File Title
1 Where's My Flower? Diesel Throws Honeybees Off the Trail
2 15 Weirdest Effects of the Shutdown
3 'Poop Pills' May Halt Gut Infections
4 'Five Billions Years of Solitude'--the long, dark search for E.T., and for ourselves
5 Scientist to Congress: Shutdown a 'Deep Hardship'
6 Why We Get Jet Lag: Blame Your Vassopressin
7 Spooky Vibrations: Finding Brings Quantum Computers a Bit Closer
8 Zapping the Brain Makes People Obey Social Norms
9 Smartphone-Controlled Brewbot Gets aHead with Kickstarter
10 Dear 12-Year-Olds: Skip Facebook
11 5 Experts Answer: Is Flossing Really Necessary?
12 Illegal Drugs Are Cheaper, Stronger than Ever
13 Marine Debris Pollution: Five Lessons Learned This Year (Op-Ed)
14 Does Magnetic Therapy Work?
15 Is it Ever Right to Hang a Husky? (Op-Ed)
16 Agency by Agency, Shutdown Hitting Federal Science Hard (Op-Ed)
17 Elusive Giant Squid Washes Up on Spanish Beach
18 Giant Radio Telescope Reaches Full Power with 66 Antennas
19 Premature Ejaculation: New Sprays Give Men More Treatment Options
20 The Dark Side of the Nobel Prizes
21 Fall's Weird Weather Rolls in As Feds Scramble
22 Literary Fiction May Boost Mind-Reading Skills
23 Once 'Extinct' Pinocchio Lizard Pokes His Nose Out
24 Size Doesn't Matter: 'Penis Shame' Is All in Guys' Heads
25 WildCat Robot Gallops in Video Debut
26 US Military Will Use Drones to Spy on North Korea
27 How Oral Hygiene Affects the Rest of You
28 2013 Nobel Prize Winners to Be Announced
29 Malware Notifications Are Incorrect
30 What's Missing From the Nobel Prizes? Scientists Weigh In
31 10 Dumbest Smartphone Features
32 As Constrictor Attacks Continue, Look to the Snake Trade (Op-Ed)
33 Tomatoes, Summer's Last Sigh (Op-Ed)
34 As Ocean Warms, the Impacts Multiply (Op-Ed)
35 Is Anyone Tracking the Hurricanes During a Furlough? (Op-Ed)
36 To Change Anti-Science Activists' Minds, Go Beyond Science (Op-Ed)
37 Nobel Would-Bes: 6 Scientists Passed Up for the Prize
38 Look Away! Eye Contact Not Always Best in Business
39 Working Through Lunch? It's Good For You
40 Antarctica's Scars Hold Clues to Hidden Water
41 Nobel Prize in Medicine Awarded for Cell Transport Discoveries
42 Go with Your Gut: How Bacteria May Affect Mental Health
43 Dodo Tales: 17th-Century Observations Suggests Later Extinction Date
44 Tom Hanks Says He Has Type 2 Diabetes
45 Nobel Prize in Physics: 1901-Present
46 Salmonella Outbreak Widens After Government Shuts Down
47 How Earth's Core Got Its Iron
48 China: First to Discover the New World?
49 Dominant Meerkat Mamas Force Others to Wet Nurse
50 Woolly Mammoth Comeback? 5 Ethical Challenges
51 Higgs boson wins Nobel physics prize
52 New molecule for Jupiter's ice moons
53 'Whales' and dolphins may work together
54 Computer chemists win Nobel prize
55 Badger cull extended as kills fall short of target
56 Higgs boson scientists win Nobel prize in physics
57 China calls NASA conference ban 'discriminatory'
58 Aircraft noise 'link' to stroke and heart disease deaths
59 OECD: 'No bailout' for climate threat
60 Toddler brain scan gives language insight
61 'Early birds' find worms for dinner
62 Strategy focuses on UK broadleaved trees' future
63 A post-Higgs CERN has its eye on 'dark Universe' mysteries
64 Bloodhound Diary: Building on the tides
65 Living in: St. Petersburg
66 Utah's astonishing wild side
67 Pakistan Taliban head Hakimullah Mehsud 'open to talks'
68 Obama to nominate Janet Yellen to head Federal Reserve
69 Humberside Airport emergency landing pilot dies
70 US 'to suspend Egypt military aid' over crackdown
71 Watchdog warns Spain of impact of cuts on children
72 DR Congo: Cursed by its natural wealth
73 How much can an extra hour's sleep change you?
74 Samsung launches smartphone with curved display screen
75 'Hard drugs found' on Greenpeace ship seized by Russia
76 Ford car takes control of steering to avoid collisions
77 Tom Hanks says diabetes will rule out weight gain roles
78 Obama: I'm not budging but here's a hint
79 Harrison Ford 'happy' to do Blade Runner sequel
80 Juno: The spacecraft putting sling theory to the test
81 New York: Lessons from Tumblr and Foursquare's mistakes
82 Obama: Republicans using 'extortion' on debt limit
83 UN sued over Haiti cholera epidemic
84 Syria crisis: Chemical weapons watchdog OPCW urges truce
85 Italy to hold state funeral for shipwreck migrants
86 South Africa's illegal gold rush
87 Shutdown shudders: Paycheck turmoil, lessons to learn
88 Why Iran takes issue with the Holocaust
89 Who, what, why: How hard is it to land a plane?
90 Humberside Airport emergency landing man 'just wanted to get down'
91 US salmonella outbreak sickens nearly 300 people
92 Argentina President Cristina Fernandez surgery 'went well'
93 Janet Yellen nominated by Obama to head US Federal Reserve
94 Shutdown showdown: Have the Democrats already lost?
95 Missing UK woman found dead in US hospital stairwell
96 Blackhole malware exploit kit suspect arrested
97 Jonathan Ive designs Leica camera for Red charity
98 Panasonic 'to quit' loss-making plasma TV business
99 Guardian to publish more Snowden intelligence revelations
100 Death in the digital age: Are you prepared?
101 Paris' temporary street art temple
102 Working Through Lunch? It's Good For You
103 Nobel Prize in Medicine Awarded for Cell Transport Discoveries
104 Why Hard Drinkers Have Problems with Bones
105 Trying to Get Pregnant (or Not)? The 'App for That' Has Limitations
106 Government Shutdown Stops T. Rex Trek in Its Tracks
107 Facebook Sparks Debate on Right to Use Teens in Ads
108 City Life: Are Mountain Lions Back on the Prowl?
109 US Ivory Crush Canceled in Wake of Shutdown
110 Pregnant Smokers Who Quit Could Reduce Kids' Emotional Problems