File Title
1 Rising methane 'due to mining and wetlands'
2 Sleep used to quell fearful memories
3 NASA gives up on lost comet probe
4 Emerging economies 'need to prioritise green growth'
5 Global warming pause 'central' to IPCC climate
6 Human role in warming 'more certain'--UN climate chief
7 Scientists map UK ash tree genome
8 Scientists take big step towards universal flu vaccine
9 Funds withdrawn in Richard III Leicester tomb row
10 Norway abandons Mongstad carbon capture plans
11 Arctic sea ice reaches seasonal low
12 Curiosity rover's methane result challenges life theory
13 Five key questions about climate facing the IPCC
14 Tomorrow's cities: What's it like to live in a smart city?
15 Making Time: How to rescue whales tangled in nets
16 Sellafield nuclear decommissioning a 'huge challenge'
17 Nairobi attack: Kenya forces storm Westgate centre
18 Behind the Candelabra takes top Emmy awards
19 Germany's Angela Merkel faces tough coalition talks
20 Egypt court bans Muslim Brotherhood 'activities'
21 Somalia: Al-Shabab remains a potent threat
22 Apple Touch ID fingerprint tech 'broken,' hackers say
23 Cookisto: A new Greek way of getting dinner
24 Triumph Herald covered 20 miles in 52 years
25 Nairobi siege: What we know
26 Costa Concordia captain blames helmsman for crash
27 Mandarin rat snake grounds Qantas flight in Sydney
28 Microsoft upgrades Surface tablets after financial hiccup
29 Why space telescope mirror is most complex ever built
30 Ex-Guantanamo inmate Omar Khadr due in Canadian court
31 What causes a beer belly?
32 Blackberry Messenger launch thwarted by app leak
33 Tesco enters the tablet fray with Hudl
34 'Dramatic' drop in global HIV infections
35 Skin drug shows 'promising' results on type 1 diabetes
36 Is 25 the new cut-off point for adulthood?
37 Phone app offers 'verbal autopsies' to improve death records
38 Heathrow Airport recreates departure day for a young man with autism
39 Pakistan blasts: Burials amid anger after Peshawar church attack
40 Mexico storm death toll rises to 110
41 UAE: Japanese tech giant grows strawberries in Dubai
42 Greek police generals resign after neo-Nazi killing
43 NASA Curiosity Rover Detects No Methane On Mars
44 Formation of Unusual Ring of Radiation Around Earth Explained
45 Clues to Growth of Colossus in Coma Cluster of Galaxies
46 Scientists Reveal How Beta-Amyloid May Cause Alzheimer's
47 Seismologists Puzzle Over Largest Deep Earthquake Ever Recorded
48 Giant Prehistoric Elephant Slaughtered by Early Humans
49 Earth Expected to Be Habitable for Another 1.75 Billion Years
50 Toxoplasma Infection Permanently Shifts Balance in Cat and Mouse Game
51 Coma: Researchers Observe Never-Before-Detected Brain Activity
52 Controlling Wettability: 'Sticky Tape' for Water Droplets Mimics Rose Petal
53 Is This My Finger? Sensory Illusion Study Provides New Insight for Body Representation Brain Disorders
54 Creating Electricity With Caged Atoms
55 Covert Operations: Your Brain Digitally Remastered for Clarity of Thought
56 Microfluidic Platform Gives Clear Look at a Crucial Step in Cancer Metastasis
57 Antibacterial Products Fuel Resistant Bacteria in Streams and Rivers
58 Tiger Genome Sequenced: Tiger, Lion and Leopard Genomes Compared
59 Songbirds May Have 'Borrowed' DNA to Fuel Migration
60 Climate Change: Polar Bears Change to Diet With Higher Contaminant Loads
61 'Cascade of Events' Caused Sudden Explosion of Animal Life
62 Geologists Simulate Deep Earthquakes in Lab
63 Nanoscale Neuronal Activity Measured for First Time
64 E-Readers Can Make Reading Easier for Those With Dyslexia
65 Protein Identified That Regulates Cellular Trafficking, Potential for Anti-Cancer Therapy
66 Calming Fear During Sleep
67 Scientists Closer to Universal Flu Vaccine After Pandemic 'Natural Experiment'
68 A Boost for Cellular Profiling
69 Researchers Identify Switch That Controls Growth of Most Aggressive Brain Tumor Cells
70 NASA's Deep Space Comet Hunter Mission Comes to an End
71 Building Bridges Between Nanowires
72 Densest Array of Carbon Nanotubes Grown to Date
73 Promising New Alloy for Resistive Switching Memory: Tiny Nanoscale Filaments Could Be Breakthrough for Smaller, Denser Memory Devices
74 In Water as in Love, Likes Can Attract
75 Arctic Sea Ice Minimum in 2013 Is Sixth Lowest On Record
76 New Rat Genus Discovered in the Birthplace of the Theory of Evolution
77 Gap Closed in the Genetic Map of Fungi: Research Team Sequences Genome of Pyronema Confluens
78 Why Traumatized Trees Don't 'Bleed' to Death
79 Study Could Help Improve Nuclear Waste Repositories
80 Proteins Identified That May Help Brain Tumors Spread
81 Final Piece Found in Puzzle of Brain Circuitry Controlling Fertility
82 Imaging Technique Detects Pediatric Liver Disease Without Needle Biopsy
83 Lifestyle Influences Metabolism Via DNA Methylation
84 Getting Rid of Unwanted Visitors
85 For Scientists, Early to Press Means Success
86 African Caterpillars Resistant to GM Maize
87 Mantas, Devil Rays Butchered for Apothecary Trade Now Identifiable
88 New Role for Protein Family Could Provide Path to How Crop Traits Are Modified
89 True Colors: Female Squid Have Two Ways to Switch Color
90 Earthworms Can Survive and Recover After Three-Week Drought Stress
91 Dirty Job Made Easier: Microfluidic Technique Recovers DNA
92 After the Storms, a Different Opinion On Climate Change
93 Gulf of Finland's Coastal Waters Same as Last Year: Oxygen On Deep-Sea Floors Deteriorating
94 African Dust Storms in Our Air: Dust Storms in Africa Affect U.S. and the Caribbean's Air Quality
95 A Slave's Life in Ancient Pompeii
96 Dinosaur Wind Tunnel Test Provides New Insight Into the Evolution of Bird Flight
97 How Birds Got Their Wings: Fossil Data Show Scaling of Limbs Altered as Birds Originated from Dinosaurs
98 Mt. Zion Dig Reveals Possible Second Temple Period Priestly Mansion
99 Who Was Eating Salmon 45,000 Years Ago in the Caucasus? Neandertals Probably Not as Rigid in Their Diet as Thought
100 Jupiter's Moon: Long-Stressed Europa Likely Off-Kilter at One Time
101 Young Stars Cooking in the Prawn Nebula
102 Researchers Study Ways to Make Stronger Materials in 3-D
103 Space Weather May Be to Blame for Some Satellite Failures
104 Magnetic Jet Shows How Stars Begin Their Final Transformation
105 How New Substances Form: Learning to Control and Optimize Processes
106 The Piano as a Typewriter
107 Glass or Plastic? Container's Material Properties Affect the Viscosity of Water at the Nanoscale
108 New Sensor Could Prolong the Lifespan of High-Temperature Engines
109 Robot Inspects Pipes in Petrochemical Platforms
110 Researchers Develop a Method That Automatically Delimits Areas of Brain in Medical Images
111 Crystal Quantum Memories for Quantum Communication
112 New Teaching Method Improves Math Skills, Closes Gender Gap in Young Students
113 Innovative Auto Steering Device Could Save Lives
114 Smartphone App Found to Be Valid Tool in Screening for Cognitive Dysfunction