File Title
1 Water purity key to wavy icicle riddle
2 Coping with triggers best for headache
3 Space graveyard reveals hints of Earth's fate
4 Prof. Peter Higgs did not know he had won Nobel Prize
5 Dead star eats water-rich asteroid
6 Meerkats 'pay rent' to dominant female to stay in group
7 Syria chemical weapons monitors win Nobel Peace Prize
8 New data on badger TB spread released
9 Genetically modified yeast turns crop wastes into liquid fuel
10 European origins laid bare by DNA
11 Elephants 'understand human gesture'
12 US Mercury astronaut Scott Carpenter dies at 88
13 Alzheimer's breakthrough: Cure or hype?
14 Verdi's Italy
15 John Kerry in Afghanistan for key security talks
16 Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke dies
17 Maria De Villota: F1 reserve driver found dead in Seville
18 US Republicans and Obama in 'useful' debt crisis talks
19 Imagine a world without shops or factories
20 The shutdown Good Samaritans
21 Debt ceiling crisis has other nations angry and scared
22 Alzheimer's breakthrough hailed as 'turning point'
23 Living Ohio man Donald Miller ruled 'legally dead'
24 Syria rebels executed civilians, says Human Rights Watch
25 Doctor Who: Yeti classic among episodes found in Nigeria
26 Coroner says 'no signs' Ariel Castro died in sex act
27 Apple should buy big companies, says former boss
28 Vitamin D pills' effect on healthy bones queried
29 Are we on the brink of the first mile-high building?
30 Dark web 'will evolve,' warns UK cyber crime chief Andy Archibald
31 Nigerian shoppers warm to online retailers
32 Foxconn admits labour violation at China factory
33 A list for living, not a bucket list
34 The goal of Afghanistan's beautiful game
35 Gaddafi-era spy chief al-Senussi to be tried in Libya
36 US 'to sack' nuclear missile General Michael Carey
37 Egypt boat capsize: 12 migrants die off Alexandria
38 Open mouth, insert foot: 5 CEO gaffes that fuelled fury
39 Don't say this at work
40 A generation humbled?
41 Kissing the key to finding Mr. Darcy
42 New Device Harnesses Sun and Sewage to Produce Hydrogen Fuel
43 Innate Virus-Killing Power Discovered in Mammals
44 Water Discovered in Remnants of Extrasolar Rocky World Orbiting White Dwarf
45 New Antiviral Response Discovered in Mammals
46 Hunter-Gatherers and Immigrant Farmers Lived Together for 2,000 Years in Central Europe
47 Ancient DNA Unravels Europe's Genetic Diversity
48 Elephants Know What It Means to Point to Something, No Training Required
49 A Strange Lonely Planet Found Without a Star
50 Urgent New Time Frame for Climate Change Revealed by Massive Analysis
51 Longer Life for Humans Linked to Further Loss of Endangered Species
52 Astronomers Stumped by 'Flyby Anomaly': Unexplained Variation in Spacecraft Speeds
53 Kissing Helps Us Find the Right Partner--And Keep Them
54 How a Ubiquitous Herpesvirus Sometimes Leads to Cancer
55 Newly Discovered Gene Regulator Could Precisely Target Sickle Cell Disease
56 Iron in Earth's Core Weakens Before Melting
57 Enigmatic Neurons Help Flies Get Oriented
58 How Red Crabs On Christmas Island Speak for the Tropics
59 Sticks and Stones: Brain Releases Natural Painkillers During Social Rejection
60 Eat More, Weigh Less: Worm Study Provides Clues to Better Fat-Loss Therapies for Humans
61 Genes Predispose Some People to Focus On the Negative
62 'Stadium Waves' Could Explain Lull in Global Warming
63 Soft Shells and Strange Star Clusters
64 Weight Loss Through Use of Intestinal Barrier Sleeves
65 Single Gene Mutation Linked to Diverse Neurological Disorders
66 Stroke May Shave Three out of Five Quality Years Off Life
67 Analysis of Herbal Products Shows Contamination Is Common
68 Cancer Genome Atlas Exposes More Secrets of Lethal Brain Tumor
69 Compact Optical Chips? Photons On Demand Now Possible
70 Turning Vapors Into Foam-Like Polymer Coatings
71 Uniformity: The Secret of Better Fusion Ignition
72 Mix of Graphene Nanoribbons, Polymer Has Potential for Cars, Soda, Beer
73 Rust Can Power Up Artificial Photosynthesis: Chemists Produce Power Boost Critical to Novel Energy Harvesting Applications
74 Crystals in Picabo's Rocks Point to 'Recycled' Super-Volcanic Magma Chambers
75 Complex Relationship Between Phosphorus Levels, Nitrogen Removal in Lakes
76 Origin of MERS Coronavirus Identified
77 How Microbes Survive in Freezing Conditions
78 Massive Spruce Beetle Outbreak in Colorado Tied to Drought
79 Circadian Rhythms in Skin Stem Cells Protect Us Against UV Rays
80 Molecule Produced During Exercise Boosts Brain Health
81 City of Providence Is Taking On Big Tobacco--And Winning
82 Stomach Cells Naturally Revert to Stem Cells
83 Scientists Find Potential New Targets for Anti-Inflammatory Therapies
84 Skill Ratings Predict Which Surgeons Perform Safer Surgeries
85 Reliable Assessment of Drugs Only Possible On Basis of Clinical Study Reports
86 Recombinant Human Prion Protein Inhibits Prion Propagation
87 Fear of Missing Bowel Cancer May Be Exposing Patients to Unnecessary Risks
88 Tool to Improve Seniors' Autonomy, Promote Active Aging
89 Popcorn at the Movies: Oral Interference Sabotages Advertising Effects
90 No Increased Risk of Suicide in Patients Using Smoking Cessation Drugs
91 New Study Quantifies Psychological Damage of Stalking
92 Trauma-Related Psychophysiologic Reactivity Identified as Best Predictor of PTSD
93 Brain Mechanisms Behind a Debilitating Sleep Disorder
94 Soccer Players Suffer More Injuries When Their Team Is Ahead
95 One in Five Persons Seeking Pre-Travel Advice Are High-Risk Travelers
96 How to Determine Whether a Patient Is Safe to Drive
97 How Does Your Whisky Taste?
98 Physician Job Satisfaction Driven by Quality of Patient Care
99 Malaria, Toxoplasmosis: Toward New Lines of Research?
100 New Potential for Nutrient-Rich Prairie Fruits
101 New Diagnostic Test for Detecting BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutations
102 Better Way to Make Antibody-Guided Therapies
103 Scientists Find Soaring Variety of Malaria Parasites in Bats
104 How Research Ecologists Can Benefit Urban Design Projects
105 Agricultural Phosphorus Recovery
106 Water and Lava, but Curiously, No Explosion
107 Precision Agriculture for Small Scale Farming Systems
108 Residents Willing to Pay for Water Improvements
109 New Research Refutes Claim That Mummified Head Belonged to King Henry IV of France
110 Discovery of a 2,700-Year-Old Portico in Greece
111 Experts Discover the Mother of Roman Perfumes On the Mediterranean Coast
112 DNA Research Sheds Light On Ancestry of Ashkenazi Jews
113 Archaeology Experts Solve 200 Year Old Mystery of Roman Statue
114 New Type of Impact Crater Discovered On Mars
115 N/A
116 A Close Look at the Toby Jug Nebula
117 Desert Trial for ESA Mars Rover
118 Astronauts Exploring the Depths
119 Diamond 'Super-Earth' May Not Be Quite So Precious
120 Innovative Concept for Knee Cartilage Treatment
121 Pulp and Paper Manufacture: Pulp Friction Cleans Up 'Brockovich' Chemical
122 Wind Energy and Radar as Partners
123 Carbon's New Champion: Carbyne, a Simple Chain of Carbon Atoms, Strongest Material of All?
124 Compact, High-Power Terahertz Source at Room Temperature
125 Ethanol Not a Major Factor in Reducing Gas Prices
126 Where in the World Are Young People Using the Internet?
127 Scientists 'Bad at Judging Peers' Published Work,' Says New Study
128 An Experiment Puts Auditing Under Scrutiny
129 Peer Pressure's Influence Calculated by Mathematician