no sign of methane, telltale sign of life
49 Scientists more convinced mankind is main cause of warming
50 Disgustologist digs deep into science of revulsion
51 Termites' powerful weapon against extermination? Their own poop
52 Fossil fish find in China fills in evolutionary picture
53 Scientists urge Europe to shift focus to bowel cancer screening
54 NASA spacecraft finds plastic ingredient on Saturn's moon Titan
55 New app being tested to spot California whales so ships can avoid them
56 Oceans face 'deadly trio' of threats, study says
57 Diesel exhaust pollution may disrupt honeybee foraging
58 Astronaut Scott Carpenter, fourth American in space, dies at 88
59 Israel conference: Cavemen discovered recycling
60 Your guide to the 2013 Nobels in literature, chemistry, physics, medicine, peace and economics
61 Israeli ex-pats' Nobel win highlights brain drain
62 Growing backlash to government surveillance
63 Emails: researchers thought Va. gov backed studies
64 After Kenya mall attack, children's traumas fester
65 W. Va. couple not typical military husband, wife
66 Ohio med students form bond with donated bodies
67 Google Street View used to fight invasive species
68 DuPont pioneers food safety testing process
69 Emails: researchers thought Va. gov backed studies
70 Study of April 27, 2011, Tornadoes Affirms Theories About the Causes
71 Studies in fish and cultured human cells provide insight into a human disease
72 Well-Connected Hemispheres of Einstein's Brain May Have Sparked His Brilliance
73 New type of Photodiode, Described in the Journal "Applied Physics Letters," Shows Promise for Space-Based Communication and Monitoring Ozone Depletion
74 Experiments may help in the design of new sources of extreme ultraviolet light for making integrated circuits with next generation lithography
75 Open collaboration among global genetic researchers, coordinated by U-M team, provides strong foundation for further research
76 New Findings Identify Stress Steroid Mediated Withdrawal Anxiety in Methamphetamine Dependent Rats: Reversible by Flumazenil
77 Drexel Scientist Studies Hurricane Sandy's Impact on N.J. Coastal Wetlands, One Year Later
78 Gender Barriers, Not Families, to Blame for Shortage of Women in STEM Careers
79 Dr. Thomas Sudhof Wins Nobel Prize for Two Decades of Work at UT Southwestern on How Brain Cells Communicate
80 Cells Prefer Nanodiscs Over Nanorods
81 Irrigation, Water Conservation Issues Are High MSU Priorities
82 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Invent a Better Way to Make Antibody-Guided Therapies
83 Iowa State Building Research and Development Program for Bioplastics
84 Johns Hopkins Physicists Contributed to Higgs Boson Discovery
85 Binghamton Physicist Contributes to Creation of First Computer-Designed Superconductor
86 Nature study shows distinct behavior of proteins reflects common biochemical principles
87 Why is the Higgs Boson so Important? AIP Gathers Expert Commentary and Background Info on Nobel Prize Resource Page
88 Scientists Battle Herbicide Resistance
89 UW, Local Company Building Innovative Deep-Sea Manned Submarine
90 Animal study suggests stress-induced depression in new mothers extends to daughters
91 Precision Agriculture for Small Scale Farming Systems
92 Spacecraft with UI instrument makes closest Earth encounter Oct. 9
93 Researcher's Closer Look at Mars Reveals New Type of Impact Crater
94 Crystal Mysteries Spiral Deeper
95 Discovery of a 2,700-Year-Old Portico in Greece
96 Sleeping In on the Weekends Doesn't Fix All the Deficits Caused by Workweek Sleep Loss
97 When It Comes to the Good Cholesterol, Fitness Trumps Weight
98 Land-based lava pillars in Iceland may have formed through an unusual reaction typically seen deep under the sea
99 Findings Point to Potential New Use of an Existing Drug
100 Latest findings by scientists from CSI at NUS and Harvard Stem Cell Institute show that RNA inhibits DNA methylation, offering strategies for treatment of diseases such as cancer
101 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Highlights the Cross-Disciplinary Nature of Today's Research Environment
102 Enigmatic Neurons Help Flies Get Oriented
103 Epigenetic factors identified as key to preventing loss of wheat caused by rain and high humidity (and should lead to better beer too).
104 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Find Potential New Targets for Anti-Inflammatory Therapies
105 Wetland Restoration in the Northern Everglades: Watershed Potential and Nutrient Legacies
106 'Stadium Waves' Could Explain Lull In Global Warming
107 Environmental Pathway of Antibiotic Resistance: Where Will It Lead Us?
108 Laser Technique Enables 3D Analysis and Natural Color Images
109 Previously Unstudied Gene Is Essential for Normal Nerve Development
110 Eat More, Weigh Less: Worm Study Provides Clues to Better Fat-Loss Therapies for Humans
111 Super-Enhancers Seen as 'Rosetta Stone' for Dialog Between Genes and Disease
112 Finding that the opioid system can act to ease social pain, not just physical pain, may aid understanding of depression and social anxiety
113 Ancient DNA Unravels Europe's Genetic Diversity
114 Boomboxes Amplify Predatory Bird Sounds and Are Used as Cues
115 Newly Discovered Gene Regulator Could Precisely Target Sickle Cell Disease
116 Scientists Identify Protein Linking Exercise to Brain Health
117 Cell Growth Discovery by UCSF Team Has Implications for Targeting Cancer
118 Healthier Diets Possible in Low-Income, Rural Communities in America According to New Study Published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
119 Cornell Researchers Working to Solve Switchgrass 'Laughing Gas' Problem
120 Better Understanding of the Movements of C.elegans Worm Will Make a Big Difference in Biomedical Research
121 Article in "AIP Advances" Describes New Topological Insulator Materials Developed in China and U.S. that May Speed Future Semiconductor Chips
122 LRC Evaluates Safety Impacts of Advanced Car Headlight Systems
123 Findings from the first large-scale, genome-wide association study of esophageal adenocarcinoma may lead to new screening tools for those at high risk
124 Researchers identify key proteins that help establish cell function
125 Finding completely novel antibacterial compounds