File Title
1 Massive New Attack Drone Under Development in Russia
2 Americans Deserve a Better Fracking Debate (Op-Ed)
3 Gravetop Sundial Reveals Lost Civilization's Tech Savvy
4 Why Marsupials 'Mate Themselves to Death': Better Sperm
5 Human Ancestors' Oral Hygiene: The Toothpick
6 3D-Printed Bacteria May Unlock Disease Secrets
7 Scientists Speak Out on Harm of Research Hiatus (Op-Ed)
8 5 Revolutionary Nobel Prizes in Medicine
9 9% of Young People Admit to Sexual Violence
10 3D Printing Exhibition Showcases Unusual Artwork
11 N/A
12 Life on Alien Planets Trickier to Find Than Previously Thought
13 Weather Service Forecasters Hike Through Blizzard to Work
14 Government Shutdown: Chilling Effects on Antarctic Research
15 Facts About Berkelium
16 Bacteria-Eating Crabs Call Seafloor Mud Volcano Home
17 Cocoa Frog Among New Species Discovered in 'Pristine' Ecosystem
18 Death Rates Higher in Booming Economy
19 Hack-Proof Pacemakers: Code Based on Heartbeat Could Thwart Disruption
20 Higgs Boson Physicists Snag Nobel Prize
21 10 Fitness Apps: Which Is Best for Your Personality?
22 Scene of 1,500-Year-Old Massacre Uncovered in Sweden
23 DNA Tests Unlock Secrets of Mysterious Bryde's Whales
24 New Watch Allows You To Count the Seconds Until You Die
25 Nobel Prize in Chemistry: 1901-Present
26 This Way Up: Source of Brain Dizziness Identified
27 Shooting Highlights Dangers of Distracted Living
28 Forget Polar Bears--Warming Will Hit the Tropics First
29 Climate Change Forecast: When Cities Will Hit 'Tipping Point'
30 1 in 4 American Dogs & Cats Is Overweight
31 'Cyclops' Sub Aims to Advance Deep Sea Exploration
32 Sandy's Aftermath & Legacy Take Center Stage in 'Nova' Show
33 First-ever comet material discovered on Earth: scientists
34 First HiRISE Images of Comet ISON
35 Amateur Astronomers See Comet ISON
36 NAU-led team discovers comet hiding in plain sight
37 Changes in Comet Rotation May be Predicted With Greater Accuracy
38 Comet ISON to fly by Mars
39 'Lazarus comets' explain Solar System mystery
40 What's Next, Tiangong?
41 Chinese VP stresses peaceful use of space
42 China's space station to open for foreign peers
43 Last Days for Tiangong
44 China civilian technology satellites put into use
45 Englert And Higgs Awarded Nobel Prize In Physics For 2013
46 Recent Study Reduces Casimir Force to Lowest Recorded Level
47 3-D models of electrical streamers
48 Experiment offers a cheaper approach to particle acceleration
49 Quantum entanglement only dependent upon area
50 Proton's Weak Charge Determined for First Time
51 Quantum Temperature
52 New groundbreaking research may expose new aspects of the universe
53 Control scheme dynamically maintains unstable quantum system
54 Quantum teleportation: Transfer of flying quantum bits at the touch of a button
55 Physicists propose Higgs boson 'portal' as the source of this elusive entity
56 An infallible quantum measurement
57 European countries to join in building particle accelerator in Russia
58 When fluid dynamics mimic quantum mechanics
59 Making big 'Schroedinger cats'
60 NASA ban on Chinese scientists 'inaccurate': lawmaker
61 SES-8 Arrives At Cape Canaveral For SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch
62 US private spacecraft company SpaceX launches upgraded Falcon rocket
63 Researchers use climate model to better understand electricity in the air
64 Water high in Earth's atmosphere said source of climate warming
65 Lawrence Livermore study finds human activity affects vertical structure of atmospheric temperature
66 ISS "Firestation" to Explore the Tops of Thunderstorms
67 Soot suspect in mid-1800s Alps glacier retreat
68 NASA's HS3 Mission Analyzes Saharan Dust Layer Over Eastern Atlantic
69 Seasonal CO2 range expanding as more is added to Earth's atmosphere
70 Climate science boost with tropical aerosols profile
71 Radio Waves Carry News of Climate Change
72 Planetary 'runaway greenhouse' more easily triggered
73 Better robot vision
74 People prefer different robot faces depending on task assigned
75 Robots take over
76 A swarm on every desktop: Robotics experts learn from public
77 European researchers envision wearable exoskeleton for factory workers
78 Ultra-fast trading robots can send markets out of control
79 Japan's robo-astronaut takes 'one small step...'
80 How the detergent of the atmosphere is regenerated
81 Himawari and Mitsubishi Electric Complete Facilities For Weather Satellite Ops
82 World's Largest Solar Sail, Sunjammer, Completes Test
83 Lockheed Martin Powers on First GOES-R Weather Satellite
84 Study indicates space weather may be to blame for some satellite failures
85 Northrop Grumman Delivers AEHF Flight 4 Antenna Precision Pointing Unit
86 Ultrasound system gives virtual feeling of objects in mid-air
87 NGC Completes Safety of Flight Testing on Common Infrared Countermeasure System
88 Raytheon, Falck Schmidt unveil remotely operated long-range surveillance system
89 Northrop Grumman Completes Demonstration of 3D Expeditionary Long-Range Radar (3DELRR) System
90 U.S. Army Awards Lockheed Martin contract for Counterfire Radar Production
91 Lockheed Martin Selects Northrop Grumman's Scalable Agile Beam Radar
92 Lockheed Martin Completes Long-Range Surveillance Radar Demonstration
93 What evolved first--a dexterous hand or an agile foot?
94 Ancient soils reveal clues to early life on Earth
95 Early mammal varieties declined as evolution of flowering plants took off
96 Louisiana Tech physicists aid in new findings of international research team
97 Surprisingly simple scheme for self-assembling robots
98 3D Printing: The Greener Choice
99 Paradigm shift: Need something in space? Print it, don't ship it
100 Invention jet prints nanostructures with self-assembling material
101 Yahoo Japan develops 3D search engine-printer
102 Russia could build manned lunar base
103 China unveils its first and unnamed moon rover
104 Mighty Eagle Improves Autonomous Landing Software With Successful Flight
105 Mission to moon will boost research and awareness
106 Russia to launch first android robot to ISS
107 Putting a face on a robot
108 Researchers Find that Bright Nearby Double Star Fomalhaut Is Actually a Triple
109 Nearby binary star system gets officially confirmed third member
110 Making Martian clouds on Earth