File Title
1 Big data a big deal
2 Brooks Brothers, national retailers analyze 'big data' from sales to adjust marketing
3 In the New Era of Computing, Imagination Rules
4 5 Ways Cities Are Using Big Data
5 Five Steps to Building a Better Cloud
6 Web Served, the finale: Congrats, you have a Web server! What's next?
7 The latest virtualization showdown--Parallels Desktop 9 vs. VMware Fusion 6
8 N/A
9 Still have to write that thank-you note? Pay a robot to do it for you
10 Ballmer: Office not coming to iPad until it gets a touch UI on Windows
11 Announcing the Galaxy Round: Because Curve was taken
12 Suspect behind "Blackhole" malware toolkit believed arrested in Russia
13 iPhone 5C and 5S come to the rest of the world on October 25, November 1
14 NSA saves zero-day exploits for high-value targets
15 Microsoft pays $100K for new exploit technique, patches IE 0-day
16 Alleged Silk Road boss agrees to move his case to New York
17 Chelsea Manning speaks from prison for the first time, rejects "pacifist" label
18 Firms spent $3 billion on mobile ads in the US in the first half of 2013
19 Gartner: Worldwide PC shipments continue their year-over-year tumble
20 Google offers "leet" cash prizes for updates to Linux and other OS software
21 Acer's $249 C720 Chromebook launched: Thinner, longer lasting, and Haswell
22 Foxconn admits to pushing interns into overtime to build PS4 parts
23 T-Mobile makes data roaming free in 100 countries (128Kbps, but still)
24 High-quality part pictures purport to preview pending iPads
25 PSA: Now's the time to snap up cheap "last generation" consoles
26 Judge denies Boston TV station's attempt to shut down Aereo
27 Startups aboard "Icebreaker" ship could face eviction soon, San Francisco says
28 AT&T finally rolling out GDR2 update to Lumia 820s and 920s
29 Alleged creator of Gozi virus suddenly released from Latvian jail
30 Civ II's "Eternal War" continues on reddit more than a year later
31 Why US government IT fails so hard, so often
32 Obamacare site hits reset button on passwords as contractors scramble
33 The Ars Frontrunners: 15 companies that led and still lead tech innovation
34 Death by incompatibility: A Samsung Galaxy Gear review
35 Google will soon put your face, name, and content in its ads
36 How the Bible and YouTube are fueling the next frontier of password cracking
37 Thieves allegedly install keyloggers to capture credit cards at Nordstrom
38 Report: Grand Theft Auto V coming to PC in early 2014
39 Facebook to rip search opt-out from under those who were using it
40 Post reporter: Here's why we refused the NSA's demand to censor the names of PRISM companies
41 The Secrets of Bezos: How Amazon Became the Everything Store
42 Obamacare help line told customers passwords were reset in error
43 Rockstar apologizes for GTA Online issues with in-game cash
44 Snowden's CIA bosses suspected he'd leak files in '09, didn't warn NSA
45 Don't worry, there will be AMD- and Intel-powered Steam Machines, too
46 To reduce its tax burden, Google expands use of the "Double Irish"
47 Valve video shows Steam Controller working with a variety of games
48 NY Comic Con tells attendees not to fret after it ghost-tweets for them
49 Studios, TV stations ask Supreme Court to block Aereo
50 The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX: A tablet apart
51 Higgs theorists--including Higgs himself--get Nobel Prize in physics
52 Hijacking of AV firms' websites may be linked to hack on Network Solutions
53 Hackers in the electric grid? Meh--fear the dude with the stolen tractor
54 Key steps toward computational chemistry get three the 2013 Nobel
55 GTA Online impressions: Hit-and-miss mayhem, if you can even log in
56 Microscopic Android: How to get real apps running on the Samsung Galaxy Gear
57 Measuring a superconducting qubit by manipulating its environment
58 AT&T: The Internet is awesome, so let's get rid of phone regulations
59 Critical WhatsApp crypto flaw threatens user privacy, researchers warn
60 Squeezing iron into the core after the Earth formed
61 Feeling superior about your political beliefs is a bipartisan issue
62 Government shutdown slows news of fusion breakthrough
63 Blackberry founder who oversaw company's demise now wants to buy it
64 Denied for that loan? Soon you may thank online data collection
65 Fighting a data grab, Airbnb attacks "vague" New York hotel laws
66 CERN CLOUD experiment finds secret sauce for cloud formation
67 Historically unprecedented climates to arrive by mid-century
68 Android's KitKat photographed; we break down all the changes
69 Top sites (and maybe the NSA) track users with "device fingerprinting"
70 Lavabit's appeal: We're actually not required to wiretap our own users
71 Increased human life expectancy correlates to increase in species extinction
72 DoJ: If we can track one American, we can track all Americans
73 Direct link between obesity and pancreatic cancer
74 Cats may be key to HIV vaccine
75 Rural cancer survivors forgo health care over cost
76 Scientists regenerate fully functional tear and saliva glands
77 Breast cancer: 'less is more' for lymph node removal
78 High rates of unnecessary antibiotics prescriptions in US
79 High-dose statin may reduce gum inflammation
80 Depression affects memory by 'impairing ability to differentiate similarities'
81 'Early term' babies at risk, despite healthy appearance
82 Intestinal cells may prompt Crohn's disease
83 Gloves and gowns do not protect against MRSA or VRE, study shows
84 Poor oral health affects Olympic athletes' performance
85 Cell-culture transplant possible for neurological disorders
86 Diet high in a certain fat may help weight loss
87 'Mixed messages' as sports stars endorse junk food for kids
88 Norovirus vaccine reduces symptoms by half
89 'Healthy' obesity: identical twin study uncovers characteristics
90 Scientists print microscopic 3D cages to study bacteria
91 Nipple injections to treat breast cancer
92 2025 action plan to cut deaths from disease by a quarter
93 IVF technique increases pregnancy rates by 20%, study shows
94 Sleeping longer linked to faster decline in brain function
95 Brain training may boost memory, but not intelligence
96 Malaria vaccine protects children for up to 18 months
97 Sunscreen shields important anti-cancer gene
98 Infections in newborns linked to later behavior problems
99 Marathon running 'bad for the heart'
100 Vitamin D supplements do not prevent osteoporosis
101 Peanut butter helps diagnose Alzheimer's disease
102 Children who stutter have less grey matter in brain's speech areas
103 Dogs' behavior monitored for insight into owners' health
104 Chemicals in marijuana 'protect nervous system' against MS
105 New report warns that osteoporosis is a major threat to women and their future independence
106 Evaluation of women's stress sweat and its impact on perception of confidence, trustworthiness and competence
107 Friendships are based on homophily in personality
108 Children do not thrive in chaotic households
109 Scientists discover new mechanism that preserves genomic integrity and is abnormal in the rare DiGeorge syndrome
110 Fatal flaw found in 40 years of federal nutrition research
111 Visits to multiple HIV clinics linked to poorer outcomes
112 Mathematician calculates the influence of peer pressure
113 Transcendental Meditation practice reduces trait anxiety
114 Prostate cancer screenings: high Medicare spending but little benefit for older men
115 Promotion of donor registration increases donor sign-ups
116 Sleeping too much or too little linked to chronic diseases
117 Nearly 10% of youths have instigated sexual violence, study shows
118 Parkinson's disease clue may lie just under the skin
119 New target found for drugs against brain cell death
120 Fat may be linked to memory loss
121 Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's diseases impacted by new discovery
122 How to stay sharp in retirement
123 Longer use of statins may prevent dementia and memory loss
124 Zinc deficiency may contribute to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
125 Omega-3 does not fight cognitive decline, study shows
126 Research shows how medicine for the brain can be absorbed through the nose
127 New target for Alzheimer's drugs discovered
128 Scientists successfully erase unwanted memories