File Title
1 Planet poseurs could confuse the search for extraterrestrial life
2 MIT's self-assembling robots: the building blocks of the future
3 Higgs boson discovery lands 2013 Nobel Prize for two physicists (+video)
4 Government shutdown stops T. rex from coming to Washington
5 How the moon jellyfish won
6 Why a sixth-grader wants to brew beer in space (+video)
7 Most Ashkenazi Jews trace maternal lineage to Europe, study finds
8 Higgs boson work leads to one Nobel Prize. Could there be another? (+video)
9 Moon mission LADEE arrives after an 'amazingly precise' looping flight (+video)
10 Jupiter-bound probe to snag speed boost from Earth
11 2013 Nobel Prize in chemistry for mixing quantum and Newtonian physics (+video)
12 Government shutdown leaves Antarctic researchers out in the cold
13 Plastic debris in freshwater lakes rivals concentrations in oceans
14 Global warming: Record heat of today could be new norm in 2047, study says
15 Bill Nye is back, explains Juno mission to Jupiter (+video)
16 Are there diamonds in Jupiter and Saturn's skies?
17 NASA's Juno probe unexpectedly shuts down briefly en route to Jupiter
18 Pulverized dwarf planet could point to once-habitable star system
19 Scott Carpenter 'set the tone for our nation's pioneering efforts beyond Earth'
20 Alien planet has no star, is 'drifting out there all alone'
21 How to beat the sea lamprey with its own pheromones, bile salts
22 Fossils show ancient European farmers and hunter-gatherers coexisted, but stuck to their own
23 Why elephants work well with people: They get the point (+video)
24 Selected Experiments on SSEP Mission 4 to ISS
25 Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa still shaking up Poland, 30 years later
26 Glenn Paige's simple idea: a 'nonkilling' world
27 National parks reopen after mini-Sagebrush Rebellion (+video)
28 After the flood: Colorado making tough decisions about how to rebuild
29 Government shutdown: Most Americans blame Republicans. But will it matter in 2014? (+video)
30 Does Sen. Susan Collins have the best idea for ending the Washington mess?
31 Obamacare 101: What to know if you opt out of buying health insurance
32 Jesus tattoo billboard: Blasphemous or a blessing?
33 Franco-fascism on the march in Spain: Is the government doing enough?
34 How research ecologists can benefit urban design projects
35 Stomach cells naturally revert to stem cells
36 Soft shells and strange star clusters
37 Crystals in Picabo's rocks point to 'recycled' super-volcanic magma chambers
38 New device harnesses sun and sewage to produce hydrogen fuel
39 Turning vapors into foam-like polymer coatings
40 Uniformity: The secret of better fusion ignition
41 Unregulated, agricultural ammonia threatens national parks' ecology
42 Kissing helps us find the right partner--and keep them
43 The perils of texting while driving
44 Juno slingshots past Earth on its way to Jupiter
45 Video captions improve comprehension, professor finds
46 Scientists shed light on the brain mechanisms behind a debilitating sleep disorder
47 Scientists identify protein linking exercise to brain health
48 Innovation in renewable-energy technologies is booming
49 Watery asteroid discovered in dying star points to habitable exoplanets
50 Fish genital shape linked to predation
51 New technology can prevent cellular overload, dropped calls
52 Cell growth discovery by UCSF team has implications for targeting cancer
53 Elephants know what it means to point, no training required
54 Outside influence: Genes outside nucleus have disproportionate effect
55 Eating popcorn in the cinema makes people immune to advertising
56 NASA Research Stalled By Government Shutdown
57 Immune system discovery could lead to EBV vaccine to prevent mono, some cancers
58 New fossils push the origin of flowering plants back by 100 million years to the early Triassic
59 Whale mass stranding attributed to sonar mapping for first time
60 Scientists discover cosmic factory for making building blocks of life
61 Undersea mountains provide crucial piece in climate prediction puzzle
62 Tropical forest carbon absorption may hinge on an odd couple
63 Giant channels discovered beneath Antarctic ice shelf
64 Want ripples on your icicles? University of Toronto scientists suggest adding salt
65 First ever evidence of a comet striking Earth
66 Badgers ultimately responsible for around half of TB in cattle, study estimates
67 Dominant Meerkat Mamas Force Others to Wet Nurse
68 Woolly Mammoth Comeback? 5 Ethical Challenges
69 Hungry for More: What Weight-Loss Apps Are Missing
70 Sarcasm Detectors: Empathetic Kids Are Better at It
71 Hacking the Internet of Things
72 Swift Record! Migrating Birds Fly Nonstop for 6 Months
73 Gov't Shutdown Boon to Invasive Bugs
74 What Is Kale?
75 Facts About Californium
76 App Lets Users Swap Leftovers With Complete Strangers
77 Shutdown Cancels Entire US Antarctic Research Program
78 What is Reiki?
79 What Are Coral Reefs?
80 Emperor Nero: Facts & Biography
81 Ambience Influences How Whisky Tastes
82 Celiac Disease: Symptoms & Treatment
83 Flu Vaccine: Flu Shot Facts, Information & Side Effects
84 3 Chemists Win Nobel for Computer Modeling Work
85 How to Replace Mood Busters in Your Diet with Mood Boosters
86 US Air Force Adding 1,200 Jobs to Cyber Defense Program
87 Next Generation: 5 Ways Science Classes Will Change
88 Meteorites from Russian Meteor Explosion Reveal Signs of Cosmic Crashes
89 Neptune's 'Lost' Moon Spotted for 1st Time In 20 Years (Photos)
90 6 Super-Fast Alien Planets May Be Skimming the Surface of Their Stars
91 First Evidence of Comet Striking Earth Found in Egypt
92 Petting May Be Stressful for Some Cats
93 New Watch Allows You To Count the Seconds Until You Die
94 Nobel Prize in Chemistry: 1901-Present
95 Shooting Highlights Dangers of Distracted Living
96 This Way Up: Source of Brain Dizziness Identified
97 1 in 4 American Dogs & Cats Is Overweight
98 Climate Change Forecast: When Cities Will Hit 'Tipping Point'
99 Forget Polar Bears--Warming Will Hit the Tropics First
100 'Cyclops' Sub Aims to Advance Deep Sea Exploration
101 Sandy's Aftermath & Legacy Take Center Stage in 'Nova' Show
102 Mummified Head May Not Belong to King Henry IV
103 Can Peanut Butter Sniff Out Early Signs of Alzheimer's?
104 World's Largest Wave Machine Planned
105 Man Develops Rare Case of Melanoma in the Gums
106 Facts About Einsteinium
107 Should You Trust US Companies with Your Data?
108 Ulcerative Colitis: Symptoms & Treatment
109 What is Laminated Object Manufacturing?
110 Pleistocene Epoch: Facts About the Last Ice Age