File Title
1 Tropics on track for early climate change
2 Orchid mantis' disguise lures prey
3 Taking chemistry into cyberspace wins Nobel
4 Nations adopt landmark mercury pollution convention
5 Fears for science amid US shutdown
6 Badger gassing being considered--Owen Paterson
7 Carbyne could be strongest material yet
8 Alzheimer's breakthrough hailed as 'turning point'
9 Boeing Dreamliner: Two JAL flights diverted after glitches
10 Power lines provide mixed fortunes for Cape vultures
11 Computer chemists win Nobel prize
12 US Army plans 'Iron Man' armour for soldiers
13 Making Time: Does it matter why we help others?
14 NSA deputy Chris Inglis pledges 'more transparency'
15 Higgs: Five decades of noble endeavour
16 Alice Munro wins Nobel Prize for Literature
17 Lew: Debt limit brinkmanship very dangerous
18 Libya abduction: Freed PM Ali Zeidan calls for calm
19 Searching for John Wayne in the Alabama Hills
20 China's scorned mistresses take revenge on 'corrupt lovers'
21 DR Congo: Cursed by its natural wealth
22 Malala Yousafzai wins EU's Sakharov human rights prize
23 Julian Assange refused to meet Benedict Cumberbatch, email reveals
24 Madagascar bubonic plague warning
25 Snowden's father arrives in Russia
26 Royal Mail sale: Small investors will be favoured
27 Do you really need to drink eight cups of water a day?
28 UK v. France: The Sunday shopping difference
29 The Douglas DC-3: Still revolutionary at 70
30 Egypt condemns US decision to suspend military aid
31 Seven rules to stop your phone taking over your life
32 Mass Games: The greatest show in North Korea?
33 Norwegian suspected of role in Kenya's Westgate attack
34 Late Ohio captor Ariel Castro's prison logs falsified
35 US Republicans in debt-ceiling offer
36 Link to Oetzi the Iceman found in living Austrians
37 Misprint swaps Bridget Jones and David Jason book text
38 Ultrasound chip offers gesture control for mobiles
39 Chrome steals a march on Windows
40 Cardiff University uses movie special effects to fight arthritis
41 Who, what, why: What's behind the idea of banning 10-packs of cigarettes?
42 Study: Unprecedented heat will reach U.S. in 30 years
43 Microsoft pays $100,000 bounty for security bug
44 Drug stops brain degeneration like that seen in Alzheimer's, but only in mice
45 Amoeba linked to boy's death found in another Louisiana parish's water supply
46 Rayman Legends review: A nearly perfect 2D platformer?
47 N/A
48 MISSION: MARS takes children on the adventure of a lifetime
49 Apple to hold iPad event on Oct. 22, report says
50 Jupiter-bound NASA probe to grab speed boost from Earth flyby Wednesday
51 LAPD testing out new electric motorcycles
52 Nobel Prize in chemistry goes to trio for computer modeling of chemical processes
53 NSA data center runs into electrical problems
54 Apparent breakthrough in nuclear fusion silenced by shutdown
55 Quick fusion-powered trips to Mars no fantasy, scientists say
56 Google unveils HP Chromebook 11
57 Discoverers of Higgs boson, a.k.a. "the God particle," awarded Nobel Prize in physics
58 Republicans hammer Obama over government shutdown, get hammered in polls
59 Obamacare website looks "like nobody tested it," programmer says
60 Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar "trying" for baby
61 Obama: Government shutdown "completely unnecessary"
62 Ariel Castro may have died from auto-erotic asphyxiation, not suicide, state says
63 Denied help, woman in Mexico gives birth on lawn
64 Tom Hanks reveals diabetes diagnosis: Did fluctuating weight play a role?
65 Carrie coffee shop prank spooks customers
66 Is Sprite the cure for your hangover woes?
67 Why Obama, Boehner continue to butt heads on the government shutdown
68 Obama vs. Boehner: Government shutdown, debt limit stalemate continues
69 Government shutdown: Is the thaw beginning?
70 Study: Unprecedented heat will reach U.S. in 30 years
71 Edward Snowden meets with 4 U.S. whistleblowers in Moscow
72 Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev declared election winner day before voting takes place
73 Secrecy envelopes Argentine President Fernandez's recovery
74 U.S. officially halts millions in military aid to Egypt
75 Feds threaten to shut 3 salmonella-linked chicken plants
76 Endometrial scratching boosts IVF odds by 20%, says study
77 Midwives can perform abortions under new Calif. law
78 Tuberculosis deaths at Las Vegas hospital's NICU spur health alert
79 Scammers busy under guise of Obamacare
80 Women's desire for a "thigh gap" may be fueling eating disorders
81 Medical tourism: What's the risk of traveling for care?
82 FDA: OxyElite Pro supplements linked to hepatitis cases, one death
83 Will Obamacare bring down health costs? Expert weighs in
84 Tom Hanks has Type 2 diabetes: How to curb risk for the disease
85 Instagram this: Looking at food pictures may make real food less tasty
86 Millions of veterans' benefits--$6B worth--at stake if gov't shutdown continues
87 U.S. Navy Vice Admiral fired from nuclear post amid gambling probe
88 NYC motorcycle road rage incident may have ruined a large investigation
89 Alicia Keys opens up about her image, life in the public eye, new work in film
90 Control Your TV with a Tweet: Twitter, Comcast Team Up to Let You Tune In
91 Outsource Your Thank You Notes to a Robot
92 Bike Thieves Beware, Bike+ Uses GPS to Track Stolen Bikes
93 iKettle Lets You Boil Water With Just a Tap on Your Smartphone
94 Fitbit Force Combines Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker
95 Samsung's Wacky Gadgets: Galaxy Round Just One of Many
96 Bill Nye Goes Back to Being The Science Guy in YouTube Series
97 T-Mobile Is Now The Best Carrier for Those Who Travel Abroad
98 Obamacare Officials Defend Online Exchanges
99 Court Says Nebraska Teenager Too Immature to Decide on Abortion
100 Government Shutdown's Fiercest Feud: Boehner vs. Reid
101 Boehner and Pelosi Meet, Talk, Leave
102 Wrongly Accused? Missouri Man Has Spent Almost a Decade in Prison for Murder, Claims Innocence
103 CDC Brings Back 10 Furloughed Staff Members to Address Salmonella Outbreak
104 22 Ways to Help a Friend With Breast Cancer
105 Disease Outbreaks Prompt Recall of Furloughed Workers
106 Infants Exposed to Tuberculosis at Las Vegas Hospital
107 Idaho Boy Survives Flesh-Eating Bacteria
108 Deadly Hawaii Hepatitis Outbreak Possibly Tied to Supplements
109 Erin Brockovich Leads Fight Against Birth Control Procedure Essure
110 HPV Vaccines Working Despite Limited Use
111 Alabama Mystery Illness Solved, Chalked Up to Cold and Flu
112 Popular Antibacterial Soap Ingredient Draws FDA Scrutiny